Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1077 - You Protect Others And I'll Protect You

Chapter 1077: You Protect Others And I’ll Protect You

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“Don’t expect me to believe you so easily!”

As she listened to Han Xiuche’s response, Su Yu smiled and shook her head, “It seems, you hated me for so many years because you never knew what actually happened. But, I guess that makes sense. If I was that jerk, I wouldn’t dare to tell you the truth about how I framed and injured my wife either.”

“As for your brother, he’s even more cowardly…”

“I won’t believe you.”

“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not, but that is the truth. You can try to test your brother or your jerk father, or even your step mother, to see if they slip up in any way,” Su Yu replied. “Think about it, why else would I come seeking for justice 20 years later? Am I lacking in money?”

“Xiuche, I know it’s because of me that you’ve been angry at Tangning who’s hurt your pride. I originally planned to leave this matter in the past, but you and your brother have continued to hurt the innocent, so I had no choice. Perhaps, God wanted me to speak up and reveal the truth.”

Han Xiuche never expected that his father and brother would lie to him. No, to be exact, he refused to believe it.

“I won’t believe you, stop trying to manipulate me. Let me warn you not to continue, otherwise, neither of us will end up well.”

Su Yu watched as Han Xiuche threatened her, but there was no trace of fear in her eyes. She knew Han Xiuche was a highly sensitive person, otherwise, he wouldn’t cling to Tangning for so long, just because she hurt his pride.

On the surface, he said he didn’t believe her, but in reality, he was definitely going to test this theory.

“It’s been tough on you.” Long Qingyun had been standing at the doorway listening to the way that Han Xiuche threatened Su Yu. Because of this, he felt even more sympathetic towards his wife.

“I always thought he knew the truth, but from the looks of it, it doesn’t appear that way.”

“Whether he knows or not, it doesn’t change the fact that you are currently enemies. Don’t think too much. Let’s just follow Tangning’s arrangements.”

Meanwhile, just like Su Yu expected, Han Xiuche began to develop suspicions towards his brother and father, even though he said he didn’t believe her words.

So, after returning home and seeing Han Jie, he deliberately led their conversation to the incident in the past.

“What did that woman say?”

“She said she was innocent and that you guys framed her.”

“Hmmph, there were two men in her bed at that time. Both father and I saw it with our own eyes,” Han Jie humphed as he replied in an extremely exaggerated manner.

“What about her leg?”

“She fell off the bed and broke it herself,” Han Jie replied naturally. “You can probably imagine, when she was caught in bed cheating, she tried to beg for forgiveness, but father simply pushed her aside.”

“Didn’t you previously say that father ignored her?”

“What’s​ the difference?”

Han Xiuche did not immediately reply. But, after a short pause, he asked, “What about father and his secretary…?”

“Back then, his wife cheated on him, so he was distraught. As you know, his secretary stuck by his side. So, she helped him pull through that tough time.”

“OK, I believe you,” Han Xiuche’s response sparked Han Jie’s curiosity.

“What? Did that woman say something that she shouldn’t have today?”

“She said all of you teamed up to frame her,” Han Xiuche replied after taking a sip of water.

“One was her husband, one was her son, why would we frame her? She was being promiscuous, yet she’s trying to throw the blame on others. How shameless.”

After seeing his brother’s emotional reaction, Han Xiuche did not say another word. Although his brother’s story was flawless, he still felt like he was trying to hide something, even though it didn’t seem like he was acting.

Once a person developed suspicions, they would obsessively dig for the truth. But, in this case, no matter what the truth was, it wasn’t something that could be revealed to the public.

However, Tangning ended up helping Su Yu spread her story.

Back then, if Su Yu had chosen legal methods rather than enduring being wronged, the truth may have already been revealed. But, sometimes, fate was ridiculous.

So, Su Yu called for a press conference and decided it was time that she faced the truth!

That night, Tangning carried Yan Er in her arms as she sat on the sofa thinking about Su Yu’s matter. She then looked down at her daughter.

She had learned about the other side of family relationships from Su Yu.

After Mo Ting returned home, he spotted Tangning sitting on the sofa in a daze. So, he immediately took Yan Er from her arms and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Auntie Su gave birth to two devils. So, I’m worried our kids…”

“No way,” Mo Ting replied confidently. “Our kids will be taught well, OK?”

“I simply feel that we have a huge responsibilty on our shoulders,” Tangning said as she patted her daughter. “Auntie Su has decided to hold a press conference and declare war on the Han Family. I will be helping her because it’s also beneficial for me. I don’t want the release of ‘The Ant Queen’ to have anything to worry about.”

“I hope Hai Rui doesn’t get involved in this, OK?”

“You protect others and I’ll protect you. As long as no one hurts you, then I’ll stay out of it,” Mo Ting replied, “Understand?”

“Yes,” Tangning nodded as she leaned on Mo Ting’s chest. The last thing she wanted was for Mo Ting to be implicated.

Although, no one had complained about her involvement with the Han Family’s matter, it didn’t mean that everyone supported her decision.

But, due to the foundation she laid at her fan screening, everyone understood the reason behind her actions. Plus, they were prepared to watch a show, so they did not butt in.

Su Yu’s determination was huge.

But, her​ press conference was held in a hurry. So, Tangning taught her how to convince the media and how to make things beneficial for her.

Plus, they had evidence in their hands. As long as she remained calm, there was a good chance she would recover her innocence.

No one imagined that Su Yu would hold a press conference.

Han Jie had tried so hard with his PR, pulling down searches, yet he couldn’t stop Su Yu from gathering the media…

In fact, she didn’t even book a hotel for her press conference, she simply held it in her garden. Of course, this was also a declaration of war on the Han Family!

“A scandal from 20 years ago has recently resurfaced. The person at the center of the scandal, Miss Su Yu, will be sharing with us the story of what happened on that particular night, 20 years ago, and how she went from being a victim to being labeled a sl*t…”

“Our reporters are currently reporting from the scene. Thank you for tuning in!”

At that moment, Su Yu was seated on a chair in her garden with seats lined out for the reporters.

Slowly, she faced the cameras and began her depressing story.

“Before I begin, I would like to mention something unrelated…”

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