Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1112 - Mrs. Mo Is Indeed An Expert!

Chapter 1112: Mrs. Mo Is Indeed An Expert!

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“Won’t that approach be too high profile?”

When Tangning thought about her name appearing on the big screen at the beginning of every film, she felt it was a little too showy.

“You’ve produced an amazing film that everyone loves. So, you can do whatever you want, nothing is too much!” Mo Ting pulled his wife into his arms and breathed in her scent. “In future, Liang Yongyu won’t be the only one. You’ll definitely come across more fakes that want to leech off your popularity and sales. We are simply preparing for that.”

“In that case, let’s do as you say!” Tangning nodded.

After being tormented by Liang Yongyu for a few days, the Zhai Family felt like their eyes had been opened to the real world. They never imagined that someone even more shameless than they were, actually existed.

After forking out $1 billion, Second Master Zhai appeared completely defeated the next time he showed up in front of the Mo Couple.

By that time, his power in the family business had been split amongst his siblings and he had turned into an insignificant person with nothing to do.

Due to his extra free time, Zhai Lintian couldn’t stop thinking about his grudge with Liang Yongyu. As a result, he went to look for Mo Ting and Tangning.

But, to his surprise, Tangning and Mo Ting were extremely calm. Liang Yongyu’s provocation didn’t affect them at all.

“Both President Mo and Mrs. Mo are sure tolerant. After the way that Liang Yongyu stepped all over you, neither of you look upset at all. I truly admire you!”

“I can’t be bothered getting upset over someone like her!” Tangning replied. “But, since we’re on the topic, I would like to point out that the Zhai Family wouldn’t be in this position if they didn’t favor boys over girls. So, you have no one to blame!”

After hearing from Tangning, Zhai Lintian laughed, “I know I was wrong, that’s why I’m being punished. But, what about Liang Yongyu?”

“I’ve heard that Mrs. Mo is a wise and observant person. I would like to get some advice on how to completely destroy a person!”

Tangning was silent; she understood what Zhai Lintian was suggesting. After a few seconds, she lifted her head and glanced at the man that was busily working in his office and replied to Zhai Lintian, “If Second Master Zhai knew how to control himself, he would not be in the position he is now.”

“I’ve learned my lesson. I hope Mrs. Mo can point me in the right path from now on. Don’t worry, whether I succeed or fail, I will not implicate you.”

Tangning shook her head and said, “Helping you isn’t impossible…but, I have conditions.”

“Go ahead!”

“I don’t want to see you favor boys over girls ever again. Otherwise, I refuse to help a discriminative person like you,” Tangning said.

Zhai Lintian took a puff from his cigarette and nodded, “I agree.”

“Secondly, you can’t hurt anyone! Violence does not induce true fear.”

“I’m fine with that as well…”

After Zhai Lintian agreed to both conditions, Tangning finally got to the point, “The fact that Liang Yongyu actually had the guts to step on me means that she doesn’t care about anyone else. But, I’d like to point out an important reason why she’s been appearing in front of the cameras so often: it’s because she’s afraid of the Zhai Family’s revenge!”

“The more the Zhai Family try to go up against her, the more she’ll use you for her own gain. That’s why, the Zhai Family should stop acting recklessly.”

“What should we do then?”

“Apologize, donate money and make amends. Let everyone know that you’ve realized your faults and thank Liang Yongyu for teaching you a valuable lesson. Afterwards, wish her all the best for the future. By doing that, you would be able to redeem half of the Zhai Family’s image. People would see that you at least know how to apologize and make amends. If Liang Yongyu tries to extort money from you again in the future, you can immediately cry to the media!”

“That is the best option for the Zhai Family!”

“Secondly, it’s not hard to make Liang Yongyu suffer. Liang Yongyu is currently trying to leech off my popularity and has invested a lot into her film. This includes hiring some top class people. She’s spent a crazy amount of money! If you use reverse psychology and take this opportunity to create hype for Liang Yongyu by making her sound like she’s the best in the world, she’s going to end up suffering from the backlash. This is a common trick used in the industry!”

“She’s simply experiencing a moment of fame because of the slap you gave her, but this is bound to eventually die down. Your aim is to make her lose everything. That’s the only way to destroy her.”

“Of course, while you’re cleaning up the Zhai Family’s image, you should continue to investigate who’s been helping her behind-the-scenes​. If you can grab onto evidence, then Liang Yongyu’s day of suffering will come sooner!”

After hearing Tangning’s suggestions, Zhai Lintian laughed, “I guess the rumors are true!”

“Mrs. Mo is indeed an expert!”

“I’ve never initiated an attack on anyone. I simply give an eye for an eye!” Tangning replied. “That’s why, I’m warning you, if the Zhai Family aren’t sincere with their apology, then I will reveal the truth to the media.”

“Don’t worry, with an example like you, I actually think giving birth to a daughter isn’t so bad.”

“Thank you for today, President Mo and Mrs. Mo.”

Tangning shook her head, gesturing that he didn’t need to be so polite. After all, they technically had the same enemy.

But, Tangning was never the type to kill off an enemy with someone else’s knife. Everything she told Zhai Lintian, was simply to help the Zhai Family. As for what Liang Yongyu personally owed her, she was going to chase up that debt later!

Anyone that dared to use her as a stepping stone would have to pay the price!

Liang Yongyu’s film created a lot of hype. Although, most people were criticizing it, fans of the actors in the film still tried to stick up for their idols.

“How could you guys know that the film will be bad before it’s even been filmed? Do you have the ability to see the future?”

“My idol is an amazing actor. I’m sure the film won’t be any worse than Tangning’s!”

“How is this considered as leeching off Tangning? The words, ‘Ant Queen’, don’t belong to Tangning!”

What could be done about these people?

But, soon after, Hai Rui officially announced that they were establishing Tang Film and Television. Which meant, Tangning’s logo would appear on every single film from then on, giving her films an identifying mark.

“That’s awesome. From now on, we’ll immediately know it’s Tangning’s film when we see the logo.”

“Hai Rui is so quick. I bet the fake replica forced them to do this.”

“From now on, it’s going to be so easy to identify Tangning’s films. We simply need to look for her logo…”

“President Mo is so smart, yay! I’ve never been interested in laying an eye on any of those other rubbish productions, regardless of who the producer is.”

This was the perfect way to identify Tangning’s films. After all, a logo was unique and could not be copied.

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