Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1098 - Not Only Did You Bring Your Child, You're Also Showing Off

Chapter 1098: Not Only Did You Bring Your Child, You’re Also Showing Off

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Mo Ting, the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment was participating in the selection for the Fei Tian Best Actor Award!

When news got out about this, the entire industry was shocked. Everyone knew that Mo Ting simply acted because he wanted to support his wife; he never had the intention to progress any further. So, why was he suddenly interested in the Best Actor Award?

The big boss was indeed the big boss. It seemed, only he knew what he was thinking.

Of course, the original 5 actors that were vying for Best Actor were already arguing amongst themselves. But, now that Mo Ting was involved, did they still think they had a chance?

No one knew how Mo Ting had such a knack for acting. He never studied acting, nor did he have much experience in the field. So, how did he portray his roles so well?

Even Tangning couldn’t help but laugh, “The almighty big boss of the entertainment industry is joining the fight for Best Actor. Even I don’t understand why you are doing this, let alone the public.”

“You’ve already won Best Actress twice, can’t I win Best​ Actor once?”

“You’re different Ting. You’re born to be prestigious,” Tangning replied.

Mo Ting smiled but he did not explain anything. Everything he was doing was so he could give his wife a surprise; that was it.

While the Fei Tian Awards began their selection process, good news arrived from Bei Chendong and Xiner: they were about to get married!

Although Tangning barely received news from Xiner because she was with the strange Bei Chendong, she was still happy when she heard that they were finally tying the knot.

The ceremony was to be held on a private island; typical of Bei Chendong’s style. Since he had always been a weirdo, nothing he did was a surprise.

However, after they sent out their invites, Han Xiner still gave Tangning a phone call, “Ning Jie, although I’m looking forward to seeing you at the wedding, I need to let you know that Han Yufan will be attending as well. He’s honestly changed a lot, but I’m still worried that there will be some awkwardness if you see each other.”

After hearing Han Xiner’s concerns, Tangning turned and looked at Mo Ting who was sitting at his office desk. She and Han Yufan were now from completely two different worlds; what was there to worry about?

So, she replied calmly, “I won’t be late on your big day.”

“OK, lock it in, I’ll see you next week.”

Sitting not too far away, President Mo appeared to be looking at some documents. But, in reality, the words ‘Han Yufan’ had already traveled into his ears.

“You agreed without asking for my opinion?”

After she heard Mo Ting’s question, Tangning looked at him curiously, “There’s only a slight possibility of running into a stranger. I didn’t think it was necessary to ask you about it.”

For Tangning, things that had passed were already in the past. She was now the mother of three children.

“Besides, President Mo is a highly understanding person. He wouldn’t be bothered by something so little. He is high and almighty; no one can compare to his magnificence.”

“Your praises make you more suspicious,” Mo Ting returned his gaze to the documents in front of him.

Tangning chuckled. She had obviously subdued this man.

Although they had been married for quite some time, President Mo still got jealous every now and then. But, a simple mention of Han Yufan already got him so stirred up; what was to happen if they actually met…?

So, Tangning decided it was best to avoid Han Yufan the best she could.

In reality, it had been a tough battle for Han Xiner and Bei Chendong to finally get approval for their marriage. After all, according to Han Xiner’s family background, joining the Bei Family was not an easy feat.

Bei Chendong had always been a cunning person. As soon as he realized his mother was against them, he immediately put his award-winning acting into play and spent a few months pretending that he was diagnosed with depression. Every small move and he would threaten his mother with death; scaring her until her heart almost stopped a few times.

Her son was sick and all he wanted was to love one particular woman. If she couldn’t satisfy this one wish, then she didn’t deserve to be his mother. So, she ended up agreeing to their marriage in the end.

Of course, no one knew about this back story because the Bei Family never spread word of it. Their only focus was to not trigger Bei Chendong, because, one wrong move could cost him his life.

The media were extremely curious about the relationship between the two. After all, Bei Chendong was once willing to give up his career because of Han Xiner. In fact, he disappeared off the radar as soon as they started dating. However, over the past two years, apart from filming a few movies, no one knew where he was or what he was doing the rest of the time. He was, perhaps, the weirdest artist in the industry.

Even their wedding was typical of Bei Chendong. Although, it was publicly announced, it was held on a private island where no one was allowed to enter without Bei Chendong’s permission. Hence, the media had no way of getting in.

Soon, one week passed and the day of Han Xiner and Bei Chendong’s wedding arrived. Formally dressed, Tangning and Mo Ting arrived at the celebration with Yan Er.

Tangning was dressed in a long yellow dress, covered in a white coat. When one looked at her, she had the air of a well-respected socialite heiress rather than an international superstar.

All the while, Yan Er lay in Mo Ting’s arms.

A powerfully distinguished man was holding an adorable baby in his arms. This was perhaps a scene that no one had ever seen.

After arriving on the island, Tangning immediately spotted Xiner in her wedding dress. It had been a while since they’d seen each other. During this time, Xiner had gotten more mature and charming. She had a happy smile on her face that made her particularly bright and eye-catching.

However, Bei Chendong did not look so happy standing next to her. After all, no man liked seeing another man look at his wife.

“Ning Jie…” Han Xiner spotted Tangning from a distance, as well as Yan Er in Mo Ting’s arms. So, she immediately ran over to them, “Is this Yan Er?”

“Uh huh.”

“She’s so cute! Really really cute!” Han Xiner said as she began to play with the baby. At this time, Bei Chendong leaned towards Mo Ting and asked, “Did you do this on purpose?”


“You knew I was getting married. Are you trying to rope me into giving birth straight away?” Bei Chendong asked with gritted teeth.

“I’m already the father of three children. What do you think?” Mo Ting asked. “Have a child earlier so auntie doesn’t have to worry about you.”

“Not only did you bring your child, you’re also showing off!”

Although the cousins each had their own talents, Mo Ting was still the best all-rounder. The only thing Bei Chendong held the crown in – was being weird!

While the old friends chatted and laughed, Tangning finally spotted Han Yufan standing not too far away from Han Xiner…

After not seeing each other for so long, this man now looked like a complete stranger…

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