Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1078 - I Did It To Stick Up For You!

Chapter 1078: I Did It To Stick Up For You!

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“You guys must be curious why I’ve decided to clear my name after 20 years. I would like to explain this first. Originally, I had already broken ties with the Han family, but due to the actions of the Han Brothers on an innocent person, my conscience got to me and I decided to clarify everything from 20 years ago. I’m doing this for this innocent person and for myself.”

The media were naturally aware that the ‘innocent person’ that Su Yu spoke of was Tangning.

After all, the grudge between Tangning and Han Xiuche had only been displayed at the theater not too long ago.

“Firstly, I would like to deny all claims from 20 years ago. Everything reported on the newspapers were not true.”

“20 years ago, on that particular night, my ex-husband’s secretary called and said she was coming to our home to fetch some documents for my husband, so she told me to open the door. I agreed to open the door, not realizing that I was letting wolves into my home: she stormed into the house with two men, struck me to the ground and began to beat me. Afterwards, the two men stripped off their clothes and defiled me while the secretary stood to one side and took photos.”

“While I failed to retaliate against two men, my husband returned home.”

“When he saw me in that humiliating state, he thought I had betrayed him. But, after I explained myself, he discovered it was all set up by his secretary. The two of them had been having an affair for many years, so his secretary no longer wanted to be a mistress. Hence, she shamed me and blackmailed me to get a divorce with my husband.”

“When my ex-husband saw the situation, he had no choice but to side with the mistress and claim that I was cheating on him. He even beat my leg until it broke.”

“At that time, my eldest son, Han Jie, was standing at the door witnessing the entire scene. I told him to call the police, but he pounced towards the secretary and cried that he was scared!”

“Afterwards, they called the media and began to slander me. They even exposed my photos. This is the entire story. After that day, I was labeled a sl*t for 20 years!”

“Ms Su, that incident was already 20 years ago, aren’t you worried that people won’t believe you? Do you have evidence to support your claim?” After hearing the story, the reporters felt pity for her. If what she was saying was the truth, then the Han Family were the most despicable people on earth!

“I’m simply here to tell my story from 20 years ago. I won’t be revealing any evidence today because I want to see how the Han Family decide to respond,” Su Yu replied.

“I want to see if the Han Family are brave enough to face the following questions head on: firstly, I know a lot of people knew about the affair between my ex-husband and his secretary back then, so, I would like to know if my ex-husband is brave enough to admit to the affair?”

“Secondly, the two men that shamed me: one was a classmate of the mistress and the other was her cousin, I would like to ask if either of these men would accept an investigation?”

“Thirdly, my eldest son witnessed the entire incident, will he be brave enough to reveal the truth?”

Su Yu’s three questions were extremely direct, but they targeted the main problems with the incident.

As for her decision to not reveal any evidence, that was because Tangning taught her not to reveal her trump card so soon. It was the only way to prevent the Han Family from responding recklessly.

But, at the same time, she needed to set a timeframe for them so they wouldn’t escape.

“If the Han Family don’t provide a response within 3 days, I will directly reveal the evidence that I have.”

After listening to Su Yu’s words, the media could sense the confidence in her voice. It seemed, she was prepared to tear the Han Family apart.

Meanwhile, after watching Su Yu’s press conference, Han Jie was so furious, he directly threw his laptop onto the floor.

If he had known that this would happen, he would not have provoked Tangning. As a result, he would not be reeking in guilt like he was now.

But, faced with Su Yu’s questions, Han Jie was not fazed. The company was currently in his hands, if public opinion was actually on Su Yu’s side, he had an escape plan. For example, he could always say that his father forced him to act the way he did, all those years ago.

Or perhaps, he could say that he was frightened by his father’s violence. Either way, he had a way of clearing his name.

But, how was he to explain himself to Han Xiuche? Especially after the press conference…

Soon, Han Xiuche came knocking on Han Jie’s office door. As soon as he stepped inside, he began to question Han Jie, “The incident has been blown so big, what should we do now? That woman is so cheap!”

“I know, right?!” Han Jie nodded. “That woman caused so much drama that our entire family has been placed in the firing line. We currently have no chance to defend ourselves. Right now, no matter if we respond or not, the media are going to criticize us!”

“We need to think of a solution. Are we just going to sit here and get slandered?”

“To be honest, I don’t think she has any evidence to show, so let’s just ignore her for now,” Han Jie replied. “If you hadn’t been so persistent with opposing Tangning, we would not be in this position right now.”

“Weren’t you the one that slandered her with the special effects technician?” Han Xiuche scoffed.

Han Jie paused for quite some time before he finally replied, “I did it to stick up for you.”

“Whether you did it for me or for you, I’m sure you know the real reason,” Han Xiuche said with a deeper meaning.

“Xiuche, don’t tell me you actually believe that woman? Don’t forget that Tangning is guiding her behind the scenes. I’m sure you know how Tangning’s methods are like.”

“I definitely won’t believe her words,” Han Xiuche replied.

But, he wasn’t going to believe his brother either!

However, Han Xiuche did not reveal this. Instead, he left Han Jie’s office and set off to look for evidence himself. At least, Su Yu had pointed him towards a rough direction. For example, the affair with the secretary, or perhaps, the classmate and cousin.

If he was to find out that someone was lying to him like he was an idiot…

…he wasn’t going to let the matter go.

Even if it was his father and brother, he wasn’t going to show mercy!

The entire incident attracted a lot of attention as it was circulated really quickly and it posed some huge questions for the Han Family, that everyone was waiting to hear the answer to.

Of course, Tangning kept Su Yu company after the press conference because she knew she was partly the reason why Su Yu had stepped out today.

She also wanted to see Su Yu recover her innocence!

“I hope Uncle Long protects you well, otherwise, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life!”

“Don’t worry, I can’t guarantee other things, but safety is a certainty,” Su Yu reassured. “Besides, your method was very affective. I’m sure this entire matter will come to an end soon.”


This was still an uncertainty!

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