Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1109 - She Isn't Very Welcoming Towards You

Chapter 1109: She Isn’t Very Welcoming Towards You

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Liang Yongyu waited but did not see Tangning. Eventually, she returned to the hall where she saw Tangning with a bunch of socialite wives, sharing their tips and tricks on childcare. After ​seeing that, her heart boiled with anger.

Tangning caused her to lose her daughter, yet she had the audacity to talk about her experiences with taking care of a child?

“Yongyu, where did you go?” Second Master Zhai struggled to find Liang Yongyu, so he was annoyed. “I’ll take you to see a few important people…”

Liang Yongyu looked at Tangning standing amongst the crowd. Although she wanted to tear off her fake mask right away, she knew she had to endure it until after the wedding. So, for now, she was going to let her enjoy it. Because, after the wedding, she was going to get her revenge!

Tangning could feel Liang Yongyu’s piercing gaze from the distance, but she did not respond.

After all, she understood that most people liked to blame others rather than reflect on themselves.

“Ning Jie, I feel like the bride isn’t very welcoming towards you,” the kind young woman that was taking photos with the twins said after she captured Liang Yongyu’s​ gaze behind Tangning in one of her photos. As she showed Tangning the photo on her phone she said, “Look…”

Tangning did not look at the phone. She simply laughed, “I think you’re mistaken. Mrs. Zhai and I have never met before.”


Tangning continued to take care of the kids while chatting to the people around her about ‘The Ant Queen’. Soon, it was time for the wedding ceremony.

Mo Ting returned to the mother and kids and pulled them into his protective arms. Obviously, this was a much more interesting sight than what was happening on stage.

“This wedding may be spectacular, but only yesterday, I saw Second Master Zhai entering a hotel with another woman!”

“Not so loud. Those two are obviously getting married because the temptress got pregnant. She’s only entering the socialite world because of her son.”

“So, no matter how fancy this wedding is, it’s just a facade. I’d rather watch Tangning’s family of four; it’s more satisfying.”

“Tangning must have brought the twins to annoy Liang Yongyu, haha…”

“Well, she has two sons. It’s not like she would bring one without the other. Even appearing at this wedding is giving Liang Yongyu face…”

The reception was obviously filled with gossip. After all, everyone within the industry knew how Liang Yongyu climbed into Second Master Zhai’s bed. Although she was now officially a socialite wife, there was no denying her cheap upbringing.

A wedding that was based on a facade, was destined to be a tragedy from the start. So, it was no surprise that people had their doubts.

On the other hand, Tangning and Mo Ting were perfect examples of how things should be. After they had a flash marriage, everyone ridiculed them. But, they were now parents to three children and were famous for being a loving couple that always stuck together.

Therefore, if one had to choose between a fancy wedding and a loving marriage, most people opted for the latter.

That’s why, most of the women at the wedding were envious of the wedding itself, but not envious of Liang Yongyu.

But, Liang Yongyu did not think this way. She was now a part of the Zhai Family. Even if she was to immediately get a divorce, she could still go home with half of her husband’s assets. So, why did she need love? Money was everything!

The fancy and theatrical ceremony eventually came to an end after Second Master Zhai kissed his wife. Afterwards, it was time for the couple to go around and clink glasses with everyone.

After spending 20 minutes to change into a luxurious new dress, Liang Yongyu dragged her husband straight over to Tangning and said, “Hubby, remember when I took my daughter out last time and accidentally lost her? President Mo and Mrs. Mo helped us take care of her.”

Second Master Zhai couldn’t understand why Liang Yongyu would suddenly bring this up, so he wanted to act like he didn’t know what she was talking about. But, Liang Yongyu then added, “How could you forget something like that? It’s because of that incident that our daughter is still missing!”

After hearing this, Second Master Zhai tried to drag his wife away, but Liang Yongyu wouldn’t budge.

“That night, I had an argument with my husband and, out of anger, I ran away with our daughter and left her next to President Mo’s car. Afterwards, President Mo found her and took her to the hospital.”

“I’m really thankful that you guys did that. But, when I pleaded for you to take care of her for a while because I was fighting with my husband and had nowhere to go in the cold weather, you refused…”

“I will always remember that!”

As soon as she said these words, everyone knew what Liang Yongyu was trying to say.

Was she using her new socialite status to get revenge?

But, Liang Yongyu was probably still too young to understand that these words only made her sound more childish. How could she abandon her child because of a mere argument and then get angry at others for not taking in her child?

How good must this idiot be in bed for the Zhai Family to tolerate her brainless character?

“My poor daughter…”

“In that case, why can’t we see your daughter now?” Tangning asked. “Don’t tell me you abandoned her again.”


“Mrs. Zhai, today is your big day, so I don’t want to make things difficult for you. But, you should stop clinging to this matter, otherwise, neither of us will benefit in the end.”

“Tangning, if not for your selfishness, my daughter wouldn’t be missing!”

After hearing this, Tangning pointed to Liang Yongyu with her chin and said to Second Master Zhai, “Can you please control your woman? At this rate, she’s going to make the Zhai Family look bad.”

“Tangning, you are so calculative. How dare you try to drive a wedge between us. You certainly have your methods. No wonder you won Best Actress.”

“Liang Yongyu, enough! Can’t you see where you’re​ at?”

“It’s because I know, that’s why I want to see if you’re willing to help me!” Liang Yongyu gambled as she looked at her husband. “Are you going to help me, or are you going to help the outsiders? Don’t forget that I have your son in my stomach!”

“I’m not asking for much. I simply want Mrs. Mo to apologize for what she did.”

“If she can do that, then we are even. Otherwise, I will hold onto this grudge forever!”

Tangning sneered. She had obviously expected more from Liang Yongyu.

“Liang Yongyu, look at where you’re at!”

“She was also your daughter!” Liang Yongyu yelled coldly. “Don’t forget the reason she’s still missing! I simply want those that have wronged me to apologize!”

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