Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1101 - Tangning Could Do It!

Chapter 1101: Tangning Could Do It!



But, it didn't take long before the Zhai Family found their way to Hai Rui to meet with Mo Ting.

The second son of the Zhai Family personally rolled up to Hai Rui in his Maybach. Although he didn't specifically say that he was there for his child, his conversation with Mo Ting was relatively heated, "I heard that President Mo picked up 'something' that belongs to the Zhai Family outside the theater a few days ago. I hope President Mo can return it to us soon. This is no laughing matter."

Mo Ting remained in his seat and smiled with an intimidating presence, "Are you joking, Second Master Zhai? Yes, I picked up 'something', but I've already returned it to its owner, why are you here looking for me?"

Second Master Zhai furrowed his brows and adjusted his glasses. He then looked at Mo Ting again, "Are you telling the truth President Mo?"

"Of course, if you don't believe me, you can go home and speak to your 'lady friend'. You should ask her about how I rejected her even though she kneeled and begged me."

"President Mo, we've always had our own paths. I hope you don't stick your nose into our family business." This was Second Master Zhai's warning before he left. But, of course, President Mo wasn't threatened.

"I have no time to stick my nose in your business. As long as you stop kneeling in front of me, I'm good."

In the end, Second Master Zhai turned and left empty-handed.

In front of Mo Ting, even the son of the richest man in China wouldn't be able to act arrogant.

But, what was he trying to prove by showing up at Hai Rui with a Maybach and all his limited edition accessories?

Soon, Tangning heard about the incident and found out that the Zhai Family visited Hai Rui. So, she felt a little worried, "Is the Zhai Family planning to cause trouble?"

"My world cannot be affected by those outside of the industry," Mo Ting replied calmly.

"No wonder Liang Yongyu went around looking for help from outsiders and even went so far as to abandon her, rather than letting her suffer at home. From the looks of it, life with the Zhai Family was indeed difficult."

"That has nothing to do with us," Mo Ting comforted. "You need to forget about it."

Tangning nodded. In reality, when it came to wealth, the Tang Family and Mo Family were comparable to the Zhai's. But, they existed in very different industries because the Zhai's worked with luxurious diamonds.


After returning to his glamorous home, Second Master Zhai walked straight into Liang Yongyu's room and grabbed onto her neck, "Where's our daughter gone? Didn't you say that the Mo Family took her in? I spoke to the Mo Family and they said that they rejected your plee. How much longer do you want to lie to me?"

"Moreover, Mo Ting already has three children, why would he have time for our daughter?"

"Lintian, I honestly didn't lie to you, the Mo Family took our daughter!"

"How dare you continue with your lie!" Second Master Zhai brushed Liang Yongyu aside. "You need to understand where you stand. You're just a mere model that's trying to join the Zhai Family. Either you match our status or you give birth to a son! Also, keep in mind that you're not my only woman!"

"Lintian, listen to me, I'll try my best, I'll definitely give you a son."

"Before that happens, you better stay in line," Zhai Lintian said before he turned and left, leaving Liang Yongyu crying on the floor.

This was the reality of a socialite family; her relationship with Zhai Lintian could only be sustained with the birth of a son.

If she gave birth to another daughter, she would never be able to join the Zhai Family.

It was time to think of another plan!

Top socialite families like this, were ones that Tangning didn't like getting involved with. They were the kind of people that flaunted tens of millions like it was nothing and lived their lives aimlessly.


Soon, the Fei Tian Awards announced the final nominations list. Whether it was Mo Ting's nomination for Best Actor or Qiao Sen's nomination for Best Director, both of them made it onto their respective lists.

Tangning felt this was the best consolation for Qiao Sen.

As usual, the Fei Tian Awards ceremony was scheduled for February. By this time, 'The Ant Queen' had already reached 2 billion in box office sales. For a sci-fi film, this was an unimaginable amount. People within the industry never thought this was a possibility, but Tangning managed to do it.

As a result, plenty of investors were enthusiastic about investing into 'The Ant Queen 2'. However, Tangning had no plans for it yet.

But, even more enthusiastic than the investors, were actors that wanted to take part in 'The Ant Queen 2'.

All those that once ridiculed Tangning, all those that looked down on her and doubted her, were now huddling sadly in the corner...

Now, everyone in the industry was convinced by Tangning.

At this time, a famous magazine contacted Mo Ting, wanting to write a book about Tangning; they wanted to document her legend, but Tangning firmly rejected them.

Her response was, "From my perspective, my aim is simply to prove that I am capable of doing certain things. There's no need to turn it into a legend. There's nothing for others to learn from my experience, it means nothing to others. Above all, I'm only 30, I don't want to define myself so quickly."

As a result, Tangning was quite an interesting person in the eyes of the media. She was obviously easy to get along with, yet she refused to write books, release biographies, attend interviews and participate in talk shows. This made it impossible for people to find out anything about her.

Of course, Tangning's status had improved a lot ever since 'The Ant Queen' started screening. By now, she was already on the level of a national treasure in the film and television industry and everyone respected her.

Did this mean...she was finally on the same level as Mo Ting?

There were times when Tangning asked herself that too.

But, she still felt there was something missing...

Just before the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony, Lin Qian ended up giving birth to a premature baby. Fortunately, its health was not affected. Because Mother Li kept a close eye on Lin Qian during her pregnancy, she ended up gaining a lot of weight even after she gave birth.

When Tangning and Long Jie arrived at the hospital and saw Lin Qian's son, they were both extremely happy for her.

"Congratulations, welcome to the world of motherhood."

"You're already on your second child. I can never compare to you!" Lin Qian laughed as she looked at Long Jie's stomach.

"Where's Li Jin?"

"He's at the military base. He couldn't come," Lin Qian replied as she held onto her son. Although her husband couldn't be by her side, Tangning could tell that Lin Qian wasn't upset. "Although he can't provide me with much warmth, he's made me very proud. I'm sure our son will learn from him and be strong and bold."

"Then, are you still planning to return to the industry?"

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