Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1120 - In This World, There Was Only Tangning!!

Chapter 1120: In This World, There Was Only Tangning!!

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Unfortunately, Mo Zichen’s injury wasn’t as simple as Tangning thought because, soon after, his left eye began to turn red. In response, Tangning had no choice but to send him back in for another examination.

“A foreign object may have entered your child’s eye and caused damage to the retina. If the situation worsens, he may even lose his sight. He will need to attend treatment sessions for a while.”

“But he’s still so small,” Tangning froze after hearing from the doctor.

“Mrs. Mo, since it’s happened already, you need to relax and let your child go through with his treatment,” the pediatric doctor comforted.

Tangning turned around and looked at Mo Ting in a panic, “Everything was originally fine, how did things suddenly turn out this way? He’s still so small. If I had watched the kids properly, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Mo Ting could hear the panic in Tangning’s voice, so he quickly patted her on the back to comfort her, “Zichen will be fine. Look at him, he still hasn’t cried.”

“You’re right, it’s so strange. Another child would be crying like crazy if they were in his position and seriously hurt like this, but he hasn’t made a sound,” the doctor said as she looked at Mo Zichen confusedly. “It seems, he’s not very sensitive to pain.”

But, the fact that Mo Zichen wasn’t crying was exactly the reason why Tangning was suffering, “It was my responsibility and I didn’t take care of them properly.”

Seeing the way that Tangning was blaming herself, Mo Ting suddenly felt regret. They should have never had children.

Tangning had always viewed Mo Ting and her sons’ lives as more important than her own. So, now that Zichen was hurt, she naturally threw all the blame on herself.

And she was truly frightened.

With this thought, Mo Ting decided to call Bai Lihua and Xia Yuling over, “Mom, Zichen’s been injured, could the two of you take him home and care for him for a little while?”

“What happened?” Xia Yuling quickly asked. “What kind of injury is it? Is it serious?”

“Just come and pick him up.”

“OK, we’ll come to the hospital right away,” Xia Yuling was in a panic after she heard that her grandson was injured, so she immediately dropped everything she was doing and headed to the hospital with Bai Lihua.

“Moms, why are you here?” Tangning jumped out of her seat when she saw the two mothers arrive.

“You’re well aware of why we’re here. A friend told me you were at the hospital and that Zichen was injured. That’s why we rushed over here,” Xia Yuling said with a slight sense of blame. “Since Lihua and I have a lot of free time on our hands, leave Zichen with us to take care of. You can leave Zixi with us as well. You can focus on taking care of Yan Er.”


“What? You don’t think we can handle it?” Xia Yuling acted tough. “It’s decided, just come over once a week to check on them.”

“Xiao Ning, don’t blame your mom for being too harsh, she is honestly doing it for your own good. Look at yourself, Zichen is a young child so it’s normal for him to get injuries, yet you’re so flustered,” Bai Lihua said as she patted Tangning on the back of her hand. “You’ve placed too much priority on Mo Ting and the kids, you should think about yourself sometimes.”

“Leave the twins with us, don’t worry.”

“When they’re a little older, you can take them back. Besides, this will save us from running back and forth as well. You can take care of Yan Er. It’s always better for a daughter to stick to her mother.”


“It’s set, don’t worry, I can guarantee that Zichen’s eye will completely recover!”

Tangning could not retaliate, she simply looked at Mo Ting with a rare sense of helplessness. So, Mo Ting patted her on the back of the head, “Trust mom.”


By sending the kids away, Tangning didn’t have to see them. If she didn’t see them, then she wouldn’t feel guilty. That was the only way to soothe Mo Ting’s broken heart.

As he looked at his wife’s helpless expression, Mo Ting felt like his heart was being pierced by needles.

Sometimes, when one loved another deeply, their entire life would be affected by them.

This was because the couple’s impact on each other was too frightening…

Soon, Zichen went in for his first round of treatment. His little eye was covered by a bandage, but he still didn’t cry; it was as though nothing had happened. After the treatment, Bai Lihua and Xia Yuling carried the twins home, leaving Mo Ting to comfort Tangning.

No matter how tough she appeared to the public, she was just an average mother.

After returning home, Tangning stared at the little beds that belonged to her boys. Did today’s incident mean that she couldn’t take care of her kids properly, even though she appeared so tough?

“Look at how you’re acting right now. How are you supposed to take care of the kids like this? Now that you feel guilty towards Zichen, you’re bound to subconsciously neglect Zixi. Eventually, the kids will sense the unfairness. So, it’s good that they went with our mothers.”

Tangning turned around and hugged Mo Ting, “I know you called them to come take the kids…”

Mo Ting froze.

“I also know you were afraid that I’d feel guilty. I don’t know why I’m acting this way. Whenever something involves you or the kids, I can’t help but feel worried.”

“You must be feeling bad too. My level of guilt must be equivalent to your level of self-blame.”

“You should stop spoiling me! I know you have much more on your shoulders and you’re suffering more than I am, yet you never speak about it…”

“I’m used to it,” Mo Ting comforted. “You’re stressing too much. Everything will be fine. Zichen will recover. Trust me, OK?”

At that moment, Tangning suddenly felt a rush of courage as she peeked out from Mo Ting’s embrace and said, “I’m fine now.”

“You’re just a silly woman that’s acting tough.”

Mo Ting couldn’t do anything about Tangning.

So, to draw her mind away from the incident as quickly as possible, Mo Ting woke up the sleeping Yan Er and encouraged his wife to rediscover her confidence as a mother.

Afterwards, Mo Ting worked late into the night to finalize the script for ‘The Ant Queen 2’ and handed it to Tangning the next morning.

“Take a look at this.”

Tangning didn’t even get the chance to feel unhappy about the previous night before Mo Ting placed the script for ‘The Ant Queen 2’ in her hands. After that, he headed to Hai Rui, where he ended up falling asleep at his office desk.

When Lu Che walked in and saw Mo Ting sleeping, he did not disturb him. Instead, he snuck out, closed the door and notified the other staff to not go in.

It was obvious who Mo Ting had exhausted himself for.

In this world, there was only Tangning!

So, Lu Che called Tangning to check on Mo Ting’s condition, “Madam, did the President stay up last night?”


“He’s been sleeping in his office all day. I’ve been too scared to disturb him.”

Tangning glanced down at the script in her hands before she realized what was going on. What had Mo Ting done for her this time…?

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