Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1123 - Consequences Need To Be Faced!

Chapter 1123: Consequences Need To Be Faced!

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“We’re still investigating.” Mo Ting’s answer was simple, but his gaze was complicated.

For Lu Che to spend so much time on his investigation, it was obvious that these people were quite difficult to deal with.

“You need to be careful for a while.”

The couple soon arrived at the Tang Family home and managed to see their little ‘one-eyed’ Mo Zichen sitting amongst his relatives with a grumpy frown. His expression was exactly like an old man’s; nothing like how a child his age should look.

While the grumpy Mo Zichen hid in the corner unamused by the teasing from the adults, Mo Zixi was already having a blast with Tang Xuan’s daughter.

“The two of you have arrived.”

Elder Tang looked at the couple happily. Now that he was retired, his days were carefree, so he spent most of it playing with his grandchildren.

“These two devils haven’t caused any trouble for you, have they?”

“I’m more worried that you’d take them away,” Elder Tang loved the two kids to death, especially Mo Zichen who never cried or whined. He was interesting, like he had the mind of an adult.

“That’s good.” Tangning looked at her kids. Even though she was their mother, she struggled to get a chance to hug them.

There were so many people in the household that, by the time everyone got a few minutes with the kids, half an hour had passed before it was her turn. Before she knew it, Tangning began to feel a little jealous.

“I’ve seen quite a bit of news about you lately. Is everything fine?” Elder Tang asked during dinner. When Tangning and Mo Ting didn’t answer, he laughed, “Perhaps it’s because I’m old, I’ve gotten used to seeing people coming and going. So, I’m completely immune to acts of betrayal like this from youngsters.”

“Saying goodbye is inevitable in every relationship, especially one that is established on money. Even you and Mo Ting, who are deeply in love, will eventually say goodbye when one leaves the world before the other. So, do what you need to do. Don’t be upset by insignificant people and things.”


“Yes, I understand, grandfather,” Tangning replied. “It’s no big deal, I can resolve it.”

“Good, I know how capable my granddaughter and grandson-in-law are!” Elder Tang praised. “You need to keep in mind that the Tang Family will always be here to support you. But, I also hope that you’ll never actually need our help.”

After all, there was nothing that Tangning and Mo Ting couldn’t resolve on their own.

“Honestly, thank you, grandfather.”

“By the way, Jingxuan, the rascal, is doing well. He created a perfume that even the Westerners love. The family business is growing by the day thanks to the hard work that you youngsters have put in!”

For some reason, Elder Tang had a lot more to say that night than usual.

Tangning had never experienced her grandfather’s doting love, so that night, she finally felt like she had a great grandfather.

“Sis, can you lend me the kids for a couple of days? I want to play with them and use them to teach Qingyan how to take care of kids,” Tang Jingxuan was truly in love with the kids as well.

“My kids aren’t toys!”

That night, the Tang Family home was filled with chatter and laughter, but little Mo Zichen remained as serious as ever; all that was missing was a humph of disdain from his mouth.

An oddly adorable kid like this, naturally won over everyone’s hearts.

After receiving encouragement from Elder Tang, Tangning felt re-energized thanks to the power of family.

“After I prepare everything, I’ll go look for Miss Qiao on her island. I have faith that we’ll be able to do better than ‘Parasite’.”

This was one of the great things about Tangning that Mo Ting loved: no matter what she had to do and what obstacles she faced, she never gave up; she persevered through all difficulties.

Two days later, the crew of ‘Parasite’ met with their new post production team for a meal at Dynasty Hotel.

When they saw the team that they had snatched from Tangning’s hands, the crew was naturally excited.

“You guys are amazing. ‘The Ant Queen’ had the best special effects we’ve ever seen in a domestically produced sci-fi film. You guys are truly talented.”

“I know, right? They directly abandoned Tangning and came to us. I like your style!”

“Tangning is just a woman, what can she do? ‘The Ant Queen’ was just a fluke. For a film to truly make an impact, it needs to be left in the hands of a man. Don’t you agree?”


The entire team from Glory were embarrassed by the words that were thrown their way, but Bai Junye sat amongst them without saying a word. In fact, every now and then, he would sneer at what they had to say.

Betrayal was betrayal, how could they be so proud of it?

At this time, a waitress suddenly walked into the room and said to everyone, “Sirs, your bill has been paid for tonight. If you have anything else you would like to order, please let us know.”

“Who paid for us? So nice?” a staff member asked the waitress. “Ask the person to come see us. We want to thank them in person!”

“I’ll go ask right now. Please wait.”

“Who could be so generous?”

“Was it our boss?”

Everyone speculated amongst themselves.

Soon, the waitress returned and opened the door. Behind her stepped Tangning, dressed in a white suit.

As soon as the people in the room saw Tangning, they were shocked. Especially the team from Glory, who immediately lowered their heads in shame.

“I was wondering who it was. So it’s Superstar Tang!”

“My team left without saying a word, so I came here to bid them farewell,” Tangning smiled. “As their ex-boss, it’s the least I could do.”

“Miss Tang is being too polite,” the editor laughed; he had drank a little too much.

“Since we’ve been through some tough times together, let me propose a toast to the team from Glory. May your future be bright and beautiful,” Tangning said before she took three glasses of champagne from the waitress and drank them in one go. “Of course, I hope that now you’re working for Springfall, you guys won’t leave for another agency again. After all, where else can you go once you’ve been to every big agency in the country?”

“By the way, you guys left without taking your stuff, so I’ve packed it all up and brought it to you. We at Glory, have no place for trash.”

“Miss Tang, are you deliberately here to cause trouble?” the screenwriter asked angrily.

“I think I’ve already shown a lot of mercy. After all, I never took this matter to court. If I took things up a notch, I’m afraid ‘Parasite’ would have to wait three years before it could see the light of day. All I have to do is return the compensation money and request for a reconcilation from the court and this entire team will forever belong to Glory…”

“It may have been easy to get up and leave, but, the consequences must be faced!”

“But, of course, I have no intention of keeping trash by my side. Since we still have some good memories between us, I won’t take them to court if they abide by the rules. I wish you all the best. Don’t forget, those that are unjust are destined for destruction,” Tangning laughed.

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