Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1122 - What Do They Take Me For?

Chapter 1122: What Do They Take Me For?

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‘Parasite’ claimed to have a stronger cast and crew than ‘The Ant Queen’; they were working with high quality special effects, their actors were famous, their screenwriters were well-renowned and their entire production was grand. Coupled with their strong marketing campaign, the film seemed to be quite promising. From the looks of it, they seriously had the intention to outdo ‘The Ant Queen’. So, everyone looked forward to seeing it.

When Tangning and Qiao Sen first created ‘The Ant Queen’, they had many difficulties; it wasn’t easy for them to bring sci-fi into the spotlight. But now that they did, they were struggling to feed off the hype. Instead, they were watching others do it with their own eyes.

After all, Tangning had lost Qiao Sen. This was a flaw that could not be fixed. And, because of this flaw, ‘The Ant Queen 2’ struggled to go ahead.

She had plenty of actors and directors to choose from, but Tangning couldn’t come to a compromise.

Soon, Bai Junye sent someone to pay Tangning back the money he owed her. Along with the money, he also had a warning, “The owner of Springfall appears to hold a grudge against Hai Rui. Be careful. I’m giving you this warning as a way to repay your kindness.”

In other words, Springfall was deliberately opposing Hai Rui.

It seemed, they had the intention of challenging the king.

So, Tangning passed on the message to Mo Ting and checked if he knew anything about it.

As soon as Mo Ting heard Bai Junye’s warning, he immediately made a call on his intercom, “Lu Che, come in.”

“President, what’s the matter?”

“Help me investigate the background of Springfall. Check their history…” Mo Ting instructed.

“OK, I’ll do it right now,” Lu Che said before he left the office.

“As for your director, Tangning, there’s no need to rush. Back when you were preparing for the first film, we had no choice but to speed things up due to time restraints. But now, we are in control of the situation, we don’t need to be flustered by what others do. In general, the progression of sci-fi is a good thing for the industry,” Mo Ting said calmly. “There’s no rush, take your time to find a suitable person.”

“I understand. Do you have time to check on the kids with me at my mother’s house?”

“Sure,” Mo Ting nodded.

Tangning wasn’t actually in a rush to film ‘The Ant Queen 2’, she was simply worried by Bai Junye’s words.

But, Tangning had no idea that, at that very moment, the team at Glory had been bought out by ‘Parasite’.

The post production team that Tangning personally trained – the team that made a huge contribution to ‘The Ant Queen’ – suddenly had the ambition to move higher. As soon as the other party offered them better conditions, they immediately jumped over to the enemy camp. If they followed procedures properly, there was nothing that Tangning could do.

Worst of all, Tangning had to hear of this news from Long Jie.

Springfall, bought out the entire team at Glory and offered them a crazy amount of money. For the sake of ‘Parasite’, they were willing to sacrifice anything to get their hands on the best post production team.

So, Tangning immediately contacted the manager of the team. Back then, in the US, they had worked so hard together to overcome all difficulties. Yet, they were now betraying her and Qiao Sen because of their own greed?

But, of course, the team were too ashamed to face Tangning. So, they simply sent her the compensation for their contact cancelation and left.

As soon as news got out about this, it created quite an uproar. The amount of effort that Tangning put into creating the team, was the amount of surprise that everyone felt.

After all, Tangning was already a great leader. How could these guys abandon her for another?

In most industries, job-hopping was a common thing; people often moved around. But, Tangning was now lacking a director and a post production team. How was she to produce ‘The Ant Queen 2’?

At this time, the team at Glory publicly thanked Tangning for her nurture and support. But, this was simply rubbing salt in her wounds.

When Long Jie first learned of this, she almost cried in anger.

But, Tangning remained as calm as ever.

“Aren’t you angry?”

“What’s happened, has already happened. What’s the point of being angry?” Tangning asked.

“Yes, there’s no point. Since you managed to create Glory, I’m sure you can create a new team. Since ‘The Ant Queen’ is dead, let’s reassemble and rise again,” Mo Ting said as he returned home and entered the living room.

“Now that we are at this stage, we are naturally not lacking in resources. It simply feels bad to be betrayed,” Long Jie explained.

“Everyone has their own choices in life, but they will need to face the consequences of their decisions,” Tangning said before she went upstairs to get changed. Afterwards, she dropped Long Jie off at home and headed with Mo Ting to visit their kids.

“I have a suggestion,” Tangning said to Mo Ting on their way to the Tang Family home.

“I also have a suggestion, but I’ll let you go first,” Mo Ting replied.

“Now that the entire team at Glory has left, we need to replace them. No, to be exact, we need to create an entirely new team. So, my plan is to not look for professionals in post production, but IT geniuses instead. You may have heard that China has produced quite a few genius kids. Although they aren’t easy to get a hold of, thinking outside the square may help us produce some interesting results,” Tangning explained calmly.

“How are we going to ensure that they don’t betray us as well?” Mo Ting asked.

“If they must, they will eventually do it,” Tangning laughed, “But, trust me, compared to those straight out of their studies, these guys will have a very different approach to money.”

“Lu Che received news that Glory will be meeting with the crew of ‘Parasite’ at Dynasty Hotel in a couple of days. If you have time, let’s drop by and get some revenge.”

“Sure. How dare they leave without saying a word? What do they take me for? By the way, what was the suggestion you wanted to make?”

“There may actually be a way to continue Qiao Sen’s filming style,” Mo Ting explained. “Someone contacted me this morning and said that she could help you direct if you’re willing to take her.”


“Qiao Sen’s daughter,” Mo Ting replied. “After being around her father for many years, his ideas have subliminally been implanted into her mind. She may not have studied directing, but she’s an extremely talented videographer that’s won many awards for her short films.”

“Are you willing to trust in her?”

“Of course.” At this moment, tears almost rolled out of Tangning’s eyes because she truly felt as though Qiao Sen had been revived.

“In that case, let me arrange a meeting between the two of you as soon as possible.”

“This is perhaps the best piece of news I could have received,” Tangning suddenly became emotional.

“Thanks to you…”

Although there were many obstacles, God naturally made up for them with better things. As long as one didn’t give up, there was always hope.

“By the way, has Lu Che found anything about Springfall’s background?”

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