Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1087 - It's Not Clear Enough

Chapter 1087: It’s Not Clear Enough

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“What are you trying to do?” At that moment, Han Jie finally realized that there was something wrong with his brother’s expression.

“What are you afraid of? Since you claim that that woman lied, isn’t it only right for her to clarify everything in front of everyone?” Han Xiuche asked. “Besides, there’s no point accusing each other back and forth. Why don’t I give you a helping hand?”

“You’re crazy! You’re absolutely crazy!”

Han Jie was on the brink of exploding and Father Han was already trembling in anger.

The entire incident was almost over, but due to Han Xiuche’s involvement, the media’s interest was hooked once again.

Unfortunately for the Han Family, they were in the middle of a press conference, so they couldn’t just get up and leave. Hence, they held back their anger and waited for Su Yu to arrive.

Of course, Su Yu and Tangning never expected that Han Xiuche would send someone to fetch Su Yu.

But, since they were already watching the show, they decided it would be more interesting for Su Yu to see the Han Family’s expressions in real life.

So, Su Yu immediately agreed to the invite. Since it was a family matter, Tangning did not tag along. Instead, she told Su Yu to take some bodyguards and a legal team with her, so she could fight back.

As for the game that Han Xiuche wanted to play, Su Yu would have to wait until she arrived at the press conference before she’d find out.

After Han Xiuche told everyone that Su Yu was on her way, the reporters in the venue waited anxiously for Su Yu’s arrival.

“What’s Xiuche doing?” the secretary asked Father Han in private. “Is he telling that woman to come so we can become an even bigger joke?”

“How would I know what he’s doing?” Father Han asked coldly, forcing his wife to shut up.

The secretary pursed her lips and did not say another word. She was going to let them argue amongst themselves and sit back to watch the show instead.

Father Han and Han Jie waited for Han Xiuche to explain himself, but Han Xiuche simply sat on the stage confidently without a word.

No one knew what he had brewing, so they all felt a lingering fear.

However, they did not believe that Han Xiuche would betray them unless he was an ungrateful dog. After all, Han Jie had brought him up. But, it seemed, they had forgotten that they themselves were ungrateful.

Roughly ten minutes later, a dark figure finally appeared in the hall of the hotel. Everyone watched as she hobbled to the stage with a line of people behind her.

As soon as they saw Su Yu, the reporters immediately turned to look at her and began to snap photos furiously. But, the Han Family simply snorted at her arrival. Did this cripple want to put up a fight?

Was she planning to completely humiliate herself?

It was an intense meeting between enemies. So, Su Yu scanned her eyes across the tricky family and sneered, “We haven’t seen each other for 20 years. Who would have thought that I’d end up seeing you speak such despicable words on television? You are exactly like a remembered you.”

“Hmmph, you cheated, yet you’ve been creating all this mischief. Look at how you forced our entire family to clean up after you. You are a complete humiliation!” Father Han replied.

“Everyone look, isn’t this a lot more interesting?” Han Xiuche laughed when he saw that the two were at odds as soon as they met. “So, now that everyone is here, I have a lot of questions for you. Let me first question my brother.”

Han Jie looked at Han Xiuche and furrowed his brows. He had no idea what his brother had planned.

But, Han Xiuche questioned him straightforwardly, “Did you see Ms Su cheat with your own eyes?”


“You simply need to answer me.”

“Of course, I saw it clearly!” Han Jie replied firmly. “No matter how many times you ask me, my answer will always be the same.”

“OK,” Han Xiuche held back and turned his attention to Father Han, “Father, tell me, you returned​ home to find Ms Su sleeping with two men, right?”

“Of course.”

“Secretary Li, you said my father dated you after he got a divorce with Ms Su?”

“Yes,” the secretary nodded, even though she didn’t know why Han Xiuche was asking this question.

“Great.” After Han Xiuche was done questioning his own family, he turned and questioned Su Yu, “What about you?”

Su Yu took a deep breath and said in a resounding voice, “Those three are all lying!”

“But, you have no way of proving your innocence…” Han Xiuche said. “Although you’re trying to prove that these people are lying, you have no evidence. Am I right, Ms Su?”

“Of course she has no evidence, because she definitely cheated!” Father Han roared. “She was in bed having a threesome. Didn’t the newspapers write about it clearly?”

“Yes, it wasn’t clear enough,” Han Xiuche replied. “I’ve asked you previously about the identities of the two men. Yet, you said you weren’t sure. Coincidentally, the news did not mention anything about the two men either.”

“But, that’s exactly where the problem lies. A man discovered his wife cheating and he discovered it at home of all places. Yet, he didn’t feel ashamed, instead he took photos and exposed them? Wouldn’t a normal man keep it to himself so he wouldn’t be humiliated?”

“If you exposed it out of anger, it’s understandable, but, why would you only expose your wife and not the men that she cheated with?”

“You sure are forgiving towards them!”

“Your actions do not make sense for someone that discovered his wife cheating. You sound more like a jerk that framed his own wife so he could have an excuse for a divorce!”

After listening to Han Xiuche, the reporters cheered.

He gave a strong analysis!

“As for the reason why you didn’t expose the identities of the two men: it was either because you were acquainted with them or you were the one that invited them to your place. So, you had to ensure that their identities weren’t exposed!”

“So, which one were​ you?”

Father Han’s face turned pale.

“As for my brother’s response, it did not answer one important question, was Secretary Li also present at the scene? I’ve expressed my thoughts regarding my father and brother, but I have yet to mention Li Qingai, the secretary. However, Ms Su did mention that Li Qingai called her on the day and told her to open the door so she could fetch some documents.”

“Afterwards, she got the two men to violate her and took photos of the incident! In other words, she was saying that Secretary Li was present at the scene.”

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