Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1086 - Create Some Drama

Chapter 1086: Create Some Drama

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As soon as Father Han brought up this topic, the media began to ask questions, “President Han, while saying this, have you not considered that you and your secretary were also caught having an affair?”

“The evidence was fake! Someone created it! Everyone knows that I’m a family man. I can’t believe that after 20 years, that woman would create evidence to slander me. I swear I haven’t done anything, I have nothing to hide!”

“My secretary and I got together after our divorce was finalized.”

“Both my sons are witnesses to that.”

Father Han was confident, but he emitted an annoyingly overbearing vibe. This made it difficult for the reporters to ask further. All they could do was roll their eyes; the Han Family obviously weren’t there to explain anything. Instead, they were forcefully telling everyone that they were innocent and anyone that opposed them were trash.

So, it wasn’t hard to guess what was to follow.

The two sons were going to step forward and testify against their mother and the entire incident was expected to come to an end.

But, wasn’t this a PR trick from 20 years ago? A trick that was already out of date. Did Father Han think he was holding a company board meeting?

“Su Yu’s evidence can’t prove anything. Instead, you should trust what my sons say. After all, that woman gave birth to them. They have no reason to slander their mother, right?”

Father Han did exactly what the reporters expected and turned his gaze towards Han Jie, “Han Jie, come and tell everyone the truth!”

Afterwards, Han Jie moved to the front of the stage.

Actually, Han Jie was quite surprised by Father Han’s forceful method.

He insisted that he did nothing wrong and that the other party was playing cheap tricks. A self deceptive method like this showed how low he could go. But, what if a lame method like this actually worked?

“It’s already been 20 years since everything happened. I think revisiting an old incident like this, is a second round of pain for both parties involved. I really don’t want to be sitting up here today. After all, the person I’m opposing is the mother that gave birth to me and brought me up. But, a person should have their limits. Just because she’s my mother, I can’t let her hurt innocent people. That’s all I’m going to say. Thank you everyone for your attention.”

Han Jie had been slapped in the face before, so his response was very broad with no real point.

Father Han turned and looked at his son. He expected Han Jie to reveal the details of what happened in the past, but instead, what was the result? Han Jie avoided saying anything of value.

Father Han gestured for Han Jie to step forward again to elaborate on his response, but Han Jie pretended not to see him.

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche lowered his head. No one knew what he was thinking. Since he wasn’t present during the incident, Father Han did not ask him to say anything. Instead, Father Han placed his gaze on his current wife.

The secretary immediately understood his gaze.

She gave a slight whimper and pretended to be wronged as she stepped forward and bowed apologetically, “I’m sorry that our family business has offended everyone’s eyes. This incident from 20 years ago, should have already been over and forgotten. Who would have thought that it would be dug up again. I’m not sure what the motive of the person that’s behind this is.”

“Sister Su, I don’t know what you want. If you think I stole your husband and you’re trying to get revenge, then fine, I’ll accept that. What do you want as compensation? Just tell me. You don’t have to dig up this old scandal and make it known to everyone. You’ve made it impossible for your two sons to face the world.”

“I know I shouldn’t have married this man, but I couldn’t stand seeing him suffer. Apart from comforting him and marrying him, there was nothing else I could do.”

“If you want to hate someone, then direct your hatred towards me. I don’t want to see you continue down the wrong path.”

The family of four were simply taking turns talking, but they had no actual evidence to prove their innocence. There was an obvious problem with their responses​.

What the reporters wanted were explosive revelations and solid evidence; they didn’t go all the way to the press conference to watch the Han Family cry and complain that Su Yu shouldn’t have dug up old news.

“Xiuche, do you have anything to say?” the secretary passed the baton to Han Xiuche. After a few seconds of surprise, he nodded his head.

“Of course I do!”

Afterwards, Han Xiuche walked to the front of the stage.

The reporters were so bored that they almost fell asleep. Why were they from the entertainment industry like Tangning, but Tangning’s news was always full of exciting ups and downs, whereas listening to the Han Family was like sitting in on a company meeting?

After Han Xiuche spoke, everything was expected to be over.

The reporters assumed that Father Han would announce that he would give no further responses and the entire incident would be forgotten.

“Before I say anything, I would like to clarify that I wasn’t present on the scene when everything happened and have no idea what the truth is!”

Rubbish! Was Han Xiuche simply trying to separate himself from the matter?

“Back when I heard that my mother was caught in bed with two men, I hated her for many years. I hated her for humiliating me in front of so many people.”

“I also hated her for ruining our family. Like that, I hated her for 20 years.”

“Now, 20 years later, I suddenly have a question that I really want to ask my father.”

Father Han looked at his son frustratingly, wondering why he was creating such a fuss. But, he continued to act righteous as he said, “Go ahead and ask!”

“I want to ask whether you’re tired of lying to yourself after so many years?”

As soon as Han Xiuche said this, everyone was shocked. Especially Father Han.

What did Han Xiuche mean by this question?


“I’m sorry, you held the press conference because you want to cover up the matter, but I attended because I want to know the truth!” Han Xiuche replied. Afterwards, he turned to face the reporters without taking a single glance at his father, “Since there are so many reporters present, why don’t we create some drama. I’ve already invited Ms Su to come today. Since the two of you have so much suspicion and hatred towards each other, why don’t you sit down together and have a proper chat?”

After hearing this, the sleepy reporters immediately woke up…

Was Han Xiuche treating them to a surprise?

As a result, the venue erupted in excitement. At this time, Han Jie jabbed his brother in the hip, “What are you trying to do? The matter was about to come to an end!”

“End? Aren’t we just getting started?” Han Xiuche laughed.

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