Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1083 - Using Death To Prove His Innocence?

Chapter 1083: Using Death To Prove His Innocence?



Since he wanted to put on a show, both involved parties had to be present for it to be a success. But, the secretary's classmate had already moved overseas for many years and they couldn't trace which country he was currently in. So, there was no point in trying to contact him.

Hence, the secretary's cousin turned into the solo protagonist of the show.

This could be considered as a response to Su Yu's questions.

That night, the man that Han Xiuche hit, was sent to the hospital and his wife took the opportunity to claim his innocence in front of the media.

"Just because he's the cousin of Qingai, does that mean he deserves to be slandered? We are just a small average family, we are not from the entertainment industry. Su Yu, haven't you considered that your words would cause my husband to be labeled a scum? He's too afraid to even go to work now and my son's too afraid to go to school. What do you want?"

"Because of you, something even more serious happened today and someone beat him up out of the blue. Do you want to see my husband being forced to his death before you're satisfied?"

The media gathered around quickly. Since there was an update on Su Yu's matter, they naturally rushed to see it.

Over a dozen reporters surrounded the woman in the hospital room as she accepted their interview.

"Since your husband is innocent, why didn't you say anything from the start?"

"I thought the Han Family had it under control and we wouldn't be able to get a word in. But, I never imagined that things would get to this point where my husband's left with barely a life!" After saying this, the woman looked at the cameras and began to cry hysterically.

"So what's the truth?"

"Su Yu's been falsely accusing my husband. Everyone knows that my husband is responsible towards his family even though he appears lazy. It must be because my husband is an honest man that Su Yu made undeserved accusations against him."

"She probably saw our small family and assumed that we wouldn't be able to argue with her. But, I would like to ask Su Yu to let us go. I don't know who the men you had an affair with were, but my husband is definitely not one of them!"

The only reason she was brave enough to say this, was because the news from 20 years ago never mentioned the identity of the two men. Plus, none of the photos showed their faces either.

After all, the photos were taken by the secretary and she was the one that planned everything. So, there was no way she would throw her own people into the deep end.

As a result, the newspapers from 20 years ago, simply said that Su Yu cheated with two men, but the identities of the two men weren't the main focus. The main focus was on Su Yu's act of adultery.

Han Jie had confirmed this before he told the woman to claim her husband's innocence.

The reporters snapped their cameras furiously at the woman as she cried. Since one of the people in question were giving a response, the news was definitely explosive.

"Do you have evidence that your husband wasn't at the Han Family home on the night of the incident?"

"How am I supposed to prove that? Are you bullying me because I'm a vulnerable woman? How am I supposed to prove something from 20 years ago? If Su Yu insists that someone make a sacrifice before she ends her slandering, could she please let my husband go? I can pay you back in his stead."

After speaking, the woman forced her way out of the crowd, rammed her head against the wall and fainted, frightening everyone.

Was she using death to prove her husband's innocence?

After a small commotion, the woman was finally sent to emergency. Of course, if she wanted to get rid of her worries, she had to suffer a little.

[Wife of the accused responds: "Please stop acting!"]

[Wife of the accused makes an appearance: "My husband never hurt anyone!"]

[Wife of the accused criticizes Su Yu: "You are obsessed with acting!"]


"From the looks of it, Han Jie made another move. He's even resulted to using the 'running against the wall' trick. It's just like you expected," Tangning laughed at Mo Ting after seeing the news. Mo Ting had previously predicted that Han Jie would put on a pity act to reclaim his innocence. When they looked at the current situation, his prediction was correct.

"Following on, I'm sure this woman will use her child as well. After all, women and children are both seen as vulnerable."

"After going around in so many circles and playing so many tricks, are they really going to succeed in hiding the truth?" Tangning shook her head, "The Han Family must think that an incident from 20 years ago can't possibly be proven. Especially since they know the ins and outs of that day and they think their plan was flawless..."

"But, once something is done, there are bound to be tracks left behind. This woman may appear highly emotional, but there are flaws in her act!"

"You've already investigated everything in relation to the incident," Mo Ting said as he lowered he had. Without looking at Tangning, he already knew his wife's rate of success.

Han Jie wanted to confuse the truth. But, unfortunately, he was up against a frightening pro.

And, behind this pro, was a top secret master.

So, even if they used death to prove their innocence, the show was going to continue.

Of course, after the woman woke up, she cried hysterically again. This time, her son also joined her. This made the media feel extreme sympathy for them.

But, Su Yu's response followed soon after.

"Ms Xie, as you admitted, your husband is often seen as a lazy person...This, in itself, is proof that your husband isn't a very responsible person. Yet, you claim that he's a responsible family man. Don't you think this is contradicting? How could a lazy person be responsible?"

"Secondly, from what I know, your neighbors claim that you and your husband argue every few days and you've both admitted to having affairs outside of your marriage; it's been like that since you were both young. So, how can you prove that your husband is 100% innocent?"

"Is he innocent because you rammed your head against the wall? Does that mean all accused criminals should do that to clear their names?"

"Thirdly, if you're able to tell us your husband's habits, I may still have a bit of trust in you. But, even the closest of couples don't spend 24 hours together. So, how can you guarantee anything with your words?"

"By running against the wall, you were just trying to force me to retreat, right? Look at yourself, you almost died. I think you should give up..."

"I bet you can't even point out unique features on your husband. But, I can confidently say that the b*stard has a green birth mark on his left bum cheek, even if it means that old wounds are reopened."

"So, it's useless. Running against the wall did nothing. You will never be able to clear your husband's name."

Su Yu's counterattack was clear and focused.

Even though this woman was crying so pitifully, she was full of flaws.

She originally thought she had the situation under control. But, after what Su Yu said, the media quickly realized that they had been manipulated by pity...

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