Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1075 - Are You Kneeling Or Not?

Chapter 1075: Are You Kneeling Or Not?

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According to Tangning’s fake personality, Han Xiuche was certain that she wouldn’t appear at the theater. If she did, people would say that she was violating human rights by forcing someone to kneel and she’d end up on the hottest searches again.

Moreover, with so many people present, how would Tangning have the guts to make an appearance?

“If Tangning’s not coming, then stop wasting each other’s time. If she dares to come, I’m going to expose more of her embarrassing secrets to the public!”

“I’m curious what other embarrassing secrets I might have. How come I don’t know about them? Why don’t you enlighten me?” Tangning’s voice suddenly resounded from the crowd.

Everyone turned around and saw Tangning walk in, under the protection of the security guards.

Fans immediately started squealing and walked over to take photos of Tangning.

“Shhh…” Tangning gestured for everyone to hush.

The fans remained excited, but they quickly quietened down as they continued to take photos.

As soon as Han Xiuche spotted Tangning, he sneered, “You must have set this trap for me to fall into. Otherwise, why would you appear so quickly?”

“Tangning invited her fans to a screening, so she was planning to give them a surprise.”

“Since I’m here, where’s the apology you promised? As for the embarrassing secrets you’re talking about, why don’t you share them with all of us so we can discuss them together?”

Tangning looked at Han Xiuche and stared straight into his eyes, “Previously, during the whole fiasco with Superstar Media, you continuously schemed against us and caused​ trouble for my fans. You even made a bet to kneel and apologize to me. So, isn’t it time that you followed through with your promise?”

“Don’t forget that you’re a celebrity. According to the image you’ve created, shouldn’t you forgive me to highlight your kindness?”

“Everyone in the industry knows that I am a vengeful person. Since you made a promise, you should act like a man. Otherwise, no one will acknowledge you as a man, no matter how you look on the outside. I will receive the apology that I deserve, as well as the kneel that you promised!” Tangning said firmly as she looked at Han Xiuche.

“Even if someone says I’m violating your rights and ends up calling me cruel, I will still get my apology!”

“So, are you kneeling…or not?”

At that moment, everyone was looking at Han Xiuche, the jerk, as he was stripped of his pride.

“Since you’re not kneeling, I won’t force you. But now, the entire nation knows that you’re not a trustworthy person. If you have no self-respect, that’s fine.”

After saying these words, Tangning continued to question Han Xiuche, “Don’t you have more embarrassing things to reveal? I’m right here and there are so many other people here as well. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to clarify everything…so you can stop clinging to me.”

Everyone began to point and judge Han Xiuche; completely ridiculing him.

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche was surprised that Tangning would pressure him in a public setting…She was truly putting the pressure on him!


“What about me? You’ve already claimed that I slandered you, suppressed Ma Weiwei, cheated with An Zihao and hired help from Hollywood for my film. You’ve slandered me in so many ways already. What else do you have? I’m excited to hear about it!”

At first, everyone was just watching the show. But, after hearing Tangning’s words, they froze in shock.

Everyone knew about the first two examples, but it turned out that the drama at the film festival with the special​ effects technician, was also Han Xiuche’s doing.

“It’s fine if you can’t answer me. I’ll just ask you another question: we never knew each other before all this drama unfolded, so what have I done to wrong you? Why are you clinging to me?”

“Is it because I rejected you when you tried to approach me in the UK?”

“It is my right to decide who my friends are. Plus, I already have a family, so I have a bottom line to adhere to.”

“Why did you investigate another person’s background history?” Han Xiuche had almost been exposed of everything, so he quickly mentioned the issue that Han Jie spoke of, “Are you trying to get revenge? Or, are you planning to blackmail me?”

They were finally on the topic that Tangning was waiting for.

With a smile, Tangning straightforwardly replied, “I have no interest in your background history. But, someone approached me recently, asking for help. She asked me to investigate an incident from 20 years ago. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Since you can continuously hurt an innocent person, then abandoning your own mother and hurting her shouldn’t be an issue for you, right?”

“There are so many people here today. Although you haven’t upheld your promise by kneeling and apologizing to me, I believe, in everyone’s hearts, you are already a kneeling man. In fact…you are a man that will never stand tall again.”

After saying this, Tangning looked at everyone and bowed apologetically, “I’m sorry for making everyone witness a pointless show. I’m sure it won’t be long before I reveal everything to the public. I hope everyone can show some mercy and keep this incident from spreading.”

“Don’t worry, this jerk made a promise that he didn’t adhere to, so we understand.”

“Exactly. Even though you’re a celebrity, you still have the right to protect yourself. We will definitely support you.”

“The main point is that Han Xiuche is too despicable!”

Everyone expressed their support towards Tangning.

Of course, Tangning wasn’t worried that videos would be leaked online. After all, she had already listed all the grudges between her and Han Xiuche and he couldn’t even stand up straight.

At the same time, Tangning believed that the words of support she received were real. However, she was still unsure whether information would be leaked.

Her appearance today, was indeed a surprise.

So many events struggled to invite her, yet she suddenly appeared in front of everyone – just so she could make Han Xiuche kneel and apologize!

This suited Tangning’s personality, because she had always given an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

In the end, she appeared on the headlines the next day.

[Tangning tears Han Xiuche apart: “In my heart, you are already kneeling!”]

[The public show their support towards Tangning: “Men that bully women are all trash!”]

[Tangning’s continuous scandals were all because of him!]

Of course, Han Xiuche would never kneel; Tangning expected this. But, as Tangning said, he was already kneeling in everyone’s hearts and would never be able to stand tall again.

But, the thing that everyone was more curious about, was the incident that Tangning mentioned.

20 years ago, did Han Xiuche actually insult and hurt his own mother?

What was this all about?

Afterwards, people began to dig up news about Han Xiuche’s family from 20 years ago…and they were shocked by what they found…

Of course, the way that Tangning pressured Han Xiuche at the theater was a huge humiliation for him. But, the thing that made him suffer the most, was the fact that a wound from 20 years ago, had now been reopened.

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