Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1115 - How Shocked Was She Going To Be?

Chapter 1115: How Shocked Was She Going To Be?

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“Don’t worry, in order not to waste your kindness, I will definitely become a better man.” The couple was actually in love!

Sometimes, the world was a fascinating place. Some people simply turned the corner and met love. Even though the couple’s love was only in its early stages, it was good to see that Zhai Lintian had turned over a new leaf.

“This is why I’m so thankful to the two of you. My parents even said that the Zhai Family would help with anything as long as you guys ask for it!”

“You’re not going to dwell on the matter with Liang Yongyu?” Tangning asked.

“Nope. I hurt her and she hurt me; we’re even. I don’t think I should waste time on a stranger,” Zhai Lintian replied. “I’ve already spoken to Ruolin and she supports my decision.”

“Men, they only know how to grow up after something happens!”

“Let’s not talk about that anymore. Why don’t you tell me how I can pay you back.”

“You may have money, but we’re not poor either…” Tangning laughed. “Since you’ve turned over a new leaf, you should enjoy your new life and stop entertaining foolish ideas. I don’t need you to pay me back, I simply have one condition: when Liang Yongyu turns around to look for you, don’t respond to her.”

“Will she still turn around and look for me?” Zhai Lintian asked as he held onto Jiang Ruolin’s hand.

“Definitely, but face her like someone of your status . Don’t go gentle on her and get implicated again.”

“Don’t worry, if that day comes, I will make sure you’re the first to know about it.”

The meal was relatively relaxed. Even though, no one expected that Zhai Lintian would suddenly fall in love, it was a good thing…

Sometimes, one had to admit, that marriage required both parties to be on a similar social status…

Otherwise, life together would be very difficult.

Not because of money, but because of a difference in values!

After the dinner, the Zhai Family generously offered all the best resources in their hands to Hai Rui, even though Tangning said they didn’t need to thank her. They then withdrew from their involvement in the entertainment industry and announced that they were returning to their original field of expertise.

These people were definitely worth helping.

“Madam, President, I’ve prepared a spectacular show for everyone. Do you want to watch?’

“No. Take us home. The kids are more important,” Tangning replied.

“OK, I’ll tell you the results later then.”

This good show, was Qi Lei’s other two girlfriends discovering the existence of the other. Of course, they were both average women, so discovering that their own boyfriend was cheating was bound to be a painful and angry experience. At that very moment, Lu Che had instructed someone to invite the two women out for a meeting.

“Actually, your boyfriend has a third girlfriend. She’s the famous model that’s been very famous recently, Liang Yongyu!”

As soon as the two women heard this, their eyes grew wide.

“Qi Lei’s getting involved with Liang Yongyu because he wants to scam her of her $1 billion. If you girls are willing to help teach him a lesson, please contact me.”

Out of these two women, one was a doctor and the other was a top salesperson; both were powerful women. So, they were naturally annoyed that they had been tricked.

Lu Che had done his research and knew that these two women didn’t easily admit defeat, that was why he chose to expose everything openly.

So, the next day, both women contacted Lu Che’s contact and asked what they should do…

“It’s simple, pretend to be pregnant and trick him into giving you money for a wedding. Since this money came from an indecent source anyway, take as much as you can.”

“Don’t worry, I guarantee Qi Lei will lose everything in the end and you girls will remain safe.”

As a result, Qi Lei was thrown into a frustrating situation. His doctor girlfriend was pregnant and she was pressuring him to do something about it.

As she was his first love, he naturally wanted to marry her more than the other women. But, he had only just scammed $300 million from Liang Yongyu!

Since the child was a result of their love, Qi Lei couldn’t possibly ask his girlfriend to abort it, so he decided to sort things out quickly with Liang Yongyu. After all, a pair of used shoes was disgusting!

But, Liang Yongyu wasn’t about to part with her money so easily…

So, Qi Lei had to think of an effective solution.

Liang Yongyu never imagined that her money would end up attracting a wolf. But, after giving away $300 million, she naturally put away the rest of her savings.

Even so, Qi Lei still had his methods.

For example, that night, he prepared a candlelit dinner and planned to make Liang Yongyu sign a contract while she was drunk.

Liang Yongyu actually thought Qi Lei liked her; that he would care for her and protect her!

When a person harbored ill intentions, the people they met were naturally no good either. How could she possibly come across a sincere person?

“Qi Lei, you’re so good to me. All the pain I went through was worth it…”

“Yongyu, you’re drunk!” Qi Lei whispered beside Liang Yongyu’s ear.

“I’m not drunk, I can still drink more.”

“That’s right, Yongyu, stop drinking for now, I still have something for you to sign. Can you sign this first?” Qi Lei took the opportunity to make Liang Yongyu sign a contract.

Afterwards, he pulled out a stack of documents and read each page to Liang Yongyu.

“Stop reading, I trust you. Where do I sign?” Liang Yongyu looked down at the contract with rosy cheeks.

“Here,” Qi Lei said as he pointed to the contract.

“OK!” Liang Yongyu picked up her pen and started signing. In her drunken state, she had absolutely no idea what she was doing.

So, obviously, she had no idea that there were a few extra pages slotted into the contract and the part she signed on actually belonged to a cheque.

After Liang Yongyu printed her fingerprint on the cheque, Qi Lei finally put away the documents without arousing any suspicion.

After Liang Yongyu fell asleep, he quickly called the bank and asked for the funds to be immediately transferred…

Liang Yongyu was too gullible; both when she was still with the Zhai Family and now…

But, this time, it was her final goodbye.

The most amusing thing was, even when she woke up, she still had no idea that all her money had already been transferred out of her account…

It was all just a superficial dream.

Liang Yongyu had no idea that her destruction was just around the corner!

She was too young. She thought her fate could be changed after a stroke of luck. But, how could karma treat her well when she had ill intentions?

Now, everyone was simply waiting for her to discover what had happened. How shocked was she going to be?

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