Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1104 - Two Paths To Choose From

Chapter 1104: Two Paths To Choose From

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“If that’s the case, then kneel for one day and one night,” Mother Bei said without showing any mercy.

“Mom…” Han Xiner immediately tried to plea for mercy, but she was quickly stopped by Mother Bei. “Do you want your husband to continue like this and not listen to you? Do you want him to use the same method of lying to achieve his motives in the future?”

Han Xiner did not reply…

“If not, then let him continue kneeling,” Mother Bei said before she led Han Xiner out.

“This is what you deserve,” Father Bei humphed as he watched his son kneel back down and followed his wife and daughter-in-law out of the ancestral hall.

Bei Chendong kneeled with perfect posture. This time, he was not going to easily get away; he had no choice but to accept his punishment. But, he knew deep down that his parents were no longer against his marriage to Xiner because they did not say anything unreasonable to her.

After returning to the living room, Mother Bei asked Han Xiner to sit on the sofa. She then said to her in a serious manner, “We don’t want to be hateful parents, especially when we never had high hopes for Bei Chendong to begin with. We know that he’s always been a rascal and his life will only continue this way. After winning two awards, he’s just going to live the rest of his life casually in the entertainment industry.”

“That’s why, Xiner, we always hoped to find a capable daughter-in-law. At least, someone that could assist the two of us in the future.”

“But, from the looks of it, we can’t hope for much now.”

“We won’t make things difficult for you anymore, but we won’t let things be easy either.”

“Since you’ve married into the Bei Family, you should try to contribute something to the family. So, after you give birth, we will train you. At least one of you should have the qualifications to assist us.”

“Is this an unreasonable request?”

Han Xiner shook her head.

“Since he refuses to live honestly and won’t take over the family business, we will have to trouble you. We’ll use this opportunity to officially announce that you are a part of the Bei Family and prove that you aren’t just a pretty face, even though you don’t have a strong family background to rely on.”

This time, Han Xiner nodded.

“It’s not too much to ask of you?”

In reality, Han Xiner had already done some management at Hai Rui before and felt quite interested in it. So, she was happy to have the opportunity to learn more.

“There’s one more very important point that I need to bring up. Within the industry, there are many men that are the same age as Bei Chendong. Most of them have families on the outside, I’m sure you know what I mean. However, they all have one official wife. We admit that this exists, but we can’t accept this kind of behavior.”

“He won’t…”

“It’s best if he won’t. But, if he does, then everything we’re giving you now is the best leverage you can use to keep him.”

It seemed, Mother Bei was actually worried that Han Xiner would be bullied.

Although Han Xiner was easily controlled by Bei Chendong, she wasn’t a pushover to the outside world.

At least, with a bit of training, she was capable of achieving quite a lot.

“Dad, mom, thank you.”

“I know you and Tangning are well-acquainted. Since I’m Mo Ting’s auntie, we are closely related; you didn’t think I was a man-eating tigress, did you? Some things are done for outsiders to see. After you enter this industry, you’ll know what I mean,” Mother Bei warned.

“Yes, I’ll learn well.”

“Since my grandchild is OK, you should take good care of it. I don’t hold high hopes for Bei Chendong. If you guys don’t move back home, I’ll hire a nanny to help you so you won’t be so exhausted.”


Han Xiner agreed to every single one of Mother Bei’s requests. At first, she expected herself to have the fate of a character from a modern-day novel and end up with a divorce. Who would have thought that the Bei Family weren’t as difficult to get along with as she imagined?

Mother Bei was right: since she was Mo Ting’s auntie, they had very similar personalities.

Since the Mo Family weren’t the type of people that deliberately made things difficult for other people, why would the Bei Family be any different?

“Let Bei Chendong continue kneeling. If he doesn’t learn his lesson, he might do the same thing again in the future!”

Although it was embarrassing for a 30-something-year-old to kneel, Bei Chendong did not complain. He did it for Han Xiner’s sake. As a result, he remained kneeling for an entire day and night, not slacking off for even a second.

He originally thought he’d be able to see his wife as soon as he pulled through the night. But, Mother Bei told him, “She’s gone…”

At first, Bei Chendong didn’t quite understand what his mother meant. He tried to stand up, but he discovered his legs were numb.

“Mom, you know my temper; I was born this way. To achieve my motive, I’m willing to do anything. In my world, there are no rules nor restrictions.”

“If Xiner wasn’t upset, I would have never stepped out to admit that I was wrong. After all, we don’t need your approval for our marriage. I may have come here and knelt and allowed you to release your anger on me, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to treat Xiner however you want.

After Mother Bei heard this, she glared at her son, “Without Xiner around, there won’t be anyone to stop you. If you end up killing someone someday, that would not be good.”

At least, for the sake of Xiner, Bei Chendong had a bottom line that he stuck to.

This proved how important Han Xiner was to him.

In the past, he never changed for the sake of others. But now, he had Han Xiner.

“Xiner’s gone home…”


“I’ll remember that you lied to me this time. Xiner has already agreed to make up for it, so I won’t bother you about it. But, you need to remember that from now on, if you do anything else wrong, Xiner will have to pay for it. So, I suggest you think things over properly before doing it…”

Was she using Xiner to tie him down?

Even if she was, Bei Chendong did not feel restrained like he used to. He was simply happy that Xiner was still by his side. At this moment, nothing else mattered.

More importantly, he had to try his best to not implicate Xiner from that moment on…

So, he immediately rushed home. As soon as he spotted Xiner sitting at home drinking some soup, he walked directly up to her and pulled her into his embrace, “I’m glad nothing happened to you…”

“What could happen to me?” Han Xiner asked. “Hurry and sit down. Let me see your knees.”

“What conditions did you promise Mom?” Bei Chendong asked as he sat down on a chair and rolled up his pants legs.

Han Xiner leaned over and looked at her husband’s knees. As she examined them, she replied, “I told her, after I give birth, I’ll go over to the Bei Family to do some training!”

“I knew it!”

“I have no choice. Since you won’t go, then I’ll have to go!” Han Xiner replied.

Since Han Xiner gave him this response, what else could Bei Chendong do?

Could he sit idly by and watch his wife suffer?

As if!

Although he felt he was the biggest loser in the entire battle of lies, for the sake of Xiner…

…nothing mattered. He was willing to do anything; it wasn’t important.

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