Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1071 - I've Also Been Down That Road

Chapter 1071: I’ve Also Been Down That Road

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At that time, Tangning was still unaware that the so-called top class special effects technician was also a part of the brothers’ tricks.

She only found out after Mo Ting explained the entire incident to her. It seemed, Han Jie had also been dragged down by his brother.

She couldn’t let the two brothers continue to string her along and implicate her. Apart from attacking them psychologically, she had no other option. It wasn’t like she could kill them!

So, that’s how she came to think of their mother.

Hence, she gave Long Jie a phone call, “Can you locate their mother?”

“What are you thinking?”

“I want to give these brothers some ‘treatment’ for their illness! If we keep suppressing them, they will continue to retaliate. Especially since Han Xiuche doesn’t care about his public image. I reckon, even if I’m completely destroyed, he still won’t stop! So, at the same time that we drag him out, we also need to make a move on his mother!”

“I understand,” Long Jie nodded before she went off to locate the two brothers’ mother.

The trailers for ‘The Ant Queen’ had been released, the test screening was done and the release date was about to be confirmed, yet Han Xiuche was still clinging on. Although Tangning no longer had anything for people to slander her about, this was exactly the reason why Tangning was afraid that Han Xiuche would target the people around her instead.

So, everything was still dependent on Han Xiuche’s mother!

Long Jie knew it was almost time to resolve the matter with the brothers, so she immediately started verifying the information they had. In the end, she received some reliable information.

The woman’s surname was Su and she was currently in the industry as well. However, people never saw her because she was a voice dubbing artist that worked behind-the-scenes. Even after being in the industry for so long, Long Jie had never heard of her…

She thought the brother’s hated the woman so much that they’d never let her off the hook. How was she still surviving in the industry?

Long Jie revealed the results of her investigation to Tangning and shared her curiosity with her, “I don’t understand why these two brothers aren’t attacking their cheating mother and targeting you instead.”

“Let’s go meet with this voice dubbing artist. Perhaps there’s more to the story!” Tangning replied. “Help me make arrangements. I want to see her.”

“OK, I’ll try my best,” Long Jie nodded.

Their mother cheated and their father caught her in bed with two men. News like that, was at most, just a small scandal in the entertainment industry, especially since the Han Family had been in the industry for a long time.

But, after that, their father remarried his secretary and they did not have another child. Meanwhile, their mother was never heard from again.

Because of his mother, Han Xiuche had a skewed personality. And unfortunately for Tangning, she happened to provoke this sensitive memory of his. To be honest, Tangning was quite wronged!

But, the weirdest thing was, when Long Jie went to arrange a meeting with Mother Han, she returned unsuccessful.

There was actually a person in the entertainment industry that could turn down Tangning!

Perhaps, this woman knew about the grudge between her sons and Tangning?

When Mo Ting found out that they were unsuccessful at meeting with the woman, he revealed another secret to Tangning, “It’s not because of the brothers that she won’t see you.”

“She simply wants to avoid suspicion!”

“How do you know that?”

“A portion of the information that Long Jie gave you, was compiled by Lu Che. I asked Lu Che to dig deeper and he found more to the story,” Mo Ting showed his findings to Tangning. “After this woman got a divorce with Father Han, she started following another man. In the end, she followed the same man for 20 years without asking to make their relationship official.”

“Right now, the last thing she wants is to be tied to the two brothers.”

“So, I have a feeling that another reason why Han Xiuche created such a huge drama was because he wanted to attract this woman’s attention.”

“Who is the man that she’s currently with?”

“International martial arts superstar, Long Qingyun…”

“Why is it him?” This man was an old senior, so Tangning definitely knew of him.

She simply never imagined that there was such a complex relationship. So, when she asked Long Jie to look for the woman, it was indeed a bit intrusive. And when the woman refused to meet, it was because she was being cautious. But, did this mean she had to continue being entangled with the brothers.

As he looked at Tangning’s helpless expression, Mo Ting patted her on the head and smiled, “What is it? Are you scared? Do you get scared as well?”

“I’m just a little fed up!” Tangning leaned against Mo Ting’s body with a tired expression.

“If you ask Long Jie to contact the martial arts superstar, do you think he’d respond to you? Of course, not. That’s why, the person you should ask, is me, not Long Jie. If I invite him, he may not be willing, but he’ll have no choice but to show me some face.”

“You’re doing this on purpose!”

Mo Ting looked lovingly at his wife and stood up to return to the study room.

In reality, even if Mo Ting personally invited the almost 60-year-old martial artist, he wasn’t guaranteed to succeed.

So, Tangning mustn’t have known how many phone calls Mo Ting made that night.

As he left the villa in the morning, he even told Tangning, “Remember not to turn off your phone today.”


Tangning didn’t understand the meaning behind Mo Ting’s words until an unknown number gave her a phone call, “Hello, this is Su Yu, I heard you were looking for me…”

“Hello senior, may I ask if you have some time?”

“Your husband made 60 calls to my husband overnight. I don’t think I have a reason to reject you.” After saying this, the woman agreed to a meetup location and time with Tangning.

Afterwards, Tangning instructed Long Jie not to mention Han Xiuche’s matter straight away.

They should decide on what to do after they met with the voice actress.

Their meeting time was set for 8pm at a hotel near the television station.

Accompanying the woman to the meeting was her little assistant, who appeared extremely obedient and polite.

Meanwhile, Tangning did not ask Mo Ting to accompany her. She simply arrived with Long Jie because she believed that it wasn’t convenient for a man to be around when they were having a discussion between women.

This was Tangning’s first time seeing Su Yu. When she looked carefully, there was something awkward about the way the woman walked.

When Su Yu noticed Tangning’s gaze, she knew what she was curious about, so she automatically revealed, “I was beaten up many years ago.”

“I’m sorry…”

Su Yu smiled. Even though she had no makeup on and she was an older woman, there was still a mesmerizing elegance to her; especially her eyes. Tangning refused to believe that a woman like this would cheat.

She was skinny but charming. Although she wasn’t all dressed up, she had definitely spent some effort on maintaining her looks.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, you’re not the first to be curious. Small talk aside, let’s get to the main topic of today’s meeting. I’ve seen the news, so I’m not surprised that you came looking for me. But, I honestly can’t help you…”

After Tangning heard this, she took a deep breath, “Senior Su, we are both women, so I understand that neither of us have it easy. But…I would really like to know if there’s a way to stop the two brothers. I can easily defeat them, but I don’t want to waste my time doing pointless things. It’s not like I could kill them.”

“That’s why I decided to contact you.”

“I understand,” Su Yu nodded before she said something with deep meaning, “They are indeed his kind!”


“I really can’t help you with anything. But, I can tell you why,” Su Yu explained, “20 years ago, I was with Mr. Han. At that time, I stayed at home and looked after the kids with no regrets. But, I soon discovered he was cheating with his secretary.”

“Back then, I was weak. The jerk threatened me and told me I would lose everything if I dared to tell anyone.”

“So, I was stupid, I put up with their insulting behavior. However, that as*hole refused to get a divorce with me and the secretary began to get impatient. In the end, she set up a trap and used two men to shame me. She then got the jerk to catch me and claimed I was cheating.”

“That was when my leg was broken by that man.”

“At that time, my older son was standing behind the door. I told him to call for someone to save me, but he instead ran over to the secretary and said he was afraid. That is a scene that I will never forget. That’s why I don’t want to get involved with those two brothers again.”

“Tangning, I know what you’ve been through and I know the kind of person you are. That’s why I’m not afraid of telling you this and being treated like a joke.”

After listening to this simple story, Tangning was reminded of the way that Han Yufan and Mo Yurou once treated her.

“I won’t treat you like a joke. Nor will I disturb you again. I’m sorry for bothering you. I will deal with the two brothers on my own. I don’t want you to be implicated,” Tangning replied. “Because I’ve also been down that road.”

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