Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1080 - I Give My Word

Chapter 1080: I Give My Word

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Soon, the three days were up. The media had been stretching their necks in anticipation to see how explosive the evidence that Su Yu had was.

Han Jie also wanted to see what trick she had up her sleeves. After all, he already had control over everyone involved. How was she going to find an opportunity?

But, Su Yu made a huge gain from the three days because she received the results of Long Jie’s investigation. So, she and Tangning compiled the information that they had.

Soon, Su Yu appeared in front of the media as promised and followed through with Tangning’s plan by revealing her first piece of evidence. The evidence was related to Father Han’s affair with his secretary and rumors that his car was spotted shaking beneath his secretary’s apartment. Of course, the incident happened over 20 years ago and there was no surveillance footage remaining, but in the video that Su Yu revealed, a neighbor personally described what she heard and saw.

In reality, Su Yu actually had crucial evidence that Long Jie found from her investigation. Back then, one of the neighbors documented her sons growth by taking regular photos of him and accidentally snapped a photo of Father Han and his secretary being intimate in the background.

Although the photo was old and it was black and white, it was still clear enough.

However, Su Yu simply revealed Long Jie’s interview video and not the photo.

So, the media immediately laughed as soon as they saw the video.

“It’s already been 20 years, how could this neighbor remember everything so vividly? She must have been bribed.”

“I know, right? We waited three whole days, just to receive a video like this? It’s completely pointless!”

“This can’t be considered as evidence, don’t tell me Su Yu has nothing else to show?”

After he saw Su Yu’s revelation, Han Jie sat in his office and laughed. If this was Su Yu and Tangning’s so-called evidence, then Su Yu was never going to clear her name. So, after letting down his guard, Han Jie finally accepted an interview with the media.

“I’m sure the media has already seen the evidence produced by my mother. I think she must be crazy; my father loved her so much in the past, yet she betrayed the family. Now she’s trying to reopen old wounds by presenting a ridiculous video as evidence. 20 years has already past, how could the neighbors remember anything? This can’t be used as evidence; we are innocent!”

“All I’m hoping for is for this entire incident to be over soon. My father and​ his secretary are definitely innocent, I can give you my word.”

“I would also like to thank everyone for your concerns​, I’m sorry that you had to put up with this joke.”

Pretty much everyone treated Su Yu’s evidence as a joke. If Tangning had planned this behind-the-scenes​, then she seriously failed her PR efforts; this was not like her.

With the added fact that Han Jie had given his word, it seemed like the show was over.

But, just as everyone was ridiculing Su Yu for creating hype, she went ahead and released the second half of her evidence. If the video was just an appetizer, then the following evidence…was the main dish!

Because, the photo she released may have been old, but there was no doubt that the intimately hugging couple in the background was Father Han and his secretary.

But, there wasn’t just one photo.

There were plenty of hugging photos and even kissing photos…

As soon as these photos were released, everyone was shocked.

“This is obviously an affair, they can’t deny it right? There are photos as evidence!”

“Han Jie just gave his word a moment ago and evidence was released straight after. This face slap is too satisfying.”

“Hats off to this method. They obviously dug a trap for Han Jie to fall into.”

“Hahaha…I love face slaps like this. It’s completely Tangning’s style. I feel like I’m floating in satisfaction.”

“So, if we return to the main topic, Han Jie gave us his word that his father and secretary were innocent, but Su Yu has presented evidence to prove otherwise. The photos even have a time stamp and the date was before Father Han and Su Yu got their divorce! Which means, it is an undeniable affair!”

So, Su Yu won the first battle and her evidence greatly improved her credibility. On the other hand, Han Jie’s decreased credibility made it much harder for him to be trusted in future battles.

“So, can the Han Family face my questions now? If not, then I will directly release my second lot of evidence.”

When Han Jie saw this provocation, he almost lost his mind!

“Tangning is too calculative!”

As Han Xiuche looked at Han Jie’s flustered state, he sneered, “Who told you to underestimate her?”

“How could you act so smug when you are partly responsible for protecting the Han Family’s​ reputation.”

Han Xiuche remained silent for a short moment before he replied to his brother, “Of course I’ll protect it, but I’ll use my own methods to do so.”

“I doted on you for so many years, yet you’re of no help whatsoever.”

Han Xiuche knew that his brother was in a fit of rage, so he tidied his things and headed home.

As for the methods he referred to, he was going to investigate the truth. From the evidence that Su Yu presented, he at least confirmed that his father had indeed been in an affair with his secretary.

This suddenly made him despise the secretary that claimed she saved his father.

When he took everything into consideration, it seemed, getting close to Han Jie would be the only way to get the truth. So, he packed his stuff and moved over to Han Jie’s home.

“You have your own home, why are you staying here?”

“We are going through a very important period. Aren’t you worried that I’d wander around recklessly?” Han Xiuche asked.

Han Jie massaged his neck and did not reply. His brother was right: this ticking time bomb was dangerous, but it was still safer to keep him by his side.

“That woman’s asking for a response again. If you don’t respond, she’ll probably expose something even more shocking. When that happens, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“That’s enough, I’m already stressed enough!”

Han Xiuche wasn’t sure if Su Yu had anymore evidence, but he was forcing his brother to give a response, because the faster he made a move, the sooner he would reveal his flaws.

Meanwhile, after winning her first battle, Su Yu called Tangning to show her gratefulness.

Although the evidence came out of the blue and was a stroke of luck, the neighbors wouldn’t have noticed anything if Long Jie didn’t go around asking questions. So, the result was still thanks to Tangning.

“What are we doing now?”

“Han Jie is definitely giving a response this time, so we will rebuke everything he says and strip him of all trust! This way, you will win even if you don’t have evidence! After all, no one could possibly trust someone with a mouth full of lies!”

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