Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1096 - No One's Willing To Help Me

Chapter 1096: No One’s Willing To Help Me

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“What’s wrong?” Tangning noticed something was off, so she immediately rushed over to Mo Ting’s side. That’s when she saw him pick up a little baby in his arms, “Whose child is this?”

Mo Ting shook his head and looked around. Without a suspicious soul in sight, Mo Ting concluded that the child had been abandoned.

“Let’s send it to the hospital first. I’ll tell Lu Che to check the theater and surrounding locations for surveillance footage. Perhaps we’ll be able to find the parents.”


The couple quickly sent the child to a nearby hospital. After the doctors successfully resuscitated it, they confirmed that it was no longer in a life-threatening state. However, another problem arose.

“Sir, this child wasn’t born with any abnormalities, but it has many injuries on its body. It seems, it has been frequently abused. Are you sure this isn’t your child?”

Faced with this question, Mo Ting removed his scarf, revealing his identity, “I found this child next to my car.”

After the doctor saw Mo Ting, he did not ask any further. After all, everyone knew that Mo Ting had two sons and one daughter. Which meant, this child’s identity still needed to be verified.

Of course, the doctors realized that if they were talking to Mo Ting, then the woman behind him was naturally Tangning.

Due to Mo Ting’s intimidating presence, the doctors did not make a huge fuss over their arrival. They simply checked that the child was back to normal before they said to the couple, “Since this isn’t your child, I suggest you call the police and leave it for the police to handle.”

Tangning looked at the little girl lying on the hospital bed. The little girl was only a little older than Yan Er. How heartless would a mother have to be to abandon her own child?

Meanwhile, back over at the theater, Lu Che had obtained some security footage from the parking lot.

“President, according to the footage we obtained, the person that left the child near your car was the model, Liang Yongyu. She’s the model that’s been passionately involved with a rich businessman recently.”

“Call her manager and tell her to come pick up her child,” Mo Ting ordered.

“Yes, President!”

After Mo Ting contacted the child’s mother, the doctor did not make any further suggestions. However, Mo Ting did not hand the child to the police. If he did, the newspapers would go crazy again the next day.

So, the couple temporarily took the child back to Hyatt Regency.

Approximately 1 hour later, Lu Che arrived outside Hyatt Regency with Liang Yongyu. He then carried the child out to her.

“You’ve got a decent standing in the industry, you wouldn’t be struggling to keep a child, would you?”

Liang Yongyu was only in her early 20’s. The young and pure-looking woman immediately approached her daughter guiltily and pressed her cheek against the child, “Assistant Lu, you have no idea, but I gave birth to two consecutive daughters for that man.”

“As you know, rich businessmen always hope for sons to inherit their businesses. So, due to my two daughters, I haven’t been given any acknowledgment or a proper title. But, that’s not all, the as*hole has also been abusing my daughter.”

“I had no choice but to take my daughter away while he was out on a business trip.”

“My older daughter already passed away, I don’t want my younger daughter to end up with the same fate…”

With that thought, the model knelt on the floor and began to beg Lu Che, “Assistant Lu, can you please adopt my daughter?”

“Liang Yongyu, you need to understand, I can’t trust you based on your one-sided claim.”

After all, there were too many actors in the industry.

“Please, I beg of you and I beg of Tangning and President Mo! I saw President Mo’s car today and recognized it, that’s why I placed my daughter there. I can give you money. I simply hope that my daughter can continue living safely.”

Liang Yongyu broke down in tears pitifully, but Lu Che was well aware that, within the industry, the more good looking a thing was, the eviler it was. So, even though Long Jie had previously struggled with the gender of her child, he wasn’t about to be easily fooled.

Afterwards, Lu Che repeated Liang Yongyu’s words to the Mo Couple.

“President and Madam, this is the situation.”

“So, she got herself involved with a rich businessman, but the man won’t let her into the family unless she gives birth to a son?” Tangning shook her head. “It seems, every woman wants someone that can support them financially for life, so they are willing to waste their youth and tread on their own self-respect.”

“This Liang Yongyu’s words are filled with flaws. Go back to her and reject her,” Mo Ting ordered. “These are the rules of the game that she accepted!”

“OK, President.”

After receiving his instructions, Lu Che left Hyatt Regency. At that time, Tangning’s expression became very complicated; her instincts told her that things weren’t so simple.

“What if she’s telling the truth?” Tangning suddenly asked. “What if the child gets abused to death? What if Liang Yongyu leaves her out in the cold again? Should a child suffer because of an adult’s mistake?”

After speaking, Tangning turned and looked at her three kids sleeping peacefully in their cribs.

“Everyone has their own fate and a price that they should bear. Go have a shower and get some rest,” Mo Ting comforted.

Tangning wasn’t being too merciful. She was simply feeling a way that any normal mother would. But, of course, if everyone came looking for her when they had a problem, she wouldn’t be able to care about them all even if she had ten hearts.

It didn’t take long before Lu Che relayed the words of the Mo Couple to Liang Yongyu, “Since you gave birth to the child, it is your responsibility to take care of her. No matter how your situation is, it’s extremely irresponsible for you to randomly leave her next to a car. I’m sorry, but it’s inconvenient for the Madam and the President to get involved with other’s business. I suggest you go home.”

After hearing this, Liang Yongyu looked at Lu Che in hopelessness.

She then kneeled in front of Lu Che again, “I know that I’m young and inexperienced and that I made a huge mistake, but the child is innocent. If that as*hole finds her, she’ll definitely lose her life. I beg of you!”

“Why don’t you look for someone else?”

“No one’s willing to help me…” Liang Yongyu cried, “I beg of you!”

“How could you expect someone else to take care of the child that you gave birth to?” Lu Che asked. “This is a human life, not just a cat or a dog. We’re not talking about something simple like buying vegetables from the side of the street, we’re talking about a living breathing person.”

“How could you expect others to agree?”

“Miss Liang, I hope you don’t force people to act against their will.”

“Please reconsider, I beg you…”

Lu Che shook his head, “You can give up on everything and run away with your daughter. But, instead, you’re too greedy to let go of what you have, so you expect others to take care of your daughter for you. Don’t you think that’s an unreasonable request?”


“Miss Liang, please go home.”

Even though he felt bad for the child, Lu Che firmly rejected Liang Yongyu because it wasn’t something he could help with just because he had good intentions.

Seeing that her plea had been rejected, Liang Yongyu had no choice but to carry her daughter and leave in despair.

But, just as Tangning expected, Liang Yongyu ended up leaving the child somewhere else and tried to find another person to take her…

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