Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1072 - I Want To Speak Up!

Chapter 1072: I Want To Speak Up!

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After listening to Tangning, Su Yu smiled, “I really couldn’t help you in the end!”

Tangning shook her head. She really wanted to get rid of the two brothers, but she wasn’t so cheap as to use someone else’s wounds. She had been stepped on by others in the past, so she naturally understood Su Yu’s pain.

On the way home, Long Jie asked Tangning, “Do you believe what Su Yu said? Back when she was caught cheating in bed, a lot of people knew about it.”

Tangning did not reply.

“Plus, why would she share something so private during her first meeting with you?”

“Because she doesn’t want me to look for her again,” Tangning replied. “I’m not just believing her for no reason, I combined it with the information you and Mo Ting gave me and decided her story was more believable.”

“You know better than I do how the Han brothers are like. With sons like that, do you think their father isn’t responsible?”

“But, to be on the safe side, I still need to verify this information. If the father and sons have actually done what Su Yu said, then the Han brothers are going to end up even worse than Han Yufan. I can’t believe that they share the same surname and are actually so similar!”

After listening to Tangning’s instruction, Long Jie nodded her head, “Don’t worry, I will verify this as soon as possible. Are you still planning to drag Han Xiuche out into the open?”

“Of course, we promised that we would.”

Tangning never went back on her words, this was her bottom line.

After returning home, Tangning shared the contents of her conversation with Mo Ting. She couldn’t help but sigh, “When a woman marries a monster, it’s equivalent to destroying her life.”

Mo Ting understood that she was reminded of some bad memories. So, he stretched out his hand and gently stroked her back, “But there really aren’t many women that would stand up and retaliate like you.”

“That’s because I’ve never considered myself as any worse than a man!” Tangning naturally answered.

“In my heart, you are stronger than anyone,” this was Mo Ting’s true feelings. Apart from Tangning, he had never seen another woman face her troubles in such a calm way, without breaking down.

In fact, she was practically indifferent!

“So, do what you need to do. It’s not like a small agency could win against Hai Rui.”

“He deserves to be dragged out and forced to apologize!”

“And he deserves to be dragged out and forced to kneel!”

“Don’t let him get away with any of it!”

After listening to Mo Ting, Tangning squeezed his hand tightly; this man gave her a great sense of security and courage.

“OK,” Tangning nodded.

“Good girl.”

Hence, Tangning did not plan to hold back regarding Han Xiuche. Now that ‘The Ant Queen’ was about to be released, what else could Han Xiuche change? What did he hope to change?

The next day, Long Jie spent an entire day investigating Su Yu. In the end, she discovered that Su Yu’s words were at least 80% true.

Especially since, Father Han’s current wife was actually the secretary that Su Yu spoke of. This was the biggest problem and the thing that left the most clues!

“I went to that woman’s previous address and questioned her neighbors. Some people remembered that she was often escorted home by a man in a Bentley. Someone even caught the car shaking once. I then looked into Father Han’s past and discovered that he once owned a Bentley!”

“I also investigated Su Yu’s past. She had always been a virtuous wife who was very weak and dutiful!”

“So, Su Yu was telling the truth.”

“The father and two sons didn’t just start being disgusting recently. They’ve been disgusting from the start.”

After listening to Long Jie’s findings, Tangning already came to a conclusion, “You’ve been working hard all day, you should go home and get some rest. As for the special screening for my fan club, it’s almost time for that to happen. Let’s talk again after we force Han Xiuche to kneel and apologize!”

“OK,” Long Jie nodded.

Tangning couldn’t possibly deal with every single unfair matter in the world. But, when it came to the Han brothers, they had already offended her for long enough.

Han Xiuche had no idea that he was heading into a trap. All he knew was, Tangning had invited her fans to a private screening, so he planned to go along and watch the supposedly ‘epic’ film.

Inside the theater, Long Jie and the theater manager deliberately picked a spot near the exit. They wanted to catch Han Xiuche as soon as he showed up.

It would have been forgivable if he didn’t know that his mother had been framed. But, he knew, yet he still despised women. This proved that his hatred towards women was embedded in his genetics.

Did he look down on women?

Tangning was going to make him show his knees!

Meanwhile, after Tangning met with Su Yu, Su Yu also investigated the grudge between Tangning and Han Xiuche. After understanding the matter, she felt a sense of guilt, “Old man, this woman is obviously being hurt on my behalf!”

“She’s young, let her handle it. Didn’t she already say that she didn’t mind?”

“But, those two came from my stomach. Others may not matter, but Tangning’s​ been through similar experiences as me, yet she managed to live a spectacular life. That’s why, I quite admire her, but also feel a sense of guilt. She’s the mother of three children. Knowing this makes it difficult for me to sleep and eat. I want to help her,” Su Yu said to her husband.

“Old man, all these years, apart from you, she has been the only one that’s understood my pain!”

“How do you plan to help her, then?” The man asked as he walked out with a blanket and covered his wife with it. “Are you planning to revisit old wounds?”

“Because I lost my innocence and reputation, a lot of people have been criticizing you over the years,” Su Yu said as she leaned back, “That’s why I insisted that you never announce our marriage. But, I don’t want people to gossip about you anymore. Nor do I want you to get hurt!”

“So, why don’t we get Tangning to help reveal my innocence? I read the news and found out that she once created Superstar Media, an agency that she used to help a lot of forgotten artists.”

“If you plan to do that, I will definitely support your decision. But, if it’s too painful for you and you can’t endure it any more, then just give up.”

“Don’t forget that your husband is still an international martial arts superstar!”

Even though he was already old, he was still respected and his words held a lot of weight.

“Since you agree with me doing this, then I’ll go and look for that woman again! In the past, I couldn’t argue back and my leg was even broken, but now, someone innocent has been implicated. I don’t think I can hold onto the truth and remain quiet anymore. The truth can’t be covered up any longer, I want to speak up!”

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