Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1088 - An Internal Fight

Chapter 1088: An Internal Fight

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“I’ve thought about this matter clearly and realized that there’s an issue with the angle that the photos were taken.”

“Everyone can think carefully about the newspapers from 20 years ago and the articles regarding Ms Su. Did you guys think that a furious husband would be calm enough to plan out the angles of his photos and deliberately avoid the faces of the men?”

“20 years ago, we didn’t have cameras on our phones. So, where did the photos come from? An actual camera! How long does it take for a person to fetch a camera to take photos? When Ms Su discovered her husband had returned home, would she have continued sleeping with the two men like nothing happened, while her husband went to fetch his camera?”

“If we take these questions into consideration, how did my father capture photos of his wife cheating? They should have split apart as soon as they were discovered. Plus, according to the angle of the photos, the person that shot them must have been standing very close. Wasn’t it obviously planned?”

After Secretary Li heard this, her face turned red in guilt.

“In other words, Ms Su’s recount of the events was the most accurate. That, not only was the secretary present, she even took the photos!”

As soon as the media heard Han Xiuche’s analysis, they wanted to bow down to him. Why did it seem like he suddenly woke up to the truth?

Or was he possessed? Was that why he was siding with Su Yu?

How unbelievable!

Either way, his analysis was completely logical and convincing.

“Han Xiuche, do you know what you’re saying?” Father Han stood up straight and yelled towards Han Xiuche. He had to stop him as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Father, I’ll address you soon. Let me first deal with my brother,” Han Xiuche laughed. “My brother said he saw the entire incident. So, you must have seen the two men that cheated with Ms Su, right?”

Han Jie froze!

He was completely dumbfounded. After a few moments of silence, he finally replied, “I was so young back then. How could I know who the men were?”

“You can’t remember any distinguishing features whatsoever?”


“In that case, when did you walk in on the affair? At the beginning? Halfway?”

“Xiuche, what are you trying to find out?” Han Jie asked worriedly. He was afraid that Han Xiuche would grab onto his weakness as soon as he said one wrong word, “Don’t forget who brought you up. How dare you speak to me like this?”

“Simply tell me whether Secretary Li was present on the scene!”

“No, she wasn’t!” Han Jie replied firmly.

“Then who took the photos?”

“Father did…”

“Think carefully before you answer…”

“Han Xiuche, are you interrogating a criminal?” Han Jie asked angrily. “This entire incident was obviously caused by Su Yu’s nonsense. How could you not help your own family and help an outsider instead?”

After hearing this, Han Xiuche suddenly laughed, “Haven’t you been helping an outsider for 20 years?”

“What are you trying to say?”

Were the brothers about to tear each other apart? How could that be possible?

Han Xiuche had always despised Su Yu and Tangning. Why did he suddenly change his attitude? Especially since Han Jie had brought him up. Even if Han Xiuche wanted to know the truth, he would never destroy his brother in the process, right?

“You know what I’m trying to say. What did you see and what did you do 20 years ago?”

After hearing this question, Han Jie looked at his brother with a complicated expression. He couldn’t believe that this question came from his own brother.

So, he was both surprised and filled with disbelief, “Han Xiuche, no matter what I’ve done, I have a clear conscience when it comes to you!”

“Enough! Stop playing your little detective game and judging people. There’s nothing more to this story, the truth is already before your eyes. So, let’s end the press conference here…” Father Han stepped forward to clean the mess. He wanted to end the humiliation as soon as possible, especially before Han Xiuche continued with his analysis. He was afraid that Han Xiuche would eventually expose the truth, so his actions were a result of guilt.

But, Han Xiuche turned around and looked at his father and brother and said, “What if I present you with evidence?”

As soon as they heard the word ‘evidence’, the reporters eyes immediately lit up.

“Is this an internal fight?”

“What’s wrong with Han Xiuche? This is unbelievable.”

“No one has presented any evidence regarding this matter. To be honest, I doubt he has any either!”

All of a sudden, the hall was in an uproar because of Han Xiuche’s words.

If there was evidence, then this matter would not be going back and forth for so long.

“Han Xiuche, if you’re done causing trouble, then get lost!” Father Han was obviously starting to lose his temper. “All you reporters can leave as well.”

“Me? Causing trouble? I’m not doing such a thing. From the time I was old enough to understand anything, everyone has been telling me that my mother was a tramp because of photos of her cheating had been published in the newspapers. At the same time, you and Han Jie have been creating a bad image of her in front of me. As a result, I hated her for 20 years!”

“I never questioned what I was told. I believed everything you told me. But, I never imagined that both of you had been lying to me!”

“Who’s been placing these ideas into you? Was it that woman? How could you believe her words?”

Han Xiuche turned and looked at Han Jie. He then said in a powerful voice, “If I don’t believe her, am I supposed to believe you? Ever since she put forward her claims, your actions have been extremely abnormal. You once said that that woman was shameless, but you’ve been lying with the same amount of shamelessness.”

“Han Xiuche…you…”

“I was there when you visited Li Qingai’s cousin,” Han Xiuche cut in. “You visited him for three hours and taught him how to put on a pity act by telling his wife to run into the wall. Do I need to refresh your memory?”

Han Jie’s expression immediately changed.

“And, what about the discussions you had on the phone with father about ways to suppress this incident. Should I refresh your memory on that too?”

“Xiuche, it’s not what you think. You’ve misunderstood…”

“Compared to the way that Ms Su has hurt me, your lies have been more painful…”

“This must have been a part of Su Yu’s plan to drive a wedge between us.”

“That’s enough…” Han Xiuche lost control, “Do you really think that I have no evidence?”

“Xiuche, think it over clearly, I’m your brother!”

“That woman over there is your mother! Didn’t you end up betraying her?” Han Xiuche ridiculed.

“Fine, since you claim that you have evidence, where is it?” Han Jie suddenly changed his attitude towards Han Xiuche.

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