Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1102 - Bei Chendong Was Furious!

Chapter 1102: Bei Chendong Was Furious!



"Hasn't Superstar Media already been returned to Hai Rui?" Lin Qian asked. "Plus, you've already compensated me for my shares..."

"Ever since 'The Ant Queen' became a huge hit, the board of directors have started to turn a blind eye to my matters. I'm sure they won't reject me if I mention Superstar Media to them again," Tangning replied. "That's why I'm planning to let you guys manage it. After all, there's too much hidden and wasted talent in the industry. I still hope we can create a few more Luo Shengs and Xing Lans."

"You don't need an assistant anymore?"

"Don't I have a manager?" Tangning asked with a raised eyebrow. "Besides, I work behind-the-scenes these days. I don't need an assistant to take care of me; Ting and Lu Che is enough."

Lin Qian actually wanted to return to work because she had never been one to stay at home and do nothing. Sure, her husband's family had an influential background and she had just given birth to a son, but...

"Then you should return to work," Mother Li's voice suddenly resounded from behind the two women. No one knew how long she had been standing there and how much of their conversation she had heard. "While these old bag of bones are still mobile, I'd be more than happy to take care of my grandson."

"But, mom..."

"Qian Qian, the two of us are already satisfied that you married our Li Jin and gave birth to a child. As I've always said, you're still young, you shouldn't put your life on hold because of becoming a mother. You should return to work..." Mother Li said in a thoughtful and open-minded manner.

"Look, you have the best example beside you: Tangning already has three children, yet she's managed to balance both her family and career really well. I am not against the idea of you working. I don't care about the old prideful ideals of the rest of the family. So what if you're in the entertainment industry? You've achieved everything with your own hands. Why should they be so judgmental?"

Lin Qian felt that meeting the Li Family was the most worthwhile thing that ever happened to her.

She had a great husband and an understanding and open-minded mother-in-law.

"Mom, thank you."

"I should be the one that's thanking you. Even at a crucial moment like this, Li Jin couldn't be by your side, yet you didn't complain, even though I understand, as a mother, how you must be feeling. You're a good child that deserves to be doted on."

Tangning looked at the two women and smiled as her heart filled with warmth.

Meanwhile, Long Jie looked at the two in admiration. Mother Lu had applied so much pressure on her in the past that she understood how difficult it was to be on bad terms with one's mother-in-law.

"Hurry, recover and get back to work..."

Of course, this was also the first time that Long Jie heard about Tangning's plan to leave Superstar Media back in their hands. But, after what happened with Han Xiuche, Long Jie was still traumatized by the idea of training newcomers again...


2 days later, the annual Fei Tian Awards Ceremony was held. Like previous years, it was a star-studded event.

All the celebrities turned up in their battle gear, hoping to get the most attention. But, just like last time, Tangning was not interested in what she wore.

However, as the hottest celebrity around, she was, of course, destined to be surrounded by reporters no matter what she wore. Even so, she still felt she was past the age of fighting for the limelight with other female celebrities.

After the experience at the film festival, Long Jie also learned that there was no reason to spend her time stressing on an outfit for Tangning. After all, she no longer needed to attract anyone's attention.

In the end, Tangning carefully prepared for the awards ceremony, completely unaware that Mo Ting was preparing a present for her.

However, she would have never imagined that before this present, she would have to first suffer another scare.

This involved a phone call from Han Xiner the night before the awards ceremony, "Ning Jie..."

"What's wrong? Has Bei Chendong's lies been revealed?" Tangning subconsciously assumed it had something to do with this particular matter. But, Han Xiner shook her head.

"I'm pregnant..." Han Xiner said in a dull tone.

"That's good news, what's with your tone? Why do you sound so depressed?"

"My mother-in-law insists that I have an abortion because she believes that Dong Ge has been taking medicine for his depression and it will affect the baby. So, she told me that I can't have it."


This was a pit that Bei Chendong dug himself!

"How did Bei Chendong react?"

"He, of course, wants me to keep it. Although my mother-in-law hasn't complained too much, I'm sure she thinks I'm being very childish in her eyes," Han Xiner replied uncomfortably. "Actually, I can endure it. I simply want someone to vent to."

"Xiner, marriage is between two people. Bei Chendong isn't young anymore, this is something he needs to hold responsibilty for, you shouldn't endure it on your own," Tangning said firmly. "You guys need to resolve this as soon as possible, otherwise, it will only get worse. When that time comes, it's going to be even harder to resolve."

"I understand..."

"No you don't," Tangning thought quietly to herself. Even though she was concerned about Han Xiner, she knew it wasn't right to place judgment on someone else's life.

So, apart from comforting Han Xiner, what else could she do?

After Mo Ting returned home, he saw Tangning sitting on the sofa in a daze. Out of concern for his wife, he asked, "Did something happen?"

Tangning explained Han Xiner's situation to Mo Ting and expressed her disdain towards Bei Chendong.

After hearing Tangning's explanation, Mo Ting laughed, "Do you feel that Bei Chendong can't protect Xiner?"

"At least, nothing he's done so far, has given me the reason to believe in him..." Tangning shrugged.

"Don't worry, OK?"

"I can't worry even if I want to," Tangning said before she stood up helplessly and headed to the bathroom to fill the bath for Mo Ting.

At this time, Mo Ting pulled out his phone and gave Bei Chendong a phone call, "Can you get your family matters in order? Do you need me to teach you?"

"Why are you calling in the middle of the night to lecture me?"

"The facade you've been putting up has made it difficult for your wife to have a proper pregnancy. She's already called my wife to vent. What right do you have to make my wife worry about your matters?" Mo Ting asked. "Do you need me to personally deal with auntie for you?"

Bei Chendong was furious!

It was bad enough that his wife didn't speak to him when she was unhappy, Mo Ting was even accusing him of bothering Tangning!

Worst of all, he couldn't say half a word in retaliation because he had no justification for himself!

With this thought, Bei Chendong put down his phone and returned to his bedroom. When he saw Han Xiner laying in bed, his heart began to ache.

She kept telling him that everything was OK when she was actually upset by what was happening, yet he had no idea and made things so difficult for her.

He had to find an opportunity to resolve the matter.

So, while it was still night, Bei Chendong gave his father a phone call.

"Dad, do you have time tomorrow morning? Let's have some tea together."

"You little rascal, have you done something wrong?"

"You'll know when you see me tomorrow," Bei Chendong said before he hung up the phone. At that moment, there was nothing more important than getting rid of his wife's worries.

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