Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1105 - Your First Film Created A Best Actor!

Chapter 1105: Your First Film Created A Best Actor!

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In the end, that was how Han Xiner and Bei Chendong’s drama came to an end. Later on, Han Xiner would become an expert in the business industry and turn into a prominent figure. However, that was to happen much later.

The more important matter at hand was the latest Fei Tian Awards Ceremony.

As an annual favorite at the event, Tangning had become a major focusing point for the awards ceremony, but this year, Mo Ting was added to the mix.

No one understood why he suddenly showed interest in the Best Actor Award; even Tangning couldn’t give a definitive answer.

Before heading out, Mo Ting reaffirmed with Lu Che multiple times that everything was in place. Lu Che was nervous, afraid of making a mistake.

Mo Ting was executing his plan without Tangning knowing. Now, all he hoped, was for Tangning to be surprised.

Although the winter red carpet sat amongst the cold and harsh winds, its heat could not be subdued.

Stars shined across the red carpet. After all, it was the biggest awards ceremony and celebration of the year.

Every artist made careful preparations for the ceremony even though they all knew that, with the Mo Couple around, they would never be the most eye-catching ones. In fact, even if they tried their best, it made no difference. But, at least, ‘The Ant Queen’ did not have a nomination for Best Actress.

The little actress, Coco Li, did an outstanding performance, but she still had many things she could improve on.

This was the only consolation for the other artists that attended the ceremony, but they had no complaints. After all, everyone saw the results of ‘The Ant Queen’ and felt they deserved it.

So, as soon as Tangning and Mo Ting arrived on the scene, everyone fought to be the first ones to congratulate them.

Needless to say, the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony was about to become a runway show for the crew of ‘The Ant Queen’.

After arriving at the ceremony, many familiar faces appeared in front of the Mo Couple. Tangning nodded at all of them as a form of greeting.

In reality, Tangning didn’t really care if she won an award herself or not. All she wanted to know was whether Qiao Sen would win Best Director. But, the ceremony was relatively long; there were even performances halfway. So, her palms began to get sweaty in anticipation. She was worried that the award that belonged to Qiao Sen would end up in someone else’s hands.

“It could be said, that ‘The Ant Queen’, which was released at the end of the year, has been the talk of the town. After all, for this year’s ceremony, they have been nominated for a total of 6 categories, including Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Cinematography…and others.”

As the male host talked, a spotlight suddenly lit up on Tangning and Mo Ting. Tangning was not prepared at all.

“I have a question for Tangning: you are now known as one of the best film producers in the country and plenty of artists want to work with you. Did you ever expect that you would achieve so much?”

Tangning received a microphone from the host and replied in a solemn voice, “I simply feel regretful that Qiao Sen couldn’t be here today.”

“I’m sure Qiao Sen is watching from heaven and is gratified by everything that’s​ been achieved. However, don’t forget that I’m asking about you. Don’t you have any worries for yourself?”

Tangning smiled at the host’s question and replied, “I’m doing well at the moment. There’s nothing ​to worry about.”

From Tangning’s response, it was clear to see that she had no interest in answering questions and participating in small talk. She simply wanted the awards presenters to hurry onto the stage.

The host understood and laughed, “Fair enough. This has been the most condensed interview I’ve ever done in my career. In that case, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s present the Best Director Award! Please welcome our guest presenter to the stage…”

Editing, music, cinematography, costume design; Tangning didn’t care about any of those earlier categories. The one she cared about, was the award that was about to be presented.

Soon, the guest presenter arrived on stage. After a few words, he pointed to the big screen and listed the names of the nominees.

This was the award that Tangning most anticipated: the Best Director Award.

After all, Qiao Sen was amongst the nominees…

“This year’s Fei Tian Best Director Award goes to…the director of ‘Escape Room’, Luo Fengzhong! Congratulations Director Luo!”

Unfortunately, the image on the big screen and the bright spotlights all told Tangning that Qiao Sen was not the winner of the award.

He wasn’t the winner!

As soon as he saw the result, Mo Ting turned and looked at his wife.

Tangning was speechless, but her eyes had an obvious look of disappointment.

“I would like to specifically clarify that Director Qiao Sen, who was one of the nominees, was unfortunately given lower scores by the judges, due to the fact that he did not complete the entire film that he was nominated for. However, we will forever remember his name. We hope he is at peace in heaven.”

“The judges took everything into consideration and made a fair decision. Don’t be upset by the result. This was beyond your control,” Mo Ting comforted.

Tangning turned and looked at Mo Ting as she nodded her head, “I thought the judges favored the living over someone who’s gone. I was being too stubborn with my opinion. It’s a shame to have missed out on this award.”

Mo Ting held tightly to Tangning’s hand and did not comfort her any further.

However, Tangning completely lost interest in the rest of the ceremony.

“I’m​ also nominated. Aren’t you curious whether I’m going to win?”

“President Mo, if you don’t win, how embarrassing would that be?” Tangning laughed.

Mo Ting also laughed. It seemed, Tangning was certain that the Best Actor Award would be his. There was no escaping.

“Do you know why I applied for the award?”

Under the dazzling lights of the hall, Tangning looked at Mo Ting and shook her head, “You’ve never cared about something like this…”

“Because, this glory belongs to ‘The Ant Queen’. Why should I give it to someone else? The Best Actor Award is one of the most important awards. If I win it, it would give the entire film extra points…” Mo Ting explained. “For me, taking home an award may be a pointless thing, but for you, it’s different!”

“We’re talking about Best Actor!”

“Your first film created a Best Actor!”

Tangning looked at Mo Ting as her eyes once again lit up.

“So, do you still think that this award isn’t important?”

Tangning shook her head.

Mo Ting smiled and tightened his grip on Tangning’s hand…

Soon, the time came around to present the Best Actor Award. Of course, this award had no suspense whatsoever, so no one was surprised when Mo Ting’s name was called out. But, they were curious: the Big Boss of the entertainment industry was actually fighting with the ordinary man for an award…

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