Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1117 - That Was Liang Yongyu's Fate!

Chapter 1117: That Was Liang Yongyu’s Fate!

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The first person to call Qi Lei was his mother. The old woman sounded really disappointed as she asked, “Lei Er, is the online news true?”

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Have a look at it yourself.”

He and Liang Yongyu each shared half the entertainment news headlines.

[Liang Yongyu colludes with secret lover to scam $1 Billion from the Zhai Family and is destroyed by karma!]

[Beautiful high EQ doctor uncovers scum: could she be Tangning’s apprentice?]

Qi Lei looked at the online articles in detail and his mind exploded!

Soon, he received a phone call from his company; he had been fired. Meanwhile, he also received phone calls from friends and family, calling to tell him he was scum!

Because, not only did the doctor reveal that he had colluded with Liang Yongyu to scam the Zhai Family, she also revealed that he had been dating three women at once and was scamming them of their love and money by using his profession to facilitate his own personal gains.

Of course, now that everyone was aware of Qi Lei and Liang Yongyu’s bad image, they began to feel bad for the Zhai Family. They also admired the doctor for being responsible enough to donate the immoral $1 billion to the hospital for cancer research.

Now that things had gotten to this point, was there still a chance to turn the tables?

No…unfortunately, for the rest of Qi Lei’s life, he would have to walk around with his tail tucked between his legs and a face mask to cover his face so no one would recognize him.

With this thought, Qi Lei began to laugh at himself in ridicule. At first, he thought he was really smart. But, he had no idea that he was just a toy in someone else’s hands… After all, who took the other more seriously?

However, no one knew that Mo Ting and Tangning were actually the ones behind the entire incident. Only a return gift like this was suitable for Liang Yongyu!

“So far, Liang Yongyu has already been starving for four days without a cent on her body. She’s been trying to use her house as a guarantee for a loan, but the bank hasn’t approved it. So she’s really struggling to get by.”

“Apparently, Liang Yongyu has been loitering around the Zhai Family home over the past few days. I’m afraid she won’t be able to hold out much longer. At this rate, she’s definitely going to plead to them.”

After listening to Lu Che, Mo Ting and Tangning looked at each other.

A few seconds later, Tangning replied, “In that case, remind Zhai Lintian of what he promised me.”

“Don’t worry, Madam!”

Liang Yongyu had no idea that Zhai Lintian would move onto a new relationship so quickly. She originally assumed that the Zhai Family would save her if she went back and begged to them. So, she waited for the right timing and rushed straight over to Zhai Lintian’s Maybach and stopped it…

With a loud screech, the car came to a stop. Zhai Lintian looked out confusedly and walked out after he noticed Liang Yongyu.

“It’s you…”

Liang Yongyu immediately kneeled in front of Zhai Lintian and broke down in tears, “Lintian, I know I was wrong, please forgive me. I have nothing now and I haven’t eaten anything for days.”

“Can you take our past into consideration and save me?”

“Since we’re on that topic, I need to clarify two things for you. Firstly, the Zhai Family does indeed favor boys over girls, but we didn’t abuse your first daughter to death. The Zhai Family may be hateful, but we would never kill our own child.”

“Secondly, I know I deserve punishment for what I did to you in the past, so after the way you hurt me, I think we’re even now.”

“Thirdly, considering our past, I suggest you keep your distance from the Zhai Family.”

“No, Lintian. I can give birth to another son for you. I can definitely do it…”

“That’s not necessary. Show yourself some respect,” Zhai Lintian said before he turned around and looked at the woman in his car.

As soon as Jiang Ruolin saw this, she stepped out of the car and approached Liang Yongyu, “Although you’re very pitiful, I’m happy to see you dragging out your feeble existence.”

“Lintian may have wronged you in the past and treated you like a toy, but he’s already paid the price for it. So, let’s not talk about the past anymore.”

“Miss Liang, stop crying in front of us, you have your own arms and legs, you can always make your own living. So, stop putting on a pity act.”

“In this world, not everything is at your beck and call!”

“I hope I made things clear for you today, let’s never meet again!” After speaking, Jiang Ruolin walked over to Zhai Lintian and grabbed onto his arm, “Let’s go home.”

“Zhai Lintian, aren’t you afraid that I’d reveal everything you did in the past?”

“Go ahead!” Without turning back, Zhai Lintian turned and left with Jiang Ruolin.

No matter how Liang Yongyu cried, he didn’t care.

“Why did you provoke her?” Jiang Ruolin asked, “Aren’t you afraid that she’d actually expose you?”

“I just wanted to be frank and open!” Zhai Lintian replied.

But, now, even if Liang Yongyu cried to the public and tried to expose something, no one would believe her anyway…

That was Liang Yongyu’s fate!

After seeing the show play out, the pregnant Long Jie was pleased. As a result, her mood also improved.

“This is how you deal with scum! She’s greedy and cruel. It’s because of people like her that the world is so dirty.”

“Within the entertainment industry, Liang Yongyu is but a drop of water in the ocean. Everyone in the industry is after fame and fortune, who doesn’t have something to hide?” Tangning said as she looked at the news.

“Don’t make it sound so scary. If people like Liang Yongyu exist, then people like you also exist…” Long Jie winked. “By the way, I’ve been here for so long, but your mind seems to be elsewhere. What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at someone’s background…”

“Is it an artist that you want to help?”

“Of course, not. It’s a lonely soul that I want to get help from,” Tangning sighed.

After the recent suicide incident, Tangning had discussed her thoughts with Mo Ting. She wanted to speak to the director and see if he could become the next Qiao Sen.

That’s why she was researching the director’s background. He was seriously talented. In fact, it was a unique kind of talent. But, not many people understood him. They simply felt his suggestions were strange; a similar predicament that Qiao Sen used to be in. That’s why Tangning was interested in him.

However, she wasn’t confident that this new director would be as interested in sci-fi as Qiao Sen. All she could do was try her best.

Everything was currently falling into place, but all she was missing was a director that was on the same page as her…

This was the direction she was headed.

“Your thoughts have always been a little strange. But, it’s because of this that you’ve gotten to where you are,” Long Jie sighed. “Tell me, what other shocking thing you’re planning to do?”

“My intent is not to shock everyone, my intent is to savor a true talent!” Tangning replied. “Since you’re pregnant right now, I’ll leave Superstar Media with Lin Qian. Once your baby is born, you can go back to help her.”

“OK,” the mention of Superstar Media made Long Jie feel quite complicated.

“With your protruding belly, there’s nothing more you can help me with. Go home and get as much rest as you can.”

Following on, Tangning was planning to make a move on the director.

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