Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1091 - This Must Be Karma!

Chapter 1091: This Must Be Karma!

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Underneath the white cloth, Han Xiuche’s body lay cold and motionless on the bed, covered in blood.

He left the world so sudden, that all he left behind was an apology video for Tangning and Su Yu.

Father Han looked towards the direction that Su Yu was looking and saw the motionless Han Xiuche. Meanwhile, Han Jie bolted up to the body and removed the white cloth. Underneath, lay the peacefully sleeping Han Xiuche; still as a statue with the slightest bit of residual warmth.

“Xiuche, don’t joke around. Wake up!”


Han Jie stretched out his hand to touch his brother’s cheek and realized he had already stopped breathing. He was like a human mannequin.

“Son?” Father Han cried as he approached Han Xiuche’s body.

Su Yu could no longer hold back her anger as she rushed into the room, picked up whatever she could find and began to hit the father and son with it, “The two of you caused Xiuche to die! Remember this for the rest of your life!”

Father Han couldn’t handle the shock as he gripped onto the door frame with his trembling hands. At that moment, the 20 years of grudges and all the gossip meant nothing next to his son’s body.

“The police checked Xiuche’s phone and found a message from you, asking him to meet on the rooftop of Han Jie’s apartment. That was when he died!”

“Han Zhong, after 20 years of grudges, why weren’t you the one that died instead of your son? Why didn’t you die with him?”

Father Han opened his mouth wanting to speak, but he suddenly received an overseas phone call from his bank, asking him why he suddenly withdrew a large sum of cash. They were worried that it was a scam. At that moment, Father Han woke up and quickly checked all his accounts; Li Qingai had already emptied them.

That woman was truly vicious as a viper.

“Li Qingai, the sl*t, stole all my money…”

After hearing this, Han Jie leaned against the wall and laughed in ridicule, “Last night, when the b*tch told me she was going to teach Xiuche a lesson, I thought she was just talking out of anger. I never thought my dearest brother would die as a result.”

“Even though we got into a huge fight this time, I truly loved him!”

After hearing from the father and son, Su Yu also laughed. She laughed until tears fell from her eyes, “You spent 20 years nurturing a little python into a vicious viper. Now, all you can do is hug your son’s corpse and cry!”

After speaking, Su Yu turned and left the hospital. Initially, she looked cool and composed as she walked away. But, when she reached the outside of the hospital, she collapsed onto the ground and cried her heart out.

The mistress had caused her life to end up like this!

She took away 20 years of her innocence, as well as her son’s life!

With this thought, Su Yu turned to her husband and said, “Old man…give Tangning a phone call; she’s well-informed. Call and see if she can help me find the sl*t. I’m going to make her life a living hell!”

“OK, I’ll call her right now. Don’t be so upset.”

Su Yu knelt on the floor and continued to cry painfully while reporters stood a short distance away, pointing their zoom lenses at her helpless expression. However, Su Yu no longer cared about this. After all, someone more pitiful was lying inside the morgue of the hospital, covered in blood…

When Tangning received a phone call from Su Yu, she was in the middle of looking at the entertainment news. A large number of reporters were gathered outside the hospital, waiting to interview the Han Family. After all, it wasn’t every day that a socialite family battle resulted in a death, especially not one that happened so sudden and attracted so many discussions.

So, the reporters weren’t going to let go.

After talking to Su Yu on the phone, Tangning discovered the reason behind Han Xiuche’s death, so she immediately teamed up with Mo Ting and Long Jie to find Li Qingai.

As a mistress, Li Qingai was even worse than Mo Yurou in the past.

Because, no matter how shameless Mo Yurou was, she had never wanted Tangning’s life. Li Qingai, on the other hand…had committed an unforgivable crime on both the mother and son over a span of 20 years.

So, this incident attracted a lot of attention within the entertainment industry.

After all, Han Xiuche’s dying wish was to give Tangning and Su Yu an apology…

And the Han Family also had an intense argument before his death.

As a result, the public began to speculate what had happened. Because Tangning was often blamed for things, someone ended up dragging her into the mess by mentioning Li Xin, Xia Hanmo and even Qiao Sen.

However, Tangning’s fans had already reached a level of ultimate loyalty after multiple rounds of elimination. So…as soon as speculation like this was released…

…the fans immediately started to fight back.

“How could the blame for this be thrown onto My Ning as well? I must be drunk!”

“Didn’t they see that Han Xiuche wanted our Ning’s forgiveness even before his death?”

“Han Xiuche’s death is definitely the fault of the Han Family. Please don’t randomly throw the blame on others!”

“Are you guys blind? Didn’t you see Han Xiuche kneel and apologize? If his death had anything to do with My Ning, would he apologize to her? You’re crazy!”

As a result, Tangning no longer feared slandering like this. In fact, after Han Xiuche snuck into the fan club last time, Long Jie had already gathered a portion of the fans and told them to refute any negative news they heard about Tangning so it would never spread.

Either way, regardless of the speculation that was going around, there was one undeniable truth: Han Xiuche was dead!

Hence, to stop the public from talking, Father Han decided to give a response. After all, he had already lost everything. So, he told Han Jie to hold a press conference because he had decided to provide an explanation for Han Xiuche’s death.

His son had died and his wife had killed him. Moreover, she stole all his money and ran away…

None of it was related to Su Yu or Tangning. It was all Li Qingai! Everything that happened was because of Li Qingai!

Probably because his father was old, Han Jie felt like his father had aged a lot in just one afternoon.

“Father…are you OK?”

“This must be karma!” Father Han said. “After what I did to Su Yu 20 years ago, this must be God’s way of punishing me. I’ve lost my son and all my assets…”

“Han Jie, do you know how regretful I feel?”

“If Xiuche could be brought back to life, I’d be willing to sacrifice anything. I could even admit that I slandered Su Yu 20 years ago. But, is it still possible for him to come back?”


“I deserve all of this, your mother scolded me correctly. Why wasn’t I the one that died?” After saying this, tears began to roll from Father Han’s eyes onto the back of his hand.

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