Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1097 - What? You Don't Think I Qualify?

Chapter 1097: What? You Don’t Think I Qualify?

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Lu Che followed Liang Yongyu and watched as she abandoned the child again. However, three hours passed and she did not return. Left with no choice, Lu Che ended up taking the child back to Hyatt Regency as per Tangning’s orders.

“We aren’t suitable for adopting this child, so help me find a good family for it. However, before you do that, we need to wait and confirm Liang Yongyu’s words are true. Otherwise, we need to return the child to its father,” Tangning instructed carefully.

“I understand, Madam.”

“Also, don’t let Liang Yongyu know about this.”

“Of course not.”

But, Tangning would never expect that this matter would cause Liang Yongyu to hold a grudge against her.

From Tangning’s point of view, she had saved the little girl. But, from Liang Yongyu’s point of view, Tangning had left her with no choice but to abandon her child.

Liang Yongyu was well known within the industry. Everyone knew that she was discovered from a beauty pageant and gained fame after a dance at a banquet where she was spotted by the heir of a big diamond empire. After that, he became her lover.

Originally, a talented man and a beautiful woman sounded like a perfect match, but who would have thought they couldn’t escape the pressures of old societal views.

A rich family was obviously subject to a lot of fighting. Unfortunately, for a woman, if she wanted to have a firm standing, a son was the best ‘tool’.

Liang Yongyu took a huge risk before she finally gave birth to two children. But, she never expected that she’d be shamed because they were both daughters.

After Lu Che held an investigation, he discovered that the family that owned the diamond empire did indeed favor boys over girls and that Liang Yongyu previously gave birth to another daughter that died mysteriously before it reached 6 months old.

From the looks of it, Liang Yongyu did not lie.

Only those that had experienced the dramas of a rich family would understand how complex it was.

Soon, an entire day passed, but Liang Yongyu did not return to the place where she abandoned her child. From the looks of it, she had completely given up on her daughter. Or perhaps, rather than letting the child die from abuse, she thought it was better for it to survive on its own. At least, if it was lucky it would have the chance of being adopted by some kind-hearted people.

“Since that’s the case, then hand the child to a couple in need. Don’t let anyone else know about it.”

“I’ll find a suitable couple, Madam!”

A few days later, Lu Che told Tangning that he found a good home for the child; he had handed her over to a well-educated family that liked daughters. They agreed to adopt the child and treat her like their own.

With that, the entire incident appeared as though it came to an end. Afterwards, Tangning did not deliberately think about the woman that begged her on the snowy night of ‘The Ant Queen’s’ premiere, nor did she remember that she had rejected her.

For Tangning, it was an easy thing to forget, but for Liang Yongyu, it was a grudge that she’d remember for life.

5 days later, the national box office sales concluded that ‘The Ant Queen’ had surpassed 1.4 billion, breaking all records and receiving great reviews.

With good results and reviews like this, Hai Rui decided to introduce ‘The Ant Queen’ to the international market and release it in America and Europe. Of course, the best person to assist them with this – was Jones.

Afterwards, Mo Ting sent a copy of ‘The Ant Queen’ to Jones. After all, this was the first sample of his student’s work.

Hence, the next morning, Tangning received a phone call from Jones.

“I’ve seen ‘The Ant Queen’. As my student, I give you a pass.”


“I’ve already discussed with Mo Ting the copyright procedures of releasing ‘The Ant Queen’ in America. I hope that more sci-fi lovers will learn of your existence. I also want them to see the unique result of fusing Eastern and Western cultures. I’m looking forward to ‘The Ant Queen’s’ performance in the American market.”

“Thank you, Jones.”

“Rather than thanking me, you should thank yourself for putting in the hard work. I’m looking forward to ‘The Ant Queen 2’!”

“I will do my best!”

On the other end of the phone, Jones couldn’t help but smile, because he had reason to believe that turning ‘The Ant Queen’ into a saga would give it a completely different meaning.

After all, public opinion was the best proof.

“I won’t say much about Tangning, I won’t even mention her identity as a model, actress or manager. But, simply based on her success as the producer of ‘The Ant Queen’, I think it’s enough for her to feel proud for the rest of her life.”

“This is the best sci-fi film in the country…No, to be exact, it’s one of the best domestically produced films altogether.”

“Before Tangning produced ‘The Ant Queen’, I never thought that we’d have a place on the international stage. But now, I’m confident that even if ‘The Ant Queen’ couldn’t do it, Tangning would have been able to achieve it with another production; it was just a matter of time.”

“I’m so happy. When other countries mention that they have so-and-so and the projects they have in the international market, we can also proudly say that we have Tangning.”

Soon after, the television started broadcasting interviews of passersby.

Even those that never followed celebrities raised their thumbs when they heard Tangning’s name.

“Isn’t she the producer of ‘The Ant Queen’? She’s pretty awesome!”

“Of course I know her. Tangning is my idol!”

“Who in Beijing doesn’t know Tangning? I simply hope that ‘The Ant Queen 2’ can be released soon!”

Hence, Tangning’s image in everyone’s eyes wasn’t just an actress or a model, she represented everything that made a good film.

Seeing that Tangning made such an accomplishment, Lu Che decided to congratulate Mo Ting, “President, the Madam is your most satisfying creation.”

After Mo Ting heard this, he was reminded of Tangning’s previous hardships and all the pain she went through. Only he knew how much effort she had put in behind-the-scenes.

“She’s not my creation…She’s the most important person in my life.”

“My mistake,” Lu Che laughed before he changed the subject, “President, should I send a present to congratulate the Madam?”

With this thought, Mo Ting realized it had been a long time since he last sent Tangning a present. But, he knew she wasn’t a fan of materialistic possessions…

For someone like Mo Ting, who could think of a strategy for everything, the most difficult thing in the world was selecting a present for Tangning.

“If you can’t think of a chance to give her a present, you can hold a celebratory banquet as an excuse.”

Mo Ting glared at Lu Che and Lu Che immediately shut up.

“Help me apply for the Fei Tian Best Actor Award!”

“Huh?” Lu Che couldn’t quite understand what Mo Ting was thinking.

“What? You don’t think I qualify?”

“No, that’s not it. It’s just, you’ve never cared about something like that,” Lu Che replied.

“Of course I don’t care about the award. I simply care about what I can do at an event like that.”

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