Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 59: Have The Guts to Think, But No Chance to Speak

Chapter 59: Have The Guts to Think, But No Chance to Speak

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Because Han Ruoxue was to take over Tangning, her, Lin Wei and Han Yufan were in the meeting room early in the morning discussing the upcoming plans they had. Tangning wasn't invited to the meeting, the excuse was that it was only a pitch. However, Lin Wei was clear about Han Ruoxue's true intentions - Han Ruoxue merely treated Tangning as a chess piece. No matter how high Tangning's status was, she was still going to maintain her power to control her artist.

Lin Wei projected Tangning's job offers onto the projector screen - there were 23 of them! Seeing this, Han Yufan was shocked. Amongst the offers, there was no lack of 2nd-tier magazines. He never expected the public had such a high degree of acknowledgment for Tangning.

Of course, Lin Wei did not reveal the offers Tangning was currently considering. These included the offers from...Creative Century and Star Age; two big superstar factories who had thrown her an expensive offer.

With Tangning's current status, a small studio like Tianyi, could no longer be of much help to her. Plus, the contract that hung to Han Ruoxue's lips could no longer bind Tangning.

It seemed Han Ruoxue had already forgotten the battle with Secret and still believed Tangning's success was due to luck.

"At present, because of the Oriental Trend, Tangning is extremely popular; she has gained quite a bit of fame in the European and American markets. As long as we take advantage of the current situation, with my contacts, we can speedily get her onto multiple stages. However, she needs to be obedient towards me...otherwise, I can also destroy her..."

It appeared, tonight's celebration dinner for Tangning, was more like an announcement dinner for Han Ruoxue taking on her new role.

A manager that had been blacklisted by the Americans - with a blink of an eye - returned to Beijing to continue to wreak havoc on the world.

Meanwhile, Tangning already found out about the morning's meeting from Lin Wei; Han Ruoxue had planned out her career path overseas. Of course, that would be ideal for most models, after all, this path had the most potential, but...Tangning was no longer 17 years old. Without enough background support, she couldn't be like a young model and start from the beginning as a fit model. It's not that she was afraid it would be too difficult, but she didn't have much youth left. The next 3 years for her, was critical!

"Tangning, what do you plan to do now? Han Ruoxue isn't going to give up on you."

"I...have my plans...Lin Wei, thank you," Tangning thanked her sincerely.

"Tangning, this is actually a good opportunity for me to leave you. I know your manager will only get better and better...I am not good enough to stay by your side. You've taught me so much and made me understand a lot of things. Don't worry, we have a confidentiality agreement between us, I will not reveal your business to others. I just hope, in the end, Tianyi can let me go." Lin Wei was determined; if she continued to work for Tangning, she would only continue to be led by her and not have the opportunity to show off her managerial skills. She was impressed by Tangning, but she also had her own goals.

"As you wish," Tangning nodded.

"Are we still friends?"

"Of course..." Tangning replied calmly.

"My photos...I'll leave them with you; it can serve as a warning for me. Tangning, I will keep an eye on you; I'll watch as you leap onto the international stage."

"Lin Wei, I also wish all the best for you."

Lin Wei understood she had already completed her mission and it was time for her to retreat. According to Tangning's personality, she never held back on her enemies. At the same time, she never made things difficult for her friends. So, of course, she preferred to be her friend.


Not long after, Beijing's night sky was densely dotted with stars. At the same time, Tangning was well prepared for a battle with Han Ruoxue.

On the way to the hotel, Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hand; giving her strength. Tangning looked at Mo Ting and smiled, "No need to worry about me, I'm already used to it...I'm well prepared for a big battle, even if Han Ruoxue is a tough enemy."

"I just care about you..."

"Hubby, there is no need to wait for me tonight. Be a good boy and go home to sleep. You work so hard every day, don't tire yourself out because of me." Tangning gripped onto Mo Ting's hand, "I promise, I won't allow myself to suffer any loss."

"You said it. If Han Ruoxue makes you suffer at all, I will get Hai Rui to step in." Mo Ting embraced Tangning and gently placed a kiss on her forehead. The longer they were a couple, the more he grew to understand her and the more his heart ached for her. She had gone through so much difficulty to go from a caterpillar to a butterfly; the road to revival was not all smooth sailing.

Tangning lifted her head and looked at the mole on Mo Ting's earlobe; that was his mark, one that completely charmed her and made her feel light-headed.

"I will not give you the chance to step in, I've already prepared a present for Han Ruoxue; how dare she dream of being my manager! I'm going to make her have the guts to think it, but no chance to say it..." After all, she was well experienced at tearing apart her enemies.

Mo Ting looked gently at Tangning, at her confident eyes; it seemed he really wouldn't get the chance to step in.


7pm. Tangning arrived at the celebration dinner. At the same time, Mo Yurou entered Hong Fan Hotel.

As Tianyi's status was limited, they could only invite a few famous people. Even though Tangning was the protagonist of tonight's celebration was obvious Han Yufan only wanted to lure her in. His real intention was to allow Han Ruoxue to step out on the stage.

After Tangning got tired of mixing with the guests, she sat down to rest. At this time, she found a waiter and whispered some instructions into his ear; he nodded obediently...

Afterwards, amongst the cheers of everyone, Han Yufan walked up the red carpet to the stage.

"Today, apart from celebrating Tangning becoming the Asian spokesperson for ISN, we also have an important decision to announce." Han Yufan was wearing a handmade brown suit; he looked absolutely handsome on stage, "The role of Tianyi's Artists Director will be taken over by my sister, the top manager, Han Ruoxue. Let's welcome her to the stage to continue telling everyone about the good news."

Han Ruoxue stepped out on the red carpet wearing a long silver dress and a pair of 10cm high high-heeled shoes. She had a proud expression, like a queen, as she looked around. In the end, her gaze focused on Tangning.

Her gaze was scheming and sinister with a desire to conquer. Upon seeing her, Tangning's eyebrows furrowed slightly...

"Hello everyone, I am Han Ruoxue. From today onwards I will be Tianyi Entertainment's Artists Director. I also have one more important announcement to make..."

Han Ruoxue continued to look at a hunter locked on its prey...

"I would like to announce..."

As soon as those words left her mouth, the waiter Tangning had instructed earlier, suddenly walked on stage holding a phone and handed it to Han Ruoxue breaking her off mid-sentence. Upon seeing the contents on the phone, she immediately glared at Tangning; she was surprised, angry and unwilling to accept what she saw.

But, Tangning maintained her smile the entire time...for Han Ruoxue, this smile was painful to look at.

"I would like to announce...early next year, we will be creating an amazing new band. We have already invited many superstars to be involved. Everyone keep your eyes peeled."

Han Yufan looked at Han Ruoxue confusedly; she was meant to announce she would become Tangning's manager...why did she suddenly change her mind?

"Jie...what's wrong? The company already knows you will take over Tangning, why are you suddenly like this?"

"Tangning!" Han Ruoxue exclaimed as she ground her teeth.

Han Yufan turned to look at Tangning. She intervened? How did she intervene?

"What did she show you?"

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