Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1107 - If She Dared!

Chapter 1107: If She Dared!

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Some foreign film experts even presented their analysis and research and used whatever means they could to expose and criticize the film. They had their doubts about Tangning, but Tangning did not provide a response.

Meanwhile, the post production studio that Tangning led during ‘The Ant Queen’, ended up forming a post production company under the name of…’Glory’.

Glory and Superstar Media then joined forces and both worked as subsidiaries under Hai Rui.

Ever since the identity of the post production crew was revealed, the entire team at Glory had been approached by many film and television agencies. In fact, some even offered huge amounts of money for them to work on their films. However, they rejected every single one of them.

Firstly, they initially agreed to work with Tangning because they could feel the determination and drive that she and Qiao Sen had towards creating a high-quality sci-fi film.

Secondly, their skills exclusively belonged to ‘The Ant Queen’, so they weren’t​ working on anything other than ‘The Ant Queen’ series.

Thirdly, for their post production quality to improve, they needed time to practice and master their skills. So, they didn’t want to waste energy on other films. At least, for now, they had to focus it all on ‘The Ant Queen’.

More importantly, no one was more comfortable to work with than Tangning.

After all, Tangning was already providing them with the best benefits, best treatment and…best glory!

But, just when it was time to take advantage of ‘The Ant Queen’ while it was at its peak, Tangning once again disappeared from the public eye. It was time for her to prepare for ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

And, Tangning knew better than anyone, how difficult ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was going to be without Qiao Sen…

A little while later, news started spreading that ‘The Ant Queen’ had received various international awards. However, President Mo always sent a representative to receive them. This wasn’t because Tangning was being arrogant, but because Chinese sci-fi films had been bowing down to the foreigners for too many years.

Now that they could finally stand tall, she had to do something to gain the domestic film markets faith!

She couldn’t be too cold towards the international awards, but she couldn’t be too excited either.

“I would like to ask Senior Long to take part in ‘The Ant Queen 2’ by adding in some martial arts elements. As something that’s symbolic to our culture, I would love to add it to my film.”

“The first film focused on a father and daughter, so I’m thinking, maybe the sequel will focus on a teacher and student. What do you think, Ting?”

Seeing that his wife was getting the hang of film production, Mo Ting smiled as he sat by her side, “It appears, you have a lot of resources at hand this time, so you don’t need me.”

“You must be joking,” Tangning put down the pen and paper in her hands and turned to look at Mo Ting, “Did you really think I’d be able to write a complete script on my own?”

Mo Ting thought for a moment and nodded his head, “Now that I think about it, I guess I still have some use!”

“The storyline is the most important element to a film,” Tangning said in seriousness. “No matter how good the post production is, the only thing that can keep an audience interested, is the storyline.”

“You can always learn how to write one…”

“If you’re asking me to read a script, I can do it with ease. But, if you’re asking me to come up with something so complex, it’s honestly a very difficult thing for me to do,” Tangning revealed her flaw honestly. “I’m not you, I’m not capable of everything.”

President Mo was dazed by all the flattering, allowing his wife to easily lead him by the nose…

Meanwhile, Tangning still had to consider the director for her film. Although she wanted to ask An Zihao for help again, she knew he still needed to manage Xingyan and wasn’t guaranteed to agree.

“The public is currently waiting for you to recruit for your new film. Apart from Senior Long, do you have anyone else in mind?”

“I’m not holding a public recruitment,” Tangning replied. “Nor am I holding any auditions or inviting any young actors and actresses to take part based on popularity. Before they show examples of quality acting, I will not take a second glance at them.”

“Then, let’s just slowly observe and ignore recommendations from others.”

Like that, Tangning began to prepare for ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

However, a few months later, a wedding invitation from the Zhai Family, arrived at Mo Ting’s office.

“President, the Zhai Family specifically arranged to have this sent here. They insisted on inviting you and the Madam. I never imagined that Liang Yongyu’s wish to marry into a rich family would come true. Apparently, she’s pregnant again and, this time, it’s a baby boy. She already checked the baby at three and a half months. As soon as she confirmed it was a boy, Liang Yongyu hit the jackpot and flew up the social ladder,” Lu Che said as he placed the invitation in Mo Ting’s desk.

“Specifically arranged?” Mo Ting asked as he looked at the invitation with interest. “Liang Yongyu must be still holding a grudge…”

“Is the President referring to the time she came pleading to you?”

This time, Mo Tong did not respond. But, Lu Che already knew the answer from the expression on Mo Ting’s face.

If that was really the case, then they must have created a very deep grudge. After all, there was a huge possibility that Liang Yongyu took things the wrong way and blamed Mo Ting and Tangning for making her lose her daughter.

Now that she had a son, her identity was very different. Did that mean, it was time for her to chase up old debts?

“Then, are you going to this wedding?”

“The Zhai Family and the Bei Family have business together. Plus, the Zhai Family specifically invited us. So, I’ll go, of course,” Mo Ting replied. “I’m going to see what Liang Yongyu has up her sleeves. Since we’ve already attracted this mess, we should get rid of it as soon as possible instead of letting it brew into a ticking time bomb.”

“OK, I’ll let the Madam know,” Lu Che nodded.

Liang Yongyu’s daughter was currently being cared for in the hands of a good family. Now that Liang Yongyu had a son – if the Zhai Family found the little girl – her life would become even less significant.

Tangning soon heard about the wedding from Lu Che and couldn’t help but laugh, “I never thought this matter wasn’t over.”

“Liang Yongyu was extremely helpless at that time, so she probably despises the two of you.”

“Fine, let’s see how she plans to get revenge,” Tangning took note of Liang Yongyu’s matter; she never let down her guard around her enemies.

In order to get into a rich family, Liang Yongyu gave birth to a daughter and expected others to take care of it. When they refused, she held a grudge against them. What kind of reasoning was that?

Soon, news got out that the Zhai Family were holding a wedding. It was named the most expensive wedding in history with a bill in the hundreds of millions. No wonder Liang Yongyu tried so hard to marry into the Zhai Family.

Liang Yongyu probably thought the pain she went through was finally worth it.

Who would have thought that Second Master Zhai would be so generous. One could imagine how much Liang Yongyu’s son improved his chances of inheriting the family business.

Soon, Second Master Zhai ended up meeting with Mo Ting to provide an apology. It seemed, the Zhai Family were really worried that Tangning and Mo Ting wouldn’t show up to the wedding.

He used the incident from last time as an excuse and claimed that he was there to apologize, just so he could meet Mo Ting, “President Mo, I’m really sorry for what happened last time. I’ve been really busy so I haven’t found the chance to send you an apology gift. That’s why I insist you attend my wedding and bring your wife and sons along as well.”

“Of course,” Mo Ting replied with a deeper meaning.

He wanted to see what the newly wedded socialite wife, Liang Yongyu, planned to do to Tangning!

That’s if she dared!

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