Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1070 - If You Can't Accept It, Then Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Chapter 1070: If You Can’t Accept It, Then Keep Your Mouth Shut!

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“Because it made me hate myself. After all, the first thing I did when I heard an actress was producing a film, was ridicule her!”

“Reality has proven that Tangning’s ability to give faceslaps is number one in the industry. So, I would like to give her an official apology and sincerely ask the media to stop listening to false rumors. The self proclaimed top class special effects technician, please scurry back to the planet where you came from. Don’t ever show yourself in front of me!”

“Now that I’ve gotten some personal complaints off my chest, let’s talk about the actual film. I would like to point out how this film completely stunned and amazed me!”

Following on, there was a second page…

…and a third page…

The ex-Hollywood film critic expressed his opinion, page after page. However, he didn’t just use written words, he even filmed a video.

When the man appeared on the screen, everyone could see the bookshelf behind him was filled with classic international blockbusters. Amongst them, were films that he had worked on as well.

Because of this video, the media realized that this hidden expert was the man they had questioned before.

“I’m filming this video because I want to tell everyone that Hollywood was not involved with the post production of ‘The Ant Queen’. Why am I so sure? Because I’ve worked in Hollywood before. Also, as soon as I got home, I already gave my American friends a phone call to confirm. Yes, Tangning did take her team to the US, but, they studied and experimented on their own without using any resources or techniques from Hollywood.”

“I don’t know how the supposed top class special effects technician concluded that Tangning lied. Perhaps, he has x-ray vision. But, I can responsibly tell everyone that ‘The Ant Queen’ was purely produced by China; there are no problems with it!”

“I’m clarifying everything because I don’t want anyone to view our domestically produced ‘Ant Queen’ with prejudice. If anyone has the contact details for the special effects technician that spoke up earlier, please pass it on to me. I would love to reason with him.”

“Lastly…don’t ask me stupid questions like whether ‘The Ant Queen’ was good or not.”

“The seriousness that Tangning puts into acting, is the same seriousness that she puts into producing a film. If she can convince an ex-Hollywood sci-fi lover like me, then she will definitely not disappoint you!”

“That is my honest opinion after watching the film!”

“Oh, by the way, the film critic that praised Tangning at the test screening – the one that the fans mentioned – that was me!”

It turned out, the fan post that looked really exaggerated, was actually true?

What an eye opener!

Afterwards, the film critic’s video spread like wildfire, and in turn, ‘The Ant Queen’s’ reputation rapidly improved.

Of course, with this review and support, the so-called top class special effects technician immediately hid his identity. In fact, he wanted badly to wipe away the stupid things he had said.

He had to admit, he had actually accepted money from Han Jie to say the things he did. Originally, he thought he could leech off Tangning’s popularity, but obviously, he had shot himself in the foot instead!

This top class expert, was just an expert in lies!

After the test screening ended, ‘The Ant Queen’ experienced a huge shift in opinions. Because the film had gone through a lot of insults and lies, fans couldn’t wait to see the real film appear in theaters.

“At first, I was afraid that it would be rubbish. So, I wanted to see how bad the film could get. But now that big shots in the industry and an expert film critic has given their praise, I’ve changed my mindset. Now I want too see how good it is!”

“Supposedly, the special effects are thrilling, the scenes are thrilling, in fact, the entire film is thrilling as hell!”

“I want to see the transparent body of the giant ant! Just the thought of it appearing on the big screen is so fascinating!”

“Aiya! Hurry and release it already!”

Amidst the anticipation from film fans…Tangning finally saw hope in ‘The Ant Queen’.

At that moment, she really wanted to cry. If Qiao Sen was still around and he saw this, how happy would he be?

Therefore, Tangning decided to send Qiao Sen’s daughter a film ticket. She really wanted to tell her that she had fulfilled Qiao Sen’s dream.

And, it was almost time for ‘The Ant Queen’ to be released!

But, ever since the end of the test screening, Mo Ting had been investigating the so-called top class special effects technician.

Who gave him the courage to start a scandal claiming that Tangning was lying at such a coincidental time?

“President, our findings have revealed that a lot of people recently contacted this man. But, there is one particular person that is especially suspicious. This man,” Lu Che revealed his findings to Mo Ting.

“Han Jie?”

“Maybe he held a grudge against you after the way you treated him at the film festival, or perhaps, he did it to get revenge for his brother. Either way, Madam’s incident this time, definitely had something to do with him,” Lu Che said, “Should we do something?”

“Notify people within the industry to suppress him a little. Let him panic over his own affairs. After that, we will think of a way to end everything,” Mo Ting said coldly. “What’s the other document in your hands?”

“It’s an investigation that the Madam told Xiao Man to do, it’s information regarding the Han brothers’ background. We’ve discovered some things, so I was just about to send this over to her,” Lu Che replied.

“Send it as soon as possible.”

The two brothers were so ill-conceived. It was no surprise that people wanted to put an end to them.

That’s why, after the test screening, Tangning actually had plans to drag Han Xiuche out into the open. If she didn’t deal with this sneaky man soon, he would probably cause bigger troubles in the future.

Soon, Tangning received the information from Long Jie.

“This information took Lu Che a lot of effort to find. Since the brothers have so many secrets, it’s no surprise that they didn’t want people to find out about them.”

“Their mother cheated on their father. In fact, she didn’t just cheat on him with one man. So, their parents got a divorce and the two brothers ended up with their father.”

“Perhaps, due to this reason, both brothers have a huge misconception towards women.”

“This may explain why Han Xiuche keeps thinking that you’re lying.”

“Now that you know their background story, what do you plan to do?”

“First, I’m going to make Han Xiuche step out and provide an apology. Ever since the incident with Superstar Media, there has been no end to this man’s tricks. I don’t want to waste my time on this piece of trash anymore,” Tangning replied. “So, let’s stick to our plan and get this sorted in two days time.”

“Are you planning to deal with it personally?”

“Of course. There’s something I want to ask him in person…”

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