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Chapter 1092 - Xiuche's Dead!

Chapter 1092: Xiuche’s Dead!

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Han Jie was also in a lot of pain. If he had stopped Li Qingai and not encouraged her arrogance, his brother would not be lying inside the icy cold morgue.

He also held a lot of responsibility for Han Xiuche’s death. After all, no matter how angry he was at his brother, he still brought him up; he was like a father to him. So, now that his brother left the world forever, he, of course, felt a sense of regret. Everything was Li Qingai’s fault!

So, even if he had to search to the ends of the world, he was going to find that woman and tear her apart!

[New update on Han Xiuche’s death…]

[After just one day, the Han Family holds another press conference…]

[Within 24 hours of their beloved son’s death, what has happened with the Han Family?]

All of a sudden, every single news source was reporting on the Han Family’s matter; they were all curious about the story behind Han Xiuche’s death. But, everything they heard before the press conference was just rumors and speculation.

This included the implication of Tangning and others. However, Tangning’s fans were very active this time as they quickly cleared her name on all the biggest websites and asked the public not to tarnish her reputation.

2pm that afternoon, Father Han and Han Jie appeared solemnly in front of the reporters. Unlike the day before, Father Han did not have a powerful and overbearing presence, instead, he looked old and exhausted. Meanwhile, following behind him, Han Jie’s eyes were swollen and red. Obviously, he had suffered a huge blow because of Han Xiuche’s death.

This time, Father Han didn’t put up a front or play any tricks, he simply stepped onto the stage and gave a deep and sincere bow. He then said in a raspy voice, “As you all know, my son suffered a fall early this morning. After the resuscitation efforts of the hospital, the doctors eventually confirmed that he left me – and the world.”

“I would like to ask everyone not to make pointless speculation. This entire matter had nothing to do with Tangning and Su Yu. I hope the media can stop implicating the innocent and circulating wrong information.”

“In that case, can President Han please explain how your son fell off the building?” Perhaps, due to the fact that they understood Father Han had just experienced the pain of losing his son, the reporters were a lot more gentle with their questions.

“In regards to my son’s fall, it was due to the actions of my current wife, Li Qingai. She was upset that Han Xiuche testified against her at the last press conference, so she spent money to hire a killer to push my son to his death. The police have already launched an investigation regarding this matter, so, I will leave it up to them to give the final verdict.”

“Unfortunately, Li Qingai has escaped. I hope that via this press conference, I can get everyone’s help to spread the word: if anyone has any information regarding Li Qingai and it’s confirmed as accurate, I will reward them with $1 million in cash.”

The reporters were shocked by the mention of $1 million…

From the looks of it, the Han Family truly despised Li Qingai. That’s why they were willing to spend such a large sum of money; they were trying to hunt down an enemy.

“It sounds like President Han is trying to say that Li Qingai hurt your son. In that case, what about the incident from 20 years ago. Was it also caused by this woman?”

When Father Han heard this question, he froze in deep thought. As he remembered Han Xiuche’s cold body, tears began to form in his eyes.

“I admit that Li Qingai and I colluded against Su Yu 20 years ago.”

“Oh my God, is this a personal admission?”

“So, Su Yu was innocent!”

“Is he admitting to this because his son’s gone?”

“Now that his son is gone, he’s discovered his conscience.”

Many of the reporters below the stage began to look at each other and whisper, but this did not worry Father Han. He wanted to focus all in his energy on finding Li Qingai so he could get revenge on Han Xiuche.

“20 years ago, I returned home to find Su Yu in bed with two men. But, that was all set up by Li Qingai. At that time, Su Yu tried her best to give me an explanation, but I chose to slander my wife because of a moment of darkness, even though I knew she was innocent. In the end, I settled down with the young and beautiful Li Qingai. But, I never imagined​ that it would eventually lead to my son’s death 20 years later.”

“I reckon, if I didn’t resist the truth and stepped out to apologize to Su Yu, Xiuche may not have left me. However, fate has resulted in a huge sacrifice.”

“So, I would like to ask everyone to take note of Li Qingai for me and help me find her. I don’t ask for anything more, I just want to get justice for my son!”

Only yesterday, Father Han had smashed the screen at the hotel. So, as the reporters watched him bow three times in front of them, they couldn’t help but sigh.

Some people were like that. They turned into completely different people in just the span of a day!

After Father Han left the stage, Han Jie stepped up and took his spot. At first, he kept his mouth shut. After regaining his composure, Han Jie turned to the media and gave a bitter smile, “How ridiculous. Only yesterday, we were up here denying what we did 20 years ago. But now, we have no choice but to stand up here and slap ourselves in the face.”

“Xiuche’s dead!”

“When I first heard this news, my world fell apart. I brought him up with my own hands. So, I don’t know how to explain how I currently feel. I love money and power. In fact, I knew how to fight for power even as a child. For example, the way that I betrayed my mother 20 years ago.”

“But, Xiuche’s gone. At this point, nothing is more important to me than my brother’s life.”

“Money? Power? I don’t want any of it. I just want my brother to come back. So, Li Qingai, I will definitely find you.”

“Even if you hide to the ends of the earth!”

“Also, I’m sorry, mom…”

“I’m sorry to Tangning as well, who Xiuche wanted to apologize to before his death. I’m sorry for hurting both of you, time and time again. I’m sorry for hurting the innocent. I’m truly sorry!”

After seeing the press conference, Su Yu and Tangning had reason to believe that the father and son were truly traumatized by Han Xiuche’s death.

“I originally thought he was heartless,” Su Yu humphed coldly.

“The most important thing now is to find Li Qingai,” Tangning reminded Su Yu. “Auntie Su, let time dissolve the grudge between the two of you. We must find Li Qingai as soon as possible.”

“I really hate the fact that those two didn’t die instead!”

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