Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1065 - His Heart Was Breaking Into Pieces!

Chapter 1065: His Heart Was Breaking Into Pieces!

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“Wow! President Mo to the rescue! What a loving couple,” the host said playfully as she watched the couple leave the stage.

However, Mo Ting did not carry Tangning out of the venue. Instead, he took her back to her seat before he returned to his low profile position in the back.

Long Jie wondered if she should leave and give President Mo her seat.

But, when she turned around, Mo Ting had already disappeared into the darkness.

Because of what happened, Long Jie leaned over and asked Tangning, “Are you OK? Do you want me to go buy you another pair of shoes?”

“I’m fine. Since Ting is here, you don’t need to worry,” Tangning smiled. Since Mo Ting took her shoes, then he was either returning at the end of the event to carry her out, or he had already gone off to buy her another pair of shoes.

“OK,” Long Jie nodded.

“Since Mo Ting is here, then Tangning’s rumor with An Zihao must not be true.”

“Who knows? She could still be two-timing.”

People in the back were still discussing the matter between Tangning and An Zihao. But, these words all fell into the ears of Mo Ting. So, while he stepped out of the cathedral to look for a shoe store, he also gave Lu Che a phone call.

“Come to the Film Festival. I have something for you to handle.”

As soon as Lu Che received Mo Ting’s order, he did not dare to delay. He immediately dropped what he was doing and rushed over to the festival.

By the time the awards ceremony was completed, it was already 9pm. Following on, there was still a banquet.

Guests gradually left the scene, but Tangning remained seated; she had no shoes…

At this time, Mo Ting reappeared at the entrance holding a box in his hands. He then kneeled down in front of her and pulled out her original pair of shoes; they were now fixed.

“President Mo’s so rich. Why didn’t he just buy a new pair of shoes?”

“Are you crazy? A new pair would cause blisters. The original pair is definitely more comfortable. Who would have known that President Mo would be so thoughtful,” a few artists commented as they passed by in admiration.

“Stand up and walk around a little.”

Tangning held onto Mo Ting’s warm hands and stood up. She then smiled, “It’s fine.”

“Let’s go, then…” Mo Ting hooked Tangning’s arm around his, “I’ll accompany you at the banquet.”

He was, after all, the male lead in Tangning’s film, so attending the banquet was not an issue. Not to mention the fact that he was her husband. As for the incident that just happened, it could have originally been an embarrassing topic for Tangning, but because of Mo Ting’s rescue, it turned into a story of a hero saving his damsel in distress.

The husband that appeared out of nowhere was as thoughtful as ever.

“Why is Tangning always so lucky?”

“President Mo is so handsome! Daddy Ting is such a doting husband – he’s practically perfect!”

Of course, at the banquet, everyone continued to look at Mo Ting like they were watching a show. Why?

Because they weren’t sure if he had heard about Tangning’s affair with An Zihao.

What a pitiful man.

However, no one dared to approach Mo Ting to tell him. After all, they still wanted to survive in the industry…

But, when Tangning saw the secretive looks on these people’s faces, she simply smiled. The fact that Mo Ting was here, meant that he already knew what was happening. And the person that revealed it to him, was Long Jie.

“Don’t blame me for being nosy. I simply felt that Boss needed to be here to suppress the rumors. After all, your words cannot compare to his display of trust.”

Soon, Lu Che arrived after doing what Mo Ting asked of him. He then leaned into Mo Ting’s ear and whispered, “President, I’ve already checked the surveillance cameras and found the person that started the rumors as well as the security guard he spoke to.”

“The evidence?”

“I have it here with me!” Lu Che said as he looked at the storage device in his hand.

“Hold onto it well and wait for my instructions.”

Tangning didn’t know what the two men were discussing. But, she did suspect that the rumors weren’t simple. After all, suggestive words like ‘children’ and ‘stability’ weren’t words that a normal person would extract and jump to conclusions with.

“President Mo…”

“Hello, President Mo…”

Because of Mo Ting’s presence at the banquet, everyone had to temporarily stop their gossiping. Moreover, the people that Mo Ting and Tangning talked to, weren’t people that small-time celebrities could compare to. So, the banquet became very boring.

Originally, Tangning thought the entire incident had come to an end. But, Mo Ting suddenly led her towards Han Jie.

“President Han…”

“Oh God, President Mo,” Han Jie was, of course, shocked by Mo Ting’s approach.

“I would like to ask where your brother is. Doesn’t he still owe my wife an apology?” Mo Ting asked Han Jie. As soon as Mo Ting said these words, everyone was stunned. But, no one was as shocked as Han Jie.

“Just because I haven’t said anything, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it. Your brother was the one that made the promise…why hasn’t he upheld it?”

Han Jie looked around awkwardly, not sure how to respond…

“President Mo…it’s not necessary to talk about this in the open, don’t you think?”

Mo Ting gave a slight smile and said in an intimidating voice, “President Han sure knows how to have a double standard.”

“While I was in the middle of a meeting today, my wife’s assistant called. My wife was simply attending a film festival today, but a rumor somehow started about her having an indecent relationship with An Zihao. I’m sure that’s what everyone is discussing in secret, right?”

“Those that suspect this must have no brains. Did you think that you’re smarter than I am? That you discovered my wife’s supposed affair, while I’m oblivious to it? If that’s the case, then why am I the CEO of Hai Rui and not you?”

“Are you guys just picking on my wife because she’s fun to pick on?”

“President Mo, even if there are rumors about your wife, what does that have to do with me?” Han Jie asked as he held back his anger.

“Others may not have anything to do with it, but you are in no way innocent,” Mo Ting said as he gestured to Lu Che.

Afterwards, Lu Che stepped forward with the security guard that started spreading the rumors.

“I’m innocent…I didn’t see anything with my own eyes, I was simply being nosy. I didn’t expect the rumors to get so out of hand,” the security guard explained as he waved his hands innocently. “The person that told me about this was a young man with a hat. He said he personally saw it.”

“What young man?” Mo Ting asked.

“A young man wearing a white hat with a big ‘G’ stitched to the front of it.”

As soon as Han Jie heard this, his face turned pale…This was the hat that Han Xiuche was wearing when he left the house earlier that day.

That idiot!

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