Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1119 - Strange Tastes

Chapter 1119: Strange Tastes

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Mo Ting returned home and heard about Tangning’s cold reception at the hospital earlier that day, so he decided to comfort her, “Take your time with him. After all, it’s difficult to wake up a demotivated person. If he needs some time to think things over, we can’t stop him.”

“We should have discovered him earlier. That way his talent wouldn’t have gone to waste.”

After hearing what his wife said, Mo Ting stretched out his hand and grabbed Tangning’s chin. He then asked seductively, “Who did you want to discover earlier?”

After a moment of surprise, Tangning quickly realized that President Mo was being jealous, “President Mo, you’re not that petty, are you?”

“What do you think?”

Tangning did not respond. She simply wrapped her arms around Mo Ting’s waist and ran her hands across the firm muscles on his body.

“Are you still upset?”

“There’s not enough sincerity!” Mo Ting evaluated in a deep voice before he carried Tangning into the kitchen.

“Why aren’t we heading into the bedroom?” Tangning gasped as Mo Ting placed her on the kitchen bench.

“Don’t you think that the bedroom is too far?”

The couple had already been married for a long time, so they were no longer shy when it came to activities like this. But, of course, to prevent the two little devils from walking into the kitchen, Mo Ting didn’t forget to lock the door.

In order not to make any sounds, Tangning had to try her best to control herself. She was helpless around this man. Even though he had demanded for her countless times, she was still willing.

By the time the couple finished, it was already deep into the night. After their show of love, Tangning lay in Mo Ting’s arms and fell asleep.

Mo Ting was satisfied as he carried his beloved wife back to their bedroom. He then took her into the bathroom and helped her wash off before he placed her on the bed so she could sleep the night away.

Afterwards, he cleaned himself up and headed downstairs to check if the three kids had been doing anything naughty.

When he was finally ready to go to sleep, Mo Ting climbed into bed. But, at that moment, he noticed that Tangning had a few missed calls on her phone. Seeing that they were from Lu Che, he gently picked up the phone and called him back, “What’s the matter?”

“President, the Madam told me to keep an eye on Bai Junye. But, who would have thought he’d end up slitting his wrists​ again tonight. He is currently in emergency.”

“Which hospital are you at?” Mo Ting asked.

“Beijing hospital.”

“Get ready to keep everything under wraps. I’ll be right there.”

Perhaps, Bai Junye treated Tangning’s visit as a joke. After all, he was dedicated to his art and was too proud to accept that a woman could save him and give him a new opportunity. But, would things be different if a man spoke to him instead?

So, after giving Tangning a kiss, Mo Ting quickly got changed and headed out the door.

As usual, he wore a vintage striped suit that made him look prestigious and proper. After he arrived at the hospital, Lu Che immediately led him into Bai Junye’s room. He had just been resuscitated.

Amidst the darkness, the man noticed Mo Ting walking into the room and laughed, “Here comes another one. This time, my visitor is even more above average.”

Mo Ting did not respond straight away as he walked over to the window. He then said, “Your daughter wouldn’t want you to do this.”

“How would you know?”

“Because I also have a daughter!” Mo Ting replied.

“I’m curious why, in the middle of the night, you’re not at home hugging your wife to sleep. Instead, you’re here in my hospital room.”

“She’s indeed sleeping, but I received a phone call that you tried to commit suicide again, so I came to see you. You’re the first man I know of, that lives his life in such a sissy way,” Mo Ting evaluated. “I won’t stop you if you try to kill yourself again, but please find a quiet place where you can enjoy the feelings of death on your own.”

“In other words, don’t let my wife know about it, or she will continue to save you.”

“Did you think you’re leaving something behind with your cynical ways? No one is going to remember you.”

“Go ahead and die quietly. Perhaps, after you’re dead, no one would even be there to identify your corpse!”

Bai Junye laughed at Mo Ting’s words, “I’ve noticed that you and your wife are quite interesting people. One of you wants me to live, while the other wants me to hurry and die.”

“I simply don’t want her to waste her time on someone that’s about to die.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I’m not going to die yet!” Bai Junye said stubbornly. “Tangning’s looking for a director, right? I’ll go be her director. When I steal her away from you, you’ll want me to die even more.”

“As a director, you’re not bad. But, I’m sorry, my wife is straight, she doesn’t like women and especially dislikes sissy men!”

After saying that, Mo Ting turned and left.

Bai Junye didn’t want to admit defeat, so he wanted to respond, but Mo Ting did not give him the chance.

As a man, Mo Ting’s life was something that every man admired. After all, he managed to turn himself into the king of entertainment. So, for Bai Junye, having the chance to talk to the king wasn’t a bad feeling.

At the same time, he gathered from his conversation with Mo Ting that Tangning was keeping an eye on him so he wouldn’t die…

It seemed, Tangning would go to any lengths to find herself a suitable director. But…as someone that only worked with art, Bai Junye had no interest in sci-fi.

Besides, there were so many skilled and well-reputed directors in the industry, why didn’t Tangning go look for them? Why was she so determined to work with this poor youth? Her tastes were a little strange! However, Bai Junye did feel that it was quite fun to tease the couple…

Unfortunately, this seemed like the only joy that remained in his life. If he continued to live, he still had a mountain of debts to pay off. The thought of it made him want to die all over again.

Tangning didn’t know that Mo Ting had met with Bai Junye. After preparing breakfast in the morning, she returned to the bedroom to find Mo Ting was still fast asleep; this was a strange sight. Mo Ting had always been a well disciplined person, but why was he still asleep?

She assumed he wasn’t feeling well, but he was actually awake and was simply exhausted from the night before.

“I was about to check your temperature because I thought you caught a cold.”

Mo Ting sat up and shook his head, “Give Lu Che a phone call and tell him to postpone my video conference.”

“OK, go have a bath,” Tangning picked up Mo Ting’s phone to call Lu Che. But, just as she was about to select his number, she heard a loud cry from downstairs. Tangning immediately ran downstairs to find the two brothers on the ground with Mo Zixi on top of Mo Zichen.

The two of them had fallen over and Mo Zixi was bawling his eyes out. On the other hand, Mo Zichen, who was lying beneath him, did not make a sound. As Mo Zichen had fallen on his side, there was a small bloody cut on his left cheekbone.

Tangning was so shocked, she immediately called out to her husband upstairs, “Ting…hurry, Zichen’s hurt.”

As soon as Mo Ting heard Tangning’s cries, he immediately sent the two kids to the hospital. Luckily, the cut wasn’t too deep. But, even so, it still required a few stitches and had the possibility of leaving a scar.

“It’s my fault. I tried to be cautious, but I still couldn’t ensure their safety!” Tangning blamed herself for her son’s injury.

“You’ve already done your best!” Mo Ting immediately comforted.

However, no one knew that the entire accident had nothing to do with Mo Zichen. The truth was, he had actually spotted his brother toppling backwards and quickly threw himself underneath…

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