Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 57: The Last Gamble

Chapter 57: The Last Gamble

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Needless to say, Tangning's ruthlessness was enough to make the Han Yufan that had Mo Yurou in his embrace realize, he had never truly understood her. He was ridiculously wrong about her; the girl that had once been willing to do anything for him no longer showed him any mercy. Even if she was to exhaust all the strength in her body, the purpose would be to make Mo Yurou crumble beneath her feet.

It was only because it wasn't his turn yet, that he didn't feel any urgency.

Outside the arrivals gate, Tangning's fans were scattered all over the place. Some were holding signs with Tangning's name on it, others were screaming her name. Originally, this was something Tianyi should have been proud of, but...deep down, Han Yufan wasn't even the tiniest bit happy. Tangning's value had now increased dramatically and she was no longer under the control of Tianyi. Apart from placing all his hope in Han Ruoxue, there was nothing else he could do.

Otherwise, he would only fall into the depths of the abyss along with Mo Yurou.

Did he really have no choice but to contact his mother?

Tangning's return was full of glory. After signing the deal with ISN, she was pretty much guaranteed that every job she took from now on would be even better. Most importantly, her low-profile personality meant she never depended on creating hype to gain people's attention. This helped her gain many loyal fans. As a result, her foundation was stable and she now occupied a spot in the modeling industry.

Han Yufan looked at the news about Tangning and Mo Yurou; his eyebrows scrunched up. After returning home he ignored Mo Yurou and locked himself in his room to make some phone calls.

Mo Yurou felt uneasy about this because she knew Tianyi did not solely belong to Han Yufan. With her current bad reputation, Han Yufan would definitely be trapped in a difficult position between her and the company.

"You Ge, help me find out who the judges are for the Top Ten Model Awards..."

"Yurou, what do you want to do?" Mo Yurou's assistant had mixed emotions, "Don't do anything silly. I'm sure if you just rest, with time, you can return to the runway."

"Without the last gamble, I am not willing to give up. Just go do what I asked you to do. How long do you think Han Yufan can endure? Tianyi's shareholders are pressuring him non-stop to give up on us; it's only a matter of time. Do you want to return to your life of opening a stall by the side of the street?"

Mo Yurou's assistant froze for a moment. He obviously didn't want to do as she requested...he also didn't want Mo Yurou to go down a dangerous path. By doing what he assumed she'd do, she would be putting a tear in her relationship with Han Yufan - one that may never be reversed. But he knew, apart from sleeping with one of the judges, what else could she do to turn the tables?

"Yurou, you still have a child in your stomach..."

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing," Mo Yurou said with a solemn expression.

The industry had always been this dark. She had once thought Han Yufan was the best person she could rely on, but...after the incident with Secret Magazine, Han Yufan could only watch as she returned defeated; he couldn't think of any methods of redemption. That's when she understood, this man wasn't reliable at all.

A wise person chooses the right environment - that's only right.

Within the study room, Han Yufan was still stressing over how to protect Mo Yurou. Meanwhile, the people outside were already thinking of how to betray him...

Tangning's return, Secret's popularity, ISN's deal; this was all meant to take him to new heights and increase the value of Tianyi. But Han Yufan, the president, wasn't happy.

ISN's commercial was currently being shot, so from the moment Tangning returned from the US she hadn't taken a single step into Tianyi. It was not until 2 days later, when the commercial was finished, that she finally returned to the office.

Inside the CEO's office, Han Yufan was looking at Tangning with complex emotions, "Tangning, you've already gotten what you want, don't be too forceful, give her a chance to survive."

Tangning looked at Han Yufan as she replied calmly, "When we were in the US, did you give me a chance? If you can't do it, then don't expect others to do it?"

"You..." Han Yufan's tongue was tied for a moment, because he knew, if the situation was flipped and Mo Yurou was the successful one, they would have used the most extreme measures to prevent Tangning from ever making a comeback. So, at this moment, apart from anger, he was also feeling regret. He no longer looked at Tangning, instead he turned his gaze to Lin Wei and ordered, "Lin Wei, pack your things and prepare to work with a different artist, I've already organized a new manager for Tangning."

After hearing this, Lin Wei's face turned pale as Tangning frowned, "What game are you trying to play now?"

"Tangning, your contract still has 3 years left. Lin Wei is a manager under our company, I can make her do what I want, you have no right to interfere."


Did Han Yufan think he could still control her contract?

"Then, the least you can do is tell me who you have organized for me," Tangning chased him for an answer as she gave Lin Wei a comforting look. With this little bit of assurance, Lin Wei's flustered heart immediately calmed down. She knew Tangning would get a better manager sooner or later, but she definitely couldn't continue to stay in Tianyi; she had previously betrayed Mo Yurou and took on Tangning's side, if she was to leave Tangning, Mo Yurou would definitely make her suffer.

However, Tangning's gaze told her...

Even if she couldn't keep her, she wouldn't let her be sent into the tiger's mouth...

...and anything Tangning wanted to do, she would do. So, she trusted Tangning and remained patient.

"Tomorrow, the company will hold a celebration dinner for you. At that time, she will appear. Don't worry, this manager will definitely be more skilled than Lin Wei; you won't be worse off. Unless you still think I am trying to suppress you?" Han Yufan felt embarrassed that Tangning had slowly achieved so much without him noticing.

Tangning didn't say anything and did not refuse. Of course, she couldn't trust that Han Yufan would be doing something good for her, but she couldn't just refuse or else there would be no end to this.

She had to make sure she remained in power.

As Tangning left the room, Lin Wei was left behind. Tangning gave her a look, gesturing her to drag on as long as she could and to not let Han Yufan find out about the details of her work. Lin Wei subtly nodded her head, if she couldn't even do something this simple, all that she had learned from Tangning would go to waste.

"Where's Lin Wei?" Long Jie asked as she saw Tangning return on her own.

"Han Yufan arranged for her to take care of other artists and has organized a new manager for me," Tangning replied.

"Who is it?" Long Jie was on guard as she asked.

Tangning did not respond, she simply put on her sunglasses and left Tianyi with Long Jie. She returned to Hyatt Regency and entered her home. At that time, Mo Ting was already home. Hearing what had happened to her, the couple had the same thought.

"Ting, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tangning questioned.

"Han Ruoxue!" Mo Ting replied.

As expected. Tangning revealed a slight smile.

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