Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1099 - Everyone Was Bound To Meet A Jinx In Their Life

Chapter 1099: Everyone Was Bound To Meet A Jinx In Their Life

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Han Yufan was no longer proud and enthusiastic like he once was.

Although Tianyi had always been a small potato in the industry, Han Yufan once viewed it highly.

At this time, Mo Ting followed Tangning’s gaze and spotted Han Yufan. If his love rival was someone else, he may have reacted in some way, but the current Han Yufan posed no threat whatsoever. Hence, Mo Ting took one simple glance and quickly looked away.

It was that one single glance that reminded Han Yufan of his distance from Mo Ting.

Afterwards, Han Yufan placed his gaze on the daughter in Tangning’s arms. This was already her third child.

She had a daughter and two sons and she was already on the level of a national treasure in the entertainment industry. Ever since marrying Mo Ting, she had begun to live in a very different world to him.

So, Han Yufan didn’t want to subject himself to ridicule. Hence, he kept his distance from Tangning.

He knew he wasn’t worthy of approaching her.

No matter how much regret he felt, it wasn’t enough to exchange for Tangning’s forgiveness. Especially since he no longer meant anything to her.

Han Xiner noticed Tangning’s gaze and patted her on the back of the hand, “Don’t mind him. He knows where he stands.”

“OK, the ceremony is about to start. You should get ready,” Tangning reminded.

“Yes, I’ll go get ready.”

After Han Xiner finished talking, she held onto her dress and rushed into the exclusive makeup room that was prepared specifically for her.

At this time, Mo Ting suddenly pointed to a man in the crowd that was wearing gold-framed glasses and said to Tangning, “That is the second son of the Zhai Family.”

“Is he the one that Liang Yongyu is clinging to? It seems, he is being accompanied by a different woman,” Tangning smirked as she looked at the man. “I’m afraid, even if Liang Yongyu gives birth to a son, she still won’t get the title that she wants.”

“For the Zhai Family, it’s normal to have one woman at home and another to take out.”

“No wonder her standing in the family didn’t change when she gave birth to a daughter,” Tangning shook her head. “The Zhai Family completely treat women like toys.”

The prestigious social circles were unimaginably disgusting.

There were plenty of cases just like the Zhai Family where the husband was rich but their wives couldn’t control them. In cases like that, the women turned a blind eye to their husbands affairs as long as they had control of the family’s finances.

“I feel bad for the two daughters. I hope Liang Yongyu can give birth to a son soon. If she has another daughter, I’m not sure where she’ll leave it next time.”

Eventually, Liang Yongyu did give birth to a son, but that was to happen much later.

Tangning and Mo Ting did not usually interact with family’s like the Zhai’s. In reality, they each looked down on the other.

But, the Zhai Family were invited to the ceremony because they had done business with the Bei Family. If not for that reason, their paths would never cross.

“The Bei Family owns such a big business. Why did they accept a lowly daughter-in-law into their family? It’s unbelievable.”

“I know right? Apart from being young, there’s nothing else about her that’s worthy of mention. Did you guys hear earlier? She’s never even seen a sports car in her life.”

“Apparently, the young master of the Bei Family has his eyes set on her and insists on marrying her. I wonder how many days before the passion dies down.”

“He can always marry one for home and have three on the outside. Isn’t that the same?”

“That’s true…”

A few socialite wives sat to the side, their conversations endlessly revolving around Xiner.

How could they not be jealous when a ‘Cinderella’ like Xiner beat their socialite daughters even though she had nothing? It may not have mattered for Tangning to overhear their words, but how heartbroken would Xiner be if she heard them too?

However, there was nothing that could be done. Xiner had already entered their social circle, so facing ridicule like that, was expected.

At that time, the socialite wives finally spotted Tangning. They had always looked down on performers, but they did not dare to underestimate Tangning. It was simple, Tangning wasn’t just a person in the entertainment industry, she was also the CEO of Tang Corps, a century-old perfume empire. That wasn’t something that they could look down upon.

Soon, the ceremony officially began.

Down the petal-covered white carpet, Han Xiner had her arm hooked around Bei Chendong’s arm as she walked down the aisle dressed in a starry-patterned gown.

They were in an open-air chapel; a place that Bei Chendong specially constructed for Han Xiner. Hence, there were a lot of little secrets between the couple that were carved onto the walls.

Bei Chendong knew that a lot of people were envious that Han Xiner was marrying into a rich family because they looked down on her family background.

And, of course, the highly observant Xiner sensed the piercing gazes that were directed her way.

Therefore, Bei Chendong held tightly to her hand and transferred courage to her.

Han Xiner was well aware of the family that she was joining. She had actually refused to be a part of it in the past. But, after seeing the act that Bei Chendong put on for the last few months, she almost believed that he had depression as well. So, she did not dare to leave his side in case it broke her heart.

Father Bei and Mother Bei did not like Xiner’s background, but they liked her personality. She was the only person that could withstand Bei Chendong’s temper and strange habits. As parents, they couldn’t ask for anything more.

Especially when their son was also diagnosed with depression.

So, the two elders were happy to do anything as long as their son wanted it. This included, declaring that Xiner was their daughter-in-law.

Of course, they had no idea that Bei Chendong was putting on an act.

But, no matter how good his acting was, there was bound to be a day when he’d be exposed. After all, acting and reality were two very different things…

How was Bei Chendong planning to handle that day?

He had always been stubborn in his ways; he did not lack the ability, yet he refused to be like the calm and restrained Mo Ting who was so black-bellied that he could take down his enemies with one fatal blow. Instead, he liked to use unconventional methods. As long as he achieved his motive, he didn’t care what he needed to do. In the past, when he pursued Han Xiner, he had already revealed this side to him. And this time, it was even more extreme.

Xiner knew that his methods weren’t right, but there was nothing she could do.

Everyone was bound to meet a jinx in their life, and there was no doubt that Bei Chendong was her jinx.

Meanwhile, throughout the entire ceremony, Bei Chendong simply had one clear message: ‘don’t stare at my wife’.

His frustration didn’t subside until they finally boarded their yacht at the end. This was the reason why he never took her out to meet people. He hated seeing other men flirt with his adorable Xiner.

After the ceremony was over, Father Bei and Mother Bei led the guests to the reception. When they spotted Yan Er in Mo Ting’s arms, they immediately fell in love with her.

“Oh, this little face is so white and precious. I wonder when that rascal will give us a grandchild. I really want one to hold.”

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