Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1103 - You Have No Business Here

Chapter 1103: You Have No Business Here



Bei Chendong arrived early the next morning to have tea with his father.

Father Bei was waiting in the garden. As he prepared a pot of tea, he looked at his son and smiled, "It's rare for you to think of your father."

"Bei Chendong put on his coat and sat down on a stone chair, disregarding the light snow that fell around him as he picked up a hot cup of tea, "Father, I came here today to confess to something."

"Is this the attitude you use to confess?" Father Bei asked as he glared at his son and took a sip from his cup of tea, "Speak, what's the matter?"

"Actually, I was never sick," Bei Chendong said straightforwardly.

As soon as Father Bei heard this, he slammed his fist on the stone table and frowned at Bei Chendong, "I dare you to say that again."

"I said I'm not sick!" Bei Chendong repeated, "I put on an act so you guys would allow me to marry Xiner."

"Since you already created the lie, why didn't you go through with it? Why are you suddenly admitting to it?"

"Xiner's pregnant and mom's forcing her to have an abortion because she thinks I've been taking antidepressants that may be bad for the baby. Actually, both the baby and Xiner are fine," Bei Chendong replied in seriousness. "That's why I need her to stop forcing Xiner."

Father Bei humped. His hands were already trembling, but the thought of being lied to was both funny and infuriating.

He knew that this was indeed something that Bei Chendong would do.

"If Xiner didn't fall pregnant, were you planning to never explain yourself?" Father Bei asked as he lowered his head and moved in closer to Bei Chendong.

"Yes," Bei Chendong replied honestly.

"What did you take us for? Huh?" Father Bei continued to ask Bei Chendong. "Both of us were truly worried about your health. Yet, what happened in the end? Were you toying with us? Was it fun?"

"Bei Chendong, you're already 30-something-years-old. Why can't you be reliable like Mo Ting and consider the consequences before doing anything?"

"Did you think that your life belongs only to you, so we have no right to interfere?"

Father Bei was so angry that his entire body was trembling. In response, Bei Chendong subconsciously offered his father a hand...

"Don't touch me. I can't call the shots, go speak to your mother."


Since Bei Chendong was out, Han Xiner ended up waking to an empty home. She tried to call him, but he did not pick up the phone. Worst of all, he didn't even mention anything to her beforehand.

She mustn't have guessed that Bei Chendong was at the Bei Family home kneeling to his ancestors.

By that time, all the elders of the Bei Family had arrived at the Bei Family home and Mother Bei finally realized why she had never seen Bei Chendong take any medicine...

He was never sick. He had simply been relying on his acting to get by.

"Neither I nor your father are anything like you. I don't know where you got your personality from," Mother Bei looked at her son disappointedly. "Can the Bei Family still depend on you to inherit the family business? I'd rather donate it to charity than to leave it for you to ruin."

"Mom, I'm sorry, this was all my doing, it had nothing to do with Xiner."

"Hmmph," Mother Bei humphed. She then said with certainty, "You don't think I understand you? I know how Xiner is, she would never play tricks like this."

"That's why you shouldn't blame her for any of this."

"You knew this day would eventually come. So, why did you lie to me? How old do you think you think you are? Bei Chendong, I'm not disappointed by anything but the method you have chosen to use."

"You should continue kneeling in front of your ancestors."


Meanwhile, Han Xiner looked everywhere but couldn't find her husband. She even called Tangning and Mo Ting, but still couldn't find any news regarding Bei Chendong.

In the end, she had no choice but to ask the Bei Family.

When Mother Bei first picked up the phone, her voice was extremely cold, "Bei Chendong came home."


"Xiner, you should drop by home as well," Mother Bei suggested after she realized that Xiner didn't know how serious the situation was.

"OK, I'll be right there."

Han Xiner could sense that she wasn't being called back to the Bei Family for a simple matter. Bei Chendong had been missing since early in the morning and he was still uncontactable. What other reason could there be for him to be at the Bei Family home?

So, Han Xiner hurried over to the Bei Family home. As soon as she stepped in through the front door, she saw Mother Bei staring at her seriously, "Xiner, you sure are brave. Did you know that Bei Chendong was pretending to be sick from the start? In order to get into the Bei Family, you've sure put in a lot of effort."

After hearing Mother Bei's words, Han Xiner's heart suddenly sank.

So, she walked over to Mother Bei and tried to convince her with her sincerity. But, Mother Bei directly brushed her off.

"Mom...I indeed knew about this matter from the start, I have no justification for what I've done. I simply hope you won't be angry."

"How can I not be angry? I'll give you two paths to choose from: you either give birth to the child and get a divorce with Bei Chendong, or you can have an abortion and then get a divorce..."

"Mom, my aim wasn't to marry into a rich family. I hope you understand that Bei Chendong has always been like this; there was nothing I could do about him. That's why, I'm willing to shoulder the responsibility with Bei Chendong no matter what happens, but please don't break us apart..."

"I can sign a postnuptial agreement; I don't want a cent from your family."

"But, in exchange, I hope you can stop trying to separate us..."

"I don't want to be separated from him..."

Han Xiner began to cry as she shook Mother Bei's arm.

Mother Bei turned and looked at Han Xiner. In the end, she helplessly shook her head, "Stop crying. Go check on that jerk first."

Mother Bei did not say another word as she led Han Xiner to the Bei Family's ancestral hall.

As soon as Han Xiner saw Bei Chendong, she tried to rush up to her husband, but she was quickly stopped by Mother Bei.

"You are currently pregnant. He's a grown man, a little bit of kneeling won't kill him..."

Han Xiner did not get upset, instead, she stood to the side and watched Bei Chendong...

"Xiner, go home first," Bei Chendong said as he turned and looked at his wife, "You have no business here."

"I'm not going..." Han Xiner cried. "If you are to be punished, we will handle it together. Let's see if you'd still use such cheap tricks in the future."

After the two elders heard Han Xiner say these words, they almost clapped and cheered. Finally, there was someone who could handle this devil!

Ever since he was a child, no one had been able to control Bei Chendong. Now that Han Xiner was here, he finally got his just desserts.

"You always do things without thinking about the consequences. If I got hurt in the end, what would you have done?"

After hearing his wife say these words, Bei Chendong stood up and bowed to his parents, "Father, Mother, I know I went too far this time. But, if someone must be punished, please direct it at me. I forced Xiner to cooperate."

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