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Chapter 1068 - Give Tangning A Surprise

Chapter 1068: Give Tangning A Surprise

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Soon, the test screening for ‘The Ant Queen’ was just around the corner and the second round of promotions were following closely behind. As promised, Mo Ting had said that he was going to select a suitable advertiser to help spread the film to a larger audience.

But, due to Tangning’s involvement and the fact that she was popular to begin with, Hai Rui saved a lot of energy in their promotion efforts.

When it came to other artists, they probably had to spend ten times the amount of energy. But, with Tangning, they simply had to give a little push and they were already half way to their goal!

Everything seemed to be running smoothly. However, the Han Jie that had been humiliated at the Film Festival couldn’t accept what had happened. Even though he hated his brother’s lousy methods, he was still an adult with a status in the entertainment industry. How could he tolerate being humiliated in front of everyone?

So, he decided to get justice for himself!

Didn’t Han Xiuche say that Tangning claimed her film was domestically produced but it actually accepted help from Hollywood…?

With that thought, Han Jie gave his secretary a phone call and told her to find the contact details for the best special effects agency in the country.

If Tangning got help from Hollywood, then he had to find the evidence to convict her. To get this evidence, he had to find a professional to study it.

The thing that was smart about Han Jie compared to Han Xiuche, was the fact that he acted carefully. Everything he did was so he could give Tangning a surprise before her test screening!

The test screening for ‘The Ant Queen’ was held in the biggest theater in Beijing. Big shots from the film industry, slowly arrived at the 100+ capacity theater. They felt anticipation, anxiety and they were also afraid of disappointment.

Because, up until this point, this was still a film that was produced by an artist with an unacknowledged identity.

But, the funny thing was, true film lovers, did not underestimate Tangning’s efforts.

The test screening was scheduled for 3:30pm in the afternoon. As the time approached, the audience slowly piled in. However, while the film was screening, a piece of news suddenly attracted a lot of attention.

“According to experts, Tangning claims her latest film was domestically produced, but traces of Hollywood have been found in her work. Our reporters have tracked down the best special effects technician in China for an answer.”

“Special effects in the domestic market has indeed progressed quickly in recent years, but we can clearly see signs of international techniques in the trailer of Tangning’s latest film. In a moment, I will present you all with some comparisons. I know that Tangning wants to produce a sci-fi film that belongs exclusively to us, but I think it’s best if she remains honest first!”

This particular special effects technician came out of the blue, accepted the media’s interview and claimed that Tangning lied.

“I hope her fans don’t try to attack me. I’m simply telling the truth!”

Afterwards, the camera returned to the reporter and the reporter gave a conclusion, “As we all know, the test screening for ‘The Ant Queen’ is being held this afternoon. According to reports from the scene, most of the people there are the same people from the Film Festival.”

“Unfortunately, news like this broke out, moments before the film was about to start. I wonder if it will affect the opinions of those watching it. Let’s wait and see everyone’s reactions…”

Explosive news like this, naturally spread at an alarming rate. So, in the short span of 20-30 minutes, everyone had heard that Tangning was ‘lying’.

Afterwards, Long Jie told Tangning about what was happening. Even though the theater was packed to the brim with people, Tangning simply stood at the back. She knew that there was nothing she could do at a moment like this. Even if everyone was biased towards her, they would have to talk about it after the test screening.

“Where did this rubbish special effects technician come from? How dare he talk nonsense?”

“Tangning…will this affect everyone’s viewing experience?”

“You go out first and find out what’s going on. The test screening has started, so let’s let everyone watch the film in peace.”

Tangning pushed Long Jie out of the theater.

From the time she first announced her comeback to that very moment in time, she was constantly crawling out of pits that people had dug for her, emerging with a body covered in mud.

So, this time, there was no such thing as too late for PR. She couldn’t wait to see everyone’s reactions after watching her film.

As expected, Fang Yu was sitting amongst the audience with Huo Jingjing. As soon as they saw Tangning stand up, they also stood up and joined her in the back of the theater.

“I saw the news…”

“Do you believe it?”

“Where did this special effects technician come from? Does he think he has the authority to speak on behalf of the entire industry?” Huo Jingjing laughed. “Of course I believe you.”

Regardless of the results, Tangning felt Huo Jingjing’s response already made everything worth it!

What was there to be afraid of? The special effects was something that her and her entire team spent grueling hours working on. It wasn’t something that a simple ‘authoritative figure’ could put doubt into.

“You should put some faith in the media this time. Let’s see which side they take. You can’t oppose them forever…”

Tangning understood what Huo Jingjing was trying to say, so she nodded her head and gave Mo Ting a phone call to tell him not to do any PR. Since news had already begun spreading, clearing the searches at a time like this would simply make them look more suspicious.

“Yes, that’s the right amount of confidence. Trust me!” After speaking, Huo Jingjing patted Tangning on the shoulder and pointed with her chin, “Go, you belong at the front!”

After that, Huo Jingjing returned to her seat, placed her gaze on the big screen and focused on the film that was playing.

Tangning let go of all her worries and anxiousness. While watching the film, she was reminded of her time with Qiao Sen and his happy and warm smile. This memory made it feel like he was right there, telling her, “Don’t be afraid, don’t hide, you’ve done nothing wrong. Be brave!”

There were 134 guests in the audience. Amongst them, were authoritative figures in the film industry, fans of sci-fi, general fans, film critics, and good friends.

Throughout the entire film, no one fell asleep. In fact, no one even got up to go to the bathroom.

As a result, 2+ hours passed, just like that…

Although, towards the end of the film, there was an obvious change in filming styles because An Zihao had replaced Qiao Sen, when the credits started rolling and the lights turned on, Tangning found most people remained glued to their seats.

“Tangning!” Someone called from behind.

“Huh?” Tangning queried as she stood up…

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