Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1084 - The True Protagonist Has Arrived

Chapter 1084: The True Protagonist Has Arrived

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As a result, the situation became clear; anyone with eyes could tell that the couple wouldn’t pretend to be vulnerable if they didn’t have something to hide.

The funniest thing was, Han Jie actually thought running into the wall would be enough to turn the tables and help him regain his pride. Unfortunately, Su Yu destroyed his plan with a few simple sentences!

Which meant that the woman had run into the wall for nothing!

Meanwhile, observers were beginning to trust Su Yu more and more. After all, she could even recall a small feature on the jerk so clearly.

Afterwards, the reporters went to test the ‘suicidal’ wife and discovered that she knew nothing about her husband, just like Tangning and Su Yu said. On top of that, neighbors vouched that the couple had been on bad terms since many years ago. The couples’ lie had just been told not long ago and a face slap was already given!

Seeing this, Han Jie felt completely helpless. Tangning and Su Yu had been holding him down and slapping him from the start. Even getting to this point wasn’t easy.

So, he decided it was time to give up…

At this time, Father Han finally returned to China after realizing the seriousness of the matter.

As soon as he saw his son, he only had one word for him: “Trash!”

Han Jie was completely defeated by this point. As long as Father Han was willing to take over the matter, he was more than happy to be called trash.

“Where’s Xiuche? How come he’s nowhere to be seen?”

“I’m not sure. Xiuche has been a little mysterious lately,” Han Jie replied.

Father Han was a chubby old man who had long lost the good looks of his youth. However, his wife still looked young and beautiful.

“If you find Xiuche, tell him not to cause any more trouble. I will be holding a press conference tomorrow. I want you to attend and testify that Su Yu is crazy. If anyone could put this matter to an end, then you would be that person.”

After all, the words of one’s own son was solid evidence.

Soon, Han Xiuche returned home. As soon as he saw his father and step mother, his attitude was cold. However, he had always been like that, so it did not arouse any suspicions. They simply continued to talk about Tangning.

“What a b*tch, she can’t even handle her own affairs at home, how dare she butt her nose into others’ business?”

“Su Yu too. It’s already been 20 years. How could she be so shameless as to bring up an old grudge.”

As soon as he heard these words, Han Xiuche suddenly sat up straight in his seat.

“Xiuche, this is all your fault. If you didn’t provoke Tangning then all this wouldn’t have happened and you wouldn’t have implicated the entire family.”

“Father, I have one question for you: were you and that woman in an affair all those years ago?”

Father Han looked at Han Xiuche confidently and replied, “Of course not, how could this I be lying? Even the newspapers reported on it and you saw it for yourself…”

“Then, who were the two men that my mother cheated with?”

Father Han froze when he heard this question, “How could I remember the random men that she found?”

As soon as he heard this response, Han Xiuche well and truly woke up. Originally, he still held a slither of hope for his father; he thought, perhaps the cousin lied?

But, which man wouldn’t even know the identities of the men that his wife cheated with?

Wasn’t stealing one’s wife as bad as killing one’s father?

“Regardless, both you and your brother should watch what you say. I want that crazy woman to be destroyed again.”

What confidence!

Han Xiuche wanted to laugh in ridicule.

“That’s enough, don’t think too much, just follow us to the press conference when the time comes. For now, let’s have dinner.”

How did he still have the mood for dinner? He had no appetite.

With this thought, Han Xiuche stood up from the sofa and returned to his room. He then grabbed the keys to his motorcycle, “I’m going out to buy something. You guys eat first.”

“Your choice!” Father Han yelled impatiently.

It turned out, Han Xiuche had been living in a lie all these years. Yet, his family was still trying to lie to him and use him. But, things didn’t always go to plan.

They wanted to hold a press conference, huh?

He might as well hold a self-revelation conference instead. That would be much more satisfying. After all, he had already bullied Tangning so many times and hated Su Yu for so many years; it was time he paid them back for everything.

Meanwhile, Tangning received news that Father Han had returned. The true protagonist had finally arrived.

As someone that could be compared to Han Yufan, Father Han did not disappoint as he quickly announced a press conference.

From the looks of it, he wanted to suppress the matter!

If he was up against someone else, perhaps a bit of suppression would have worked. But, this was a chess board laid out by Tangning. No matter what, he needed to follow the rules of somebody else’s game.

“The true protagonist has finally arrived. In regards to this matter, Father Han and his mistress should be the most ashamed.”

“We need to be wary of the secretary. She was already so evil 20 years ago, so 20 years later, her methods must have definitely improved,” Mo Ting warned Tangning. Noticing that she was getting a bit tired from carrying Yan Er, Daddy Ting immediately sweeped up his daughter in his arms and coaxed her to sleep before putting her in the cot.

“With so many rumors piling up, he would be dreaming if he thinks he can suppress it. If the Han Family thinks they have the ability to hush this matter, then they are seriously underestimating you,” Tangning humphed. “As soon as they host a press conference, Auntie Su will have something even more spectacular to counterattack them with. Let’s see how shameless this Father Han is!”

“I held a meeting today. Hai Rui is planning to release ‘The Ant Queen’ at the end of the year so it can compete for this year’s Fei Tian Awards,” Mo Ting suddenly changed the subject.

“Are you talking about the Best Actor Award?”

“I’m talking about Best Director and Best Producer,” Mo Ting replied. It seemed, he was always thinking on behalf of Tangning. “Apart from planning for you to win an award, I’m not interested in anything else.”

“OK, we’ll do as you say. But, I don’t care if I win the Best Producer Award or not, I simply hope that Qiao Sen wins an award! That would be the best consolation for him.”

“Trust me, everyone is going to be amazed by your film.”

“I never knew you had so much faith in me.” Tangning leaned into Mo Ting’s embrace; she loved the way this man doted on her. She loved him down to the bone. “After this entire Han Family incident is resolved, I will make sure to accompany you well. President Mo, you’ve worked hard!”

“When that time comes, our family of five can visit a beautiful beach. I want to dress our two sons up like little prince’s…”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you in a bikini!” Mo Ting whispered seductively in Tangning’s ear.

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