Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1106 - We Will Talk When We Get Home

Chapter 1106: We Will Talk When We Get Home

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“Please welcome President Mo to the stage to receive his award and give a speech!” the host said excitedly as he stood to one side.

Mo Ting hugged Tangning before he stood up from his seat and headed for the stage like a king gracing everyone with his presence.

Due to Mo Ting’s status, the guest presenter wasn’t an average businessman or simpleton. He was a master from the art scene that was specifically invited to the ceremony just to match Mo Ting.

“Could President Mo share with us his thoughts on winning this award?”

Mo Ting held onto the trophy and walked over to the microphone. Perhaps, due to the bright lighting, he appeared extra dazzling.

Time had been kind to this man. Although he was already in his mid-thirties, he did not show any signs of aging.

In fact, some people would even describe him as alluring!

“Looking at the faces below the stage, it appears as though I’ve bullied someone by receiving this award.”

As soon as he said these words, everyone broke out in laughter.

“This is the first award I’ve received since joining the industry. Although, some of you may feel like I’m bullying others, this award still holds a great amount of weight in my hands.”

“Don’t think of me as a petty person that won’t leave a simple award for the professionals. I can’t do that, because I know better than anyone, how much ridicule my wife endured while trying to produce and film ‘The Ant Queen’. Even when she first asked for Director Qiao Sen’s​ help, she had to kneel on an island for an entire afternoon while she was thrashed by the cold winds.”

“That’s why, I couldn’t give up on this award!”

“I won’t waste your time on any other words of gratitude, but I do have some things to announce. Firstly, ‘The Ant Queen’ will soon appear on the screens of 30 different countries around the world. This includes countries in the European and American markets. Everyone, our film is going international!”

“Secondly, I am officially announcing the comeback of Superstar Media. I know that this has always been my wife’s wish. Hopefully, Superstar Media will be able to discover more great talent for the industry.”

“Thirdly, I would like to welcome Qiao Sen to the stage!”

As soon as Mo Ting said these last few words, the entire venue erupted in confusion. Qiao Sen had already died a long time ago. Yet, Mo Ting was inviting Qiao Sen to the stage?

What kind of a joke was he making?

Even Tangning almost stood up from her seat when she heard Mo Ting speak. But, a moment later, Qiao Sen’s daughter appeared from the backstage, pushing a wax figure.

That was when everyone understood that Mo Ting was referring to a wax figure.

The figure was made according to Qiao Sen’s body measurements. Mo Ting had specifically hired an expert from Italy to carve out the figure in minute detail.

Hence, when Tangning saw the figure, tears almost rolled out from her eyes.

It was as though Qiao Sen was still alive and standing on the stage.

At that moment, Qiao Sen’s daughter received the microphone from Mo Ting and bowed to the audience in gratitude. She then began to speak, “I would like to thank everyone for still remembering my father, but most important of all, I would like to tell Tangning that you are my queen! Thank you for consoling me with ‘The Ant Queen’; a film that makes me feel as though my father is still alive and by my side.”

“Actually, President Mo already explained to us earlier that Tangning doesn’t care about her own achievements. She simply wants everyone to acknowledge Director Qiao Sen!” the host standing to the side started saying.

“So, let’s take this opportunity to change the order of the ceremony and present another one of the most important awards of the night.”

“From the time that the Fei Tian Awards was first established, its aim has always been to acknowledge those that have strived to create good films. To continue this ideal, the organizers of the Fei Tian Awards have decided to award Director Qiao Sen – the Lifetime Achievement Award! We hope this will motivate all those below the stage that are still healthy and alive to lead the industry to a brighter future…”

That night, Tangning sat below the stage overcome with emotions. Qiao Sen had finally received something for his efforts.

Mo Ting knew that this was exactly what his wife wanted the most. So, his eyes met lovingly with hers.

“At the same time, we hope Tangning can continue to create even better films so our eyes can be rewarded!”

“While we’re on this topic, can we ask how ‘The Ant Queen 2’ is going?”

Tangning’s eyes were red, but this question made her laugh. Everyone knew she was crying tears of joy.

“Come, Tangning, come to the stage…”

Tangning shook her head and rejected the invite, “No, this night belongs to everyone. I hope everyone can enjoy it and not just focus on me.”

“But, don’t you have anything to say to President Mo, who thoughtfully prepared three big presents for you?”

“We will talk when we get home…” Tangning replied naturally.

The host nodded and did not insist. He then turned and looked at Mo Ting, “President Mo, now that you’ve taken home this award, do you have anything else to say to everyone from the standpoint of a leader in the industry?”

“Tonight, I am simply an actor accompanying my wife. I will not place pressure on everyone!” Mo Ting replied.

“Hahaha, thank you for your mercy, Big Boss…” the host laughed.

With a smile, the host led Mo Ting and Qiao Sen’s daughter off the stage. But, as soon as Mo Ting returned to Tangning’s side, she immediately wrapped him in her arms.

“What is it?”

“You always know what I want,” Tangning said with a choked up voice. “The best thing I’ve done in my entire life was marrying you.”

“I like seeing you being moved.”

The couple hugged each other tightly while plenty of envious eyes watched. This included a person sitting in front of her television screen glaring at the two.

“Such ‘great’ people, yet they wouldn’t take in my daughter. Now I can’t see my daughter anymore. I don’t even know if she’s dead or alive!”

“Tangning, I have no choice but to blame you for this. You could have saved my daughter’s life with one simple gesture!”

Liang Yongyu glared at Tangning through her television screen as she clenched her fists angrily.

But, she was well aware that she was no match for Tangning at the moment. She had to first give birth to a son to establish her status.

Either way, there was still plenty of time. They were bound to cross paths again, sooner or later!

Meanwhile, for Tangning, that night was perhaps the proudest moment in her career. But, ‘The Ant Queen’s’ achievements did not stop there. Afterwards, it also created a lot of hype in the Western markets.

The Asians actually managed to create such a high-quality sci-fi film? Is this fake?

They must have used corrupt practices, right?

The Westerners immediately had their doubts.

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