Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1082 - I Must Have Been Possessed

Chapter 1082: I Must Have Been Possessed

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Because of the matter, Han Jie went to look for one of the parties involved: the cousin of the secretary. As the situation was getting tense, the cousin took some time off work to hide at home; it had gotten too difficult for him to even go to work.

As soon as he saw Han Jie, he immediately grabbed onto him anxiously and asked, “What should I do? Will I be going to jail?”

After hearing these questions, Han Jie laughed in rage, “If you didn’t know if your actions would lead you to jail, then why did you do it?”

“I must have been possessed!”

“Even if it’s a criminal case, the legal prosecution period has already passed. Besides, this is just a scandal,” Han Jie explained calmly. “However, your reputation is going to be ruined. That’s why I’m here to resolve the matter with you…”

“As long as you can help me. We’re just a small average family. It might not matter to me that our neighbors are pointing and gossiping about us, but what about my son?”

This man was sloppy and dirty; someone that never did any proper work and simply relied on his parents to help him fund a small business that he ran for survival.

Han Jie sat down and taught the man what to do in detail, “We’ll need to trouble Auntie to put on a show. After all, women are seen as vulnerable, so they easily draw sympathy.”

“I understand. I know how to put on a pity act!”

“In that case, I’ll wait for the good news,” Han Jie left after 3 hours at the man’s home. However, not long after he left, there was another knock on the man’s door. He initially thought that Han Jie had returned, but before he knew it, a pair of strong arms pulled him outside – it was Han Xiuche.

Han Xiuche dragged the man to a quiet alleyway, pressed him against the wall and punched him a few times before he asked, “What did Han Jie say to you?”

“Han Xiuche!” the man’s face turned pale after he recognized the man before him.

“What’s the truth behind the incident from all those years ago?” Han Xiuche asked.

“What incident? Back then, your mother…”

“You must know. I am more ruthless than Han Jie. You can choose to not tell me anything, but I won’t let you live,” Han Xiuche said as he continued to hold the man against the wall and began to strangle his neck. “Think it over carefully.”

Since small, Han Xiuche had always been different to the average person. Out of the two brothers, Han Xiuche was definitely more frightening because of his strange personality.

“If…if I tell you the truth…you can’t hit me. I’ll only speak if you can promise me that.”

“I promise,” Han Xiuche loosened his grip on the man, but placed his foot against the wall to stop him from escaping.

“This matter started from my cousin. Back then, she told me she was pregnant, but Mr. Han wouldn’t get a divorce. So, she asked me to help her scare Su Yu. I didn’t expect the drama that followed to unfold. At that time, I must have been possessed by lust. I swear I never took advantage of your mother; it was my cousin’s classmate.”

“Tell me everything you know,” the color of Han Xiuche’s eyes began to change.

“At that time, the classmate violated your mother while I simply pretended on the side. All the while, my cousin was taking photos. However, Mr. Han suddenly returned home, so my cousin had no choice but to explain the situation. Mr. Han realized that we had deliberately created trouble for Su Yu, but, seeing that my cousin was young and beautiful, he decided to become an accomplice to her scheme.

“What about her leg…?”

“Mr. Han broke it!”

“Was Han Jie on the scene?”

“Of course. He was standing in the doorway watching the entire thing. At that time, Su Yu even asked him to call the police, but he grabbed onto my cousin’s leg and called her ‘mother’ instead. You don’t know how disappointed Su Yu looked. Even to this day, I can still remember her expression clearly…”

After listening to the man’s story, Han Xiuche’s eyes turned red. His anger caused his blood to boil.

“Do you swear that everything you’re saying today is the truth?”

“Actually, I would like you to repeat everything on camera!” Han Xiuche said before he pulled out his phone and pointed it at the man’s face. “If you don’t repeat what you just said, I’m going to kill you right here!”

The man was frightened out of his mind. Because of Han Xiuche’s intimidation, he had no choice but to do as he was told.

“You can’t let Han Jie know that I looked for you today. If he tells you to do something, then do as he says.”


“Although I promised I wouldn’t hit you, I still can’t resist!” After saying this, Han Xiuche gave the man a good beating. “This will make your act even more convincing!”

Only after he released all his anger did Han Xiuche finally leave the alleyway, leaving the man all alone, lying on the floor.

It turned out, this was the truth; this was truth behind the woman he had hated for so many years. Han Xiuche couldn’t believe that Han Jie had lied to him for so long.

With this thought, Han Xiuche held onto the evidence he gained and disappeared into the night.

The cousin assumed that nothing would go wrong since he had simply revealed the information to another member of the Han Family.

But, he had underestimated Han Xiuche’s temper!

Han Xiuche was a jerk; a natural born scum. Perhaps, this was all thanks to his father’s genetics. But, everything was triggered by Su Yu.

Even when he opposed Tangning, he had to admit that it was because of the humiliation he felt from Su Yu that he sought revenge from her after he grew interested in her and she hurt his pride. This was because he felt that all women were cheap and fake.

But, he now realized that the person he believed the most, was the one that hurt him the deepest. Whereas, the person that he hated, had gone through the worst humiliation.

His world fell apart; he couldn’t accept the truth.

Of course, he wasn’t about to let Han Jie know that he had already discovered the truth. He was going to sit back and watch how far he was taking the show.

As for Su Yu…

Han Xiuche took a deep breath as a mix of complex feelings flooded into his heart.

Previously, no one trusted Su Yu except for Tangning who brought her incident back into the light and helped her with her PR, unafraid that she would become implicated. Now that Han Xiuche thought about it, he was worse than an outsider even though he was meant to be Su Yu’s son.

After discovering the truth, he no longer hated those that he originally hated.

Instead, those that he originally trusted, had now become his enemies…

This was perhaps the worst kind of punishment on earth.

Tangning and Su Yu predicted that Han Xiuche would not handle the truth well, but, they waited for so long without seeing any response. Perhaps, he decided to side with his brother even after discovering the truth?

After all, Han Jie had taken care of him for so many years. He couldn’t possibly betray him, right?

A jerk would forever be a jerk; they couldn’t expect him to turn back.

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