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Chapter 1074 - If Tangning Dares To Appear

Chapter 1074: If Tangning Dares To Appear

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Tangning was inviting her fans to a screening, even before the public release. Not only was this meaningful for her fans, it was also proof of Tangning’s confidence towards her film.

That night, the fans of every other artist was probably jealous of Tangning’s fans.

This made Tangning’s fans feel a sense of pride. Wasn’t everyone saying that Tangning didn’t care about her fans?

In that case, could their idols disregard all risks and costs and invite them to a fan screening before the public release of their film?

No they couldn’t. Because, even if they wanted to, they didn’t have the right to make that decision, but Tangning could!

After all, she was the producer. So, she had the ability to make all important decisions.

This made her fans particularly proud. They could go anywhere with confidence now!

7pm. Tangning’s fan club members gathered outside the theater for the 7:30pm screening.

Those that were invited to this particular screening were all the admins and moderators of the fan club. After all, it was because of their efforts that the fan club’s events ran smoothly.

This prevented ordinary fans from feeling mistreated because they all knew how hard these particular fans worked. Besides, Tangning had already announced that she would organize fan screenings all over the nation at a later date.

So, her fans felt she was warm and thoughtful.

Ten minutes later, as expected, Han Xiuche appeared inside the theater. However, he couldn’t show his face as it had been shown on the news before, so he dressed up like a member of staff and snuck in.

But, he had no idea that his every move was being recorded by the surveillance cameras.

Seeing this, Long Jie simply shook her head in disbelief, “The jerk actually came. We’ve already clarified the matter regarding the special effects, the test screening’s been done and the public release is just around the corner, yet he’s still trying to cause trouble.”

“He doesn’t want to miss a single opportunity. If we don’t stop him soon, he’s going to be a handful up until the public release of the film! However, even if we stop him today, I have a feeling he still won’t apologize…”

“Then, isn’t our plan pointless?”

“No, it won’t be,” Tangning replied meaningfully.


Long Jie watched as Han Xiuche hid in the corner, acting all sneaky. She really couldn’t understand why he had to live his life in such a way – in such a pitiful way!

“The film is about to start. Let’s commence with our plan!”

“OK,” Long Jie nodded.

Tangning stood to one side and watched the sneaky piece of trash on the black and white surveillance screen. All he could do was hide in the corner, away from the light.

Soon, the film began to play and Han Xiuche stepped into the staff room after careful observation. But, he ended up being caught by an actual member of staff, “Sir, non-staff-members aren’t allowed in here.”

Han Xiuche failed with his act, so he decided to leave. But, just as he turned around, he ran into a guest.

At this time, Long Jie walked past Han Xiuche. As soon as she spotted him, she screamed out, “Han Xiuche?”

Han Xiuche fell into a panic. He wanted to leave, but Long Jie quickly stopped him, “Where do you think you’re going?”

After hearing Long Jie’s scream, the theater’s staff immediately gathered round.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you hurt Tangning enough? Are you still trying to create trouble in the theater? Are you a jerk?”

As soon as they heard the mention of Tangning’s name, some guests immediately approached to watch the show. Many people even pulled out their phones to film Han Xiuche.

“I’m coincidentally passing by…”

“It’s no coincidence!” a member of staff said as he joined the crowd. “A moment ago, he snuck into the staff room and was about to put on my uniform!”

“Let me go. Are you guys trying to illegally detain me?” Han Xiuche pulled away from the grip of a security guard that had grabbed hold of him.

“Everyone in Beijing knows about your schemes against Tangning. Yet you’ve suddenly appeared here at the theater. What are you trying to do?” Long Jie asked. “By the way, while you’re here, shouldn’t you pay back what you owe?”

“I already told you that this is a coincidence!” Han Xiuche yelled towards the security guard.

“Tangning hasn’t done anything to hurt you, yet you’re still trying to hurt her?”

“Oh, it’s him. He’s the one that always argues with Tangning’s fans. He previously made a bet with Long Jie online: he said he would kneel and apologize if he lost.”

“Afterwards, didn’t he go into hiding? Why did he reappear here?”

“Who knows what he snuck into the theater to do. As everyone knows, Tangning invited her fans here for a screening of her film.”

“He’s such an embarrassment to men!”

“Kneel down, you coward!”

Those witnessing the scene began to criticize Han Xiuche, “I’ve never seen a man that won’t acknowledge his own promises. I’ve never met a man that’s worse than you; even worse than my ex!”

As everyone pointed at him and criticized him, Han Xiuche scoffed, “If you make Tangning appear right now, I might actually kneel and apologize!”

“Tangning wouldn’t want to see you! You’re not worthy!” Long Jie replied.

“If that’s the case, then you’ll never receive the apology that you want…”

“You…” What could she do against a completely shameless person?

“By the way. You just so happened to appear as I appeared at the exit of the theater. Don’t tell me you’ve been setting a trap for me? Do you want to see me kneel so badly? Let me tell you, everything is beyond discussion unless I see Tangning.”

Long Jie couldn’t say a word. After all, she was a civilized person and Han Xiuche obviously wasn’t.

“So, you’re saying that if Tangning appears, you will give her an apology?” Long Jie reconfirmed. “Is that what you’re trying to say?”

Han Xiuche looked at Long Jie and sneered, “This is a public space. As long as Tangning appears, I will kneel!”

“Fine, you said it,” Long Jie said before she gave Tangning a phone call and explained the situation to her, “Do you want to see Han Xiuche?”

“Since he requested it, then I’ll satisfy his request!”

Han Xiuche stared provokingly at Long Jie the entire time. There were so many people present. If Tangning dared to appear, he was going to embarrass her in front of everyone!

Long Jie knew what he was thinking. So, after she hung up the phone, she turned and said to him, “I hope you don’t go back on your word this time!”

On the side, the audience was happy that Tangning was going to appear.

“Is Tangning really coming?”

“There are so many people. She wouldn’t come.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary for her to appear because of this jerk!”

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