Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1073 - Those That Deserve To Kneel Should Kneel

Chapter 1073: Those That Deserve To Kneel Should Kneel



Su Yu was determined, in fact, she was afraid of regret, so, later that night, she gave Tangning a phone call, "Initially, I decided not to get involved with those brothers for the rest of my life. But, when I thought about the kind and righteous people that are suffering on my behalf, I felt bad."

"If you hadn't come looking for me, I may have convinced myself that you could handle the matter on your own. But, you contacted me...Tangning, if you're willing to help me clear my years of being wronged, we may be able to completely take down the Han Family."

"I can tell you straightforwardly that I have my own personal motives. But, trust me, if I was dealing with someone else, I would never be this determined!"

"I understand!" After all, who would want to reopen old wounds?

"If you're willing, then I agree to step forward and help you."

"Of course I'm willing. But, we need to grasp onto sufficient evidence," Tangning replied, "We can't rush anything. However, I believe, with your help, we have a huge chance of clarifying everything."

"As long as you need it, I can help you at any time."

"Thank you, Senior Su."

After taking the phone call, Tangning noticed that Mo Ting was also awake and was sitting up against the headboard. So, she looked at him apologetically, "Did I wake you up?"

"Did Su Yu agree to help?""

"Yes, but she asked me to help clarify her scandal from 20 years ago. After the way that the Han Family treated her, there's no way she can accept it. After being labeled for so many years, she must have been living a life of torment. So, I expected her to come to this decision."

"I definitely need to help, because I believe that Han Xiuche's clingy behavior is related to her!"

Mo Ting did not say anything, he simply drew Tangning into his embrace, "I'll ask Lu Che to begin an investigation tomorrow and compile evidence. When the time is right, we will combine both new and old news and make it into the hottest story!"

"We need to get rid of the big problem that is Han Xiuche before I can finally relax!"

Mo Ting leaned over and placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead, "Sleep..."


In reality, news that Long Jie was investigating the brothers' mother had already spread to the ears of Han Jie. When he realized that Tangning had her focus on this matter, he naturally felt a sense of guilt.

So, he immediately went to look for Han Xiuche. Although they had recently had an argument, they were still brothers, so they couldn't possibly break all ties for real.

"Tangning's looking into our background. Back then, father spent a while lot of effort trying to cover up that woman's scandal. We can't let Tangning expose it again."

"Is she trying to see how that woman had a threesome?" Han Xiuche asked as he looked at his laptop.

"No matter what she's doing, you should hurry and give her a warning to stop! Otherwise, I don't know what she would do!"

"They're both cheap sl*ts!"

After notifying his brother of the matter at hand, Han Jie returned to his home. But, from Han Xiuche's words, it was clear to see that he had a deep misunderstanding towards Su Yu.

Actually, this was already expected. After all, Han Jie was the only one that saw his mother being framed and beaten. Han Xiuche had no idea. So, it wasn't hard to manipulate him. But, what was to happen if he found out the truth...

A spectacular show would probably happen between the two brothers...

At that time, all Han Xiuche knew was that Tangning was trying to expose an old scandal of theirs. So, he was furious.


Tangning had previously mentioned that she would hold a special fan screening for 'The Ant Queen'; this was her right as the producer. So, she hoped that Han Xiuche would live up to expectations.

Before holding the event, Long Jie received good news from the president of Tangning's fan club. They finally discovered who the 'problem fan' was.

Perhaps, due to the money that this fan received from Han Xiuche, there was an obvious change in her social media account.

Previously, her life could be considered as 'sufficient'. But, within a short span of time, she suddenly started showing off expensive branded handbags and a new car that she bought for her father!

As soon as the club president noticed this change, she kept a close eye on that particular fan's account and realized that she was certainly very different than before. As she was a student, she only had certain times that she could go online. But, her recent activity was very suspicious. She was always online, but hidden!

So, the club president pretended to private message the fan with important information; the account practically responded instantly. This immediately proved her theory.

"Afterwards, I contacted the actual fan and she broke into tears as she explained that she accepted money from Han Xiuche," Long Jie explained. "So, we are now certain that that fan's account is in the hands of Han Xiuche."

"You've only confirmed that he is controlling this one account. But, that doesn't mean he doesn't have control over other accounts!"

"That may be the case, but I think that Han Xiuche's sneaky actions aren't like that of a man, he's completely like a woman!" Long Jie laughed. "I can't believe he thought of hiding amongst your fan club."

"It's no surprise, if he was really a man, he would have kneeled by now. Either way, joining my fan club is indeed a good way to get advanced information about my plans," Tangning replied.

"He is complete trash!"

That was the only evaluation that Long Jie could give. If he had even the slightest bit of shame, things would not be the way they were...

This man was perhaps the most shameless man she had ever met!

"Just wait and see. The theater will definitely force him to apologize to you in public! A person like that is helpless. All you can do is oppose him and suppress him, because he's asking for it!" Long Jie shrugged helplessly. The promotional activities for 'The Ant Queen' were tightly packed, yet this jerk wasn't letting go!

Since that was the case, then just like Mo Ting said, those that deserved to kneel should kneel. What could they do if he was asking for it?

Tangning's fan screening was actually a normal thing for the entertainment industry. The only thing different, was the fact that no one had ever arranged for their fans to watch their film before the film's premiere and public release. But, now that the test screening was over and follow-up promotions were done, all that was left was to set a release date.

This didn't appear to be a big issue.

But, of course, no one knew that Tangning had set up a trap at the theater and was waiting for Han Xiuche to appear.

Meanwhile, Long Jie and Lu Che were busy gathering evidence. After all, defeating the brothers required solid evidence...

The film that Tangning had worked tirelessly on, also involved the sacrifice of Qiao Sen's life. So, she had to ensure that the pathway to their release wasn't obstructed by trash!

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