Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1066 - Doesn't He Still Owe My Wife An Apology?

Chapter 1066: Doesn’t He Still Owe My Wife An Apology?

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“Is this him?” Mo Ting instructed for Lu Che to show the still they printed from the security cameras to the security guard. The security guard rubbed his eyes and immediately confirmed, “Yes, that’s right…that’s him.”

Lu Che held onto the photo and showed it to the observers around him. Afterwards, Mo Ting returned his gaze to Han Jie.

“President Han, is there something you want to say?”

“This…” Han Jie rubbed his forehead, unsure how to respond.

When Mo Ting saw this, he gestured for Lu Che to present their final piece of evidence and to explain it to the public, “This person came out of your car. He was the driver that drove you here. But, if everyone looks carefully at this person’s clothing and vibe, he’s definitely not a driver.”

“Who else could it be? He must be your brother, Han Xiuche! If you guys don’t believe me, feel free to go online and look for photos of Han Xiuche wearing a hat. This particular hat has made a lot of appearances.”

“Previously, due to Superstar Media, my Madam and Han Xiuche already had a grudge against each other. Because of that, Han Xiuche continuously schemed against my Madam without feeling any remorse.”

“He hasn’t even kneeled and apologized like he promised, yet his back at it again, framing my Madam for having an affair.”

“So, President Han, shouldn’t you claim responsibility for this?”

Just like that, Han Jie was thrown into the firing line by Lu Che as he exposed everything in front of everyone. It turned out, there was such a huge conspiracy.

“President…you obviously knew about the relationship between my Madam and Han Xiuche, yet you still brought him to the Film Festival. Is it because you have other plans? Based on this point, I hope you can explain yourself to the President and the Madam.”

“President Mo…I’m sure there must be a misunderstanding…Trust me…”

“Is that all you can say?” In reality, Mo Ting did not have high hopes that Han Jie would be able to do anything. If he was brave enough to shoulder the blame for his brother, then they would not be currently pointing their fingers at Han Xiuche.


“What did you and Zihao talk about in the afternoon that made everyone so excited?” Obviously, Mo Ting’s tone took a 360 degree turn when he spoke to Tangning. He was a lot more gentle and soft and his words contained no sense of doubt. His purpose was for her to reveal everything openly.

“Zihao told me that he plans to get engaged to Xingyan. He said his not young anymore and that it’s time he has a child. So, I agreed that he should settle down and get some stability in his life. That’s what we talked about.”

As soon as everyone heard this, they immediately understood what was going on. At this time, An Zihao rolled his eyes and said, “Now that you’ve exposed me, how am I supposed to propose to her?”

Tangning shrugged, “I thought proving our innocence was more important.”

Mo Ting was truly angered by the actions of the Han brothers, especially Han Xiuche.

“You shouldn’t live your life like a street rat. Why can’t you do things in the open?”

“President Han, I’m waiting for the day that Han Xiuche kneels and apologizes!”

After being humiliated in front of everyone, was it possible for Han Jie to remain at the Film Festival? Of course, not.

While he sighed at Mo Ting’s ruthlessness, his head also ached because of his brother.

At a time like this, why did Han Xiuche use such methods to frame Tangning. It was bad enough that he framed her, why did he have to use cheap methods that made him appear so inhumane and unjust.

“That’s enough!”

Mo Ting revealed the truth in front of everyone and provided corresponding evidence. This destroyed the misunderstanding that everyone had towards Tangning, but deepened the hatred that they had towards the Han brothers. Did Tangning actually appear like someone that they could bully?

Following on, the rest of the banquet ran smoothly.

Mo Ting insisted on accompanying Tangning for the rest of the night because he wanted to clarify everything as early as possible. Once the timing was gone, the effect would be very different…

As a result, the media revealed that a lot of interesting things happened at the film festival. Amongst these, the most interesting was how someone was caught spreading rumors.

Tangning and An Zihao’s conversation had been leaked, but Han Xiuche craftily took the words ‘child’ and ‘stability’ and started spreading it to another person, allowing the gossip to spread on its own. With this, he successfully slandered Tangning and achieved his motive.

But, with the confidence of a manager and husband, Mo Ting went online and joined in with the public discussions.

He clearly expressed that it would be the last time he clarified the relationship between Tangning and An Zihao and that there was nothing between them but friendship!

Mo Ting’s approach at the event and the way that he thoughtfully cared for his wife, made it obvious to anyone with eyes, that they were deeply in love.

Especially since the way that Tangning looked at Mo Ting was also filled with admiration.

So, if anyone dared to create more hype from this matter, Mo Ting was going to use legal methods against them.

“As for Han Xiuche and everything you’ve done. Please uphold your promise by coming forward to kneel and apologize. At least, be a man!”

Otherwise, not only would he not be a man, he wouldn’t even be considered a human. How could any human continuously bully a woman like that?

The media was filled with joy. The things that happened at the Film Festival was more exciting than the festival itself, because it was much more spectacular.

It was true that no matter where Tangning went, there was gossip to write about!

Of course, Mo Ting’s powerful display, clearly showed that Tangning’s innocence was always proven with time. Now that everything passed, Tangning’s focus returned to her film and Mo Ting returned to his role as a manager. He was going to flawlessly protect her.

In other words, if anyone had the guts to provoke them again, they were welcome to try!

Of course, the Han brothers were the most embarrassing topic at the entire festival. Yet, Han Xiuche still tried to oppose his brother even though his ideas were obviously stupid…

After the festival, Han Jie was furious. As soon as he stepped into their home, he immediately threw a slap across his brother’s face, “You promised that you wouldn’t show your face at the festival and that you wouldn’t do anything. But, look what happened! Did you know that Mo Ting placed me in front of everyone and asked for an explanation?”

“Have you ever considered my feelings?”

Han Xiuche held onto his cheek and glared at Han Jie, “There’s definitely something wrong with them…”

“That’s enough. You’re consumed by your own delusions and your life is controlled by jealousy. In my eyes, you’ve turned into a psycho!”

“Didn’t Tangning simply reject you? Just because your pride was hurt, you decided to hate her so much…?”

“No! It’s because she’s a fake!”

“Stop trying to explain yourself, Han Xiuche. If you want to destroy me as well, then keep doing what you’re doing.” As soon as Han Jie said this, he opened the door and left.

In reality, Han Xiuche had already seen the discussions online. This time, he simply hadn’t been cautious of Mo Ting. Next time, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again…

Yes, next time…

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