Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1093 - Handle In Secret

Chapter 1093: Handle In Secret

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All grudges were bound to come to an end. But, Tangning never expected that things would come to an end with Han Xiuche’s life being used as an exchange for the truth before Han Jie was truly awoken.

Although Han Xiuche had caused a lot of trouble for her, especially his continuous slandering of her, he at least discovered that his mother had been framed and he changed just in time.

Moreover, his kneel was done with a body covered in blood; not leaving himself a chance to go back on his words.

With this thought, Tangning took a deep breath as though everything was already in the past.

“Tangning, are you willing to forgive Xiuche?”

After hearing Su Yu’s question, Tangning gave a relaxed smile, “Of course, we’re not indebted to each other. So, forgiveness is easy.”

Hence, that night, Mo Ting originally planned to release a statement for Tangning, but Tangning ended up telling him that she wanted to speak for herself. So, she used Mo Ting’s social media account and posted a message: “Let bygones be bygones. That kneel was so serious that everything in my eyes is now in the past. So, I forgive you. I hope you know this and can be at peace!”

With such a serious kneel, even the biggest grudges could be forgotten.

“Although Han Xiuche was quite a cruel person, after seeing the video of his apology, I was still pained by it. I thought that man would never regain his respect, but who would have thought that he’d actually turn the tables.”

“Actually, Han Xiuche isn’t that cruel. If you think about it, he was manipulated since he was a child and developed a misconception towards women because he didn’t know his mother was framed. But, after he discovered that his mother was innocent, didn’t he turn around and help her?”

“Either way, everything was such a shame!”

“Oh, look at the way that Tangning forgave him. He must feel consoled in heaven.”

“After such a horrible death and now that his crimes have been cleared, I hope he can be a good person in his next life!”

Due to the fact that Han Xiuche’s death was so tragic, he ended up receiving forgiveness even though he had done so many bad things.

Meanwhile, after the Han Family received the punishment they deserved, they also dissolved the hatred that everyone felt for them. After all, one of them lost their beloved son and the other lost his dearest brother. In the end, they did not persist with power and money. Instead, they gave up on everything.

So, the most important thing now, was to find Li Qingai…

But, how could they easily find someone that pre-planned her escape?

Su Yu, Lu Che, Long Jie and even the Han Family put in a lot of effort to find the evil woman. However, two days passed and they still had no clues.

Soon, the police were also dispatched, but Long Jie finally got a lead from her contacts.

“Someone appears to have seen Li Qingai sailing out to sea from the Golden Ring Pier.”

“I’m not sure how trustworthy this information is, but it’s the only thing we’ve got.”

After listening to Long Jie, Tangning immediately opened her map and asked, “What’s across from the Golden Ring Pier?”

“It’s a relatively deserted island, but it has convenient access to South East Asia.”

“Send a helicopter to stop her. Don’t let her cross the borders,” Tangning said. “Tell Lu Che and Su Yu to handle this matter in secret.”

“I know.”

This wasn’t definitive information. All they could do was rely on luck and hope that Han Xiuche would watch over them and help them stop Li Qingai.

Of course, they couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Li Qingai was deliberately misleading them.

But, the Han Family had vowed that they’d search for her until the ends of the world. After all, how could they forget that she killed their loved one?

Three hours later, Long Jie reported that they had successfully stopped Li Qingai at the pier. The woman was tricky enough to disguise herself as a person with a contagious illness. Unfortunately, she couldn’t escape Lu Che’s sharp eyes.

“Bring her back here first, don’t hand her to the police yet.”

Afterwards, Tangning updated Su Yu on the news, “Auntie Su, leave this matter with the Han Family while you watch from afar. You don’t want to dirty your hands. After all, they owe you.”

Su Yu thought carefully and agreed.

“But, you need to tell them not to injure her. After all, they eventually have to hand her over to the police. Don’t let them ruin the rest of their lives because of someone like that.”

“How I wish they’d​ ruin their lives!” Su Yu said these words casually, but, in reality, she would never actually send her remaining son to jail.

Hence, when she called Han Jie, her voice was cold, but she meant well, “Tangning found her, but you will need to hand her over to the police afterwards. If you’re smart, you better not lay a hand on her. There are many ways to torture a person.”

“You guys owe Tangning again!”

“Han Jie, I’ll consider the fact that you were still young 20 years ago as the reason for why you made a bad decision. I’ll forgive you, but I won’t accept you back in my life. I hope you know what to do from now on. After all, your brother’s already gone; I don’t want anything to happen to you as well.”

“I understand, I won’t make things difficult for Tangning again!” Han Jie replied.

After their conversation, Su Yu hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Father Han looked at Han Jie with anticipation.

“They found her!” Han Jie said.

“Tangning dispatched all her contacts to find Li Qingai for us. So, father, let’s do what we can without crossing the line. Tangning still needs to hand her over to the police!”

After Father Han heard this, he nodded his head, “I understand. As long as I get to see that woman again, I’m satisfied.”

With the cooperation of the father and son, Tangning and Lu Che delivered the woman to a nearby secluded house. She was merely locked inside; no one layed a hand on her.

Separated by a door, Father Han wanted desperately to rush into the house and snap the woman’s neck. But, he knew he couldn’t do that because he still had a son to care about.

So, through the door, he said to Li Qingai, “Li Qingai, you sl*t!”

When Li Qingai heard this familiar voice, she retreated a few steps in fear, “Why are you detaining me here? What do you want?”

“How do you have the audacity to ask that?”

“I didn’t kill Han Xiuche. I simply sent someone to teach him a lesson. He was the one that resisted and tried to escape. It had nothing to do with me…”

After listening to Li Qingai’s words, Han Jie couldn’t control his anger. As a result, he threw open the door, rushed inside and gripped Li Qingai’s neck, “Would you believe me if I said I was going to strangle you to death?”

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