Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1118 - Everyone That Comes In Contact With Me Experiences Bad Luck

Chapter 1118: Everyone That Comes In Contact With Me Experiences Bad Luck

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The director that Tangning wanted to contact was called Bai Junye, he was a wild and unyielding character, but he was much too proud. How was he to survive in a dog-eat-dog world like the entertainment industry?

However, Tangning discovered that he wasn’t just in debt, his parents were also suppressing him and leaving everything good to his younger brother.

So, their eldest son was sitting in the hospital on the brink of death, while the Bai Elders refused to take their younger son’s college fees to save his life!

When Tangning arrived at the hospital, the person she was looking for was in a bit of a predicament.

A few burly men were holding down the weak Bai Junye while his parents and brother stood idly by.

“You said three days, but three days have already passed, yet you haven’t given us any money!” The debt collectors could tell that Bai Junye had a death wish, so they didn’t want to kill him. Hence, they turned their gaze to his family instead. But, Bai Junye’s parents quickly tried to run away with their younger son.

“He has nothing to do with us. If you want to chase up his debt, then you should speak to him!” Mother Bai said as she pointed to Bai Junye.

Tangning waited quietly outside for one minute before she signaled for her bodyguards to go in.

The three debt collectors weren’t skilled fighters, so they were quickly restrained by the bodyguards. At this time, Tangning and Lu Che finally walked into the room.

“Who are you guys?”

“Isn’t she that famous celebrity?” Bai Junye’s younger brother said as he pointed to Tangning.

Tangning did not respond to the debt collectors. Instead, she looked at them and asked straightforwardly, “How much does he owe you?”

“Exactly $1.5 million.”

“Don’t help me pay it, I can’t afford to pay you back! I’m on my own now, all I have to do is fend for myself,” Bai Junye laughed weakly as he lay on the floor. “But, if you really want to be kind, I won’t stop you.”

“Lu Che, pay them according to the original debt, nothing extra,” Tangning turned and said to Lu Che.

Did these high-interest loan sharks actually think they could extort money so easily?

“OK, Madam.”

After speaking, Lu Che gestured for the bodyguards to take the three debt collectors outside. Afterwards, Tangning called for the nurses and asked them to help Bai Junye back into his bed.

“She’s that famous celebrity. I was​ right!”

As he looked at Tangning, Bai Junye was quite surprised. It was like he had seen a ghost, “To what do I owe the honor of your presence?”

“Let’s discuss your problems later. Let me first talk to you about other matters,” Tangning said before she looked at the Bai parents.

“From the looks of it, the two of you have no intention of helping your son.”

“Hmmph, because of him we’ve had to run around and hide. He’s made our lives very difficult,” Father Bai humphed.

“I’m not asking you to take responsibilty for his debts, but everything he previously gave the Bai Family, including money, property and any vehicles, should be returned to him,” Tangning said. “As his family, you only take the good and ignore the bad. How could you do that?”

“Your younger son is your son, but what about your eldest son?”

“Stop talking nonsense…”

“Old man, don’t provoke her, she’s quite frightening. If she exposes our family matters, it would be too late to turn back,” Mother Bai immediately tried to convince her husband. “Let’s just leave with our little gem.”

“Once you leave this door, don’t come back to leech off your son when he becomes famous later. When that time comes, I’m sorry if he doesn’t acknowledge you.”

“Leave…hurry and leave.”

Tangning easily sent the Bai Family away before she turned and looked at Bai Junye.

At this time, Bai Junye looked into Tangning’s eyes meaningfully, “Superstar Tang, I don’t understand why you’re helping me, I’m just a useless nobody!”

“Plus, you can’t save me, I still owe a lot more.”

“Don’t look at everyone like they’re wearing a thick layer of armor and don’t think of yourself as a genius that others can’t understand. It’s because you put yourself in such a lonely position that your family has abandoned you.”

After helping Bai Junye, Tangning naturally had to subdue him a little.

“Haha…is that why you’re starting to lecture me?”

“Do you want to be a director for me? I want to film ‘The Ant Queen 2’,” Tangning asked straightforwardly.

“I’m not hearing things, am I? You film sci-fi and I film art. How could you ask me to direct for you? Are you crazy?”

“So what if I film sci-fi and so what if you film art? They’re simply two forms of expression. Don’t you think that your dark and depressed filming technique blends well with Qiao Sen’s style to create a great sci-fi film?” Tangning asked.

“Bai Junye, let me be honest with you, the arthouse film that you want to create, has no place in the current entertainment industry. My sci-fi film is the only way for you to display your originality.”

Although Bai Junye didn’t want to admit it, he had also watched ‘The Ant Queen’.

The film produced by Tangning and Qiao Sen wasn’t cheap and nasty like other films. Their film had soul.

Apart from the fate of the characters, the sci-fi elements, including the Ant Queen herself, was filled with its own unique charm that made everyone curious.


…he was no longer in the mood to film anything. His daughter was dead and everything was destroyed. What other reason did he have to continue?

So, he directly told Tangning, “You should stop wasting your time on me, Superstar Tang. I’m just going to drag you down. Everyone that comes in contact with me experiences bad luck. So, for your own safety, I think you should keep your distance.”

“I will never agree to your offer.”

This man’s personality was hard to grasp and he was difficult to communicate with. So, Tangning did not expect to succeed in one go.

Once a person’s heart died, all they had left was disdain for the world. Bai Junye was already sick of the world, so he didn’t think that there was any meaning to living on.

Tangning did not insist. She simply gave him her contact details and left.

But, Bai Junye simply closed the door without taking a glance at it and returned to his bed laughing.

Right now, all he wanted to do was die and no one was going to stop him…

“Madam, how did your negotiation go?”

As soon as she heard Lu Che’s question, Tangning shook her head, “I don’t think I’ll be able to get this proud guy to move a muscle!”

“There aren’t many people that you can’t deal with…”

“There’s actually a lot that I can’t do,” Tangning replied. After all, she was just a bunch of blood and flesh, so there was a limit to what she could do. “Lu Che, tell someone to keep an eye on Bai Junye. I’m worried he might do something stupid again.”

“Yes, Madam.”

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