Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1064 - Is Something Going On?

Chapter 1064: Is Something Going On?



Tangning's high EQ helped resolve someone else's awkwardness, but what about her own?

That night, at the awards ceremony, Tangning did not try to avoid suspicions as she sat next to An Zihao. The two of them knew what the truth was, so nothing was going to affect their friendship. After all, an innocent person would eventually be proven innocent, especially when they each had someone they loved.

However, people still pointed and gossiped about them behind their backs.

They obviously knew there was a problem, yet they weren't avoiding suspicions. Were they waiting for the media to be all over them?

The other guests all felt a little awkward for them. Even two rows back, people were pointing and talking about them. On the surface, it appeared like they were truly concerned for the two, but...

...everyone knew what was really going on.

They were simply waiting to watch a show. And, they weren't going to complain if it blew up too big.

However, there was nothing abnormal about Tangning. Instead, Long Jie was the one that fidgeted in her seat like she was sitting on a pin. She couldn't stand that people were talking nonsense when the two were obviously just good friends.

"You're pregnant, your emotions shouldn't fluctuate so much..." Tangning comforted, "It's already been so many times, why haven't you learned to remain calm?"

"It's because I'm pregnant that there are huge fluctuations in my emotions! I can't handle being shocked!" Long Jie humphed.

It was normal for a pregnant woman to be anxious.

Tangning held her down and convinced her to watch the rest of the ceremony calmly, "It's almost over. Just hold on for a little longer."

As Tangning only had one new film that she was trying to promote, 'The Ant Queen' had nothing to do with any of the awards that were being presented. But, due to the fact that the film drew a lot of attention, the host ended up placing her gaze on Tangning after presenting the Best Documentary Award.

Tangning's eyes met with the hosts and understood what she was thinking.

"Tonight's event has been littered with stars and everyone looks dazzling. There have been so many good looking men and women here today that my eyes were overwhelmed by the beauty! However, I felt especially moved today when I saw Tangning amongst the crowd. May I ask her on stage for a little chat?"

The host had seen the trailer for 'The Ant Queen' and was highly intrigued by it. So, she was more then happy to help them promote a little.

Tangning stood up from her seat, still covered in Long Jie's jacket. Meanwhile, Long Jie wore An Zihao's jacket.

"Quick, come here..."

This part of the show was improvised, but it was still within the host's control. Since everyone was interested in Tangning, the organizers of the event did not object.

As Tangning approached the host, the two women shook hands.

"I've seen the trailer for 'The Ant Queen' and I think it was amazing. Could you tell us a bit more about what the film has planned? For example, the release date or any other activities planned?"

Tangning received the microphone and said to audience, "We will be holding a test screening soon. But, we haven't confirmed a release date yet."

"Could you share any stories from behind-the-scenes?"

With this question, Tangning smiled, "That's quite a broad question. We've spent a lot of time and energy on this film and experienced many ups and downs. Even Qiao Sen passed away during this time."

"I heard that you visited Qiao Sen before coming to the festival today. Qiao Sen's death must have hit you the hardest at the time. It even created many misunderstandings and rumors. For you, which part of this experience has been the most painful?"

"From the time I first announced my comeback, I've been at the center of controversy. Even at this moment, I am no different."

Tangning was referring to the rumors created today about her and An Zihao.

"So, rumors can't hurt me. As for Qiao Sen's death, it once made me doubt a lot of things. But, because of him, I was able to persist until the end. So, I will never forget him."

"Are you returning to the industry as a producer this time? Does that mean your main focus will be on sci-fi films from now on?"

"Yes!" Tangning nodded. "Apart from events related to my films, I will no longer attend any other activities."

"What about other rumors related to you? You're not planning to clarify them or justify yourself in any way? Won't you feel wronged?"

"As long as I know that I am innocent, that's already the best way to fight back," Tangning replied with a smile.

"I like that response," the host raised her thumb at Tangning. "I hope 'The Ant Queen' does well in theaters and I would also like to wish you the best. We have a gift for you a little later on, I hope you like it."

The host had nothing else to say, so Tangning nodded her head thankfully.

Tangning's responses had become more and more indifferent, showing her disinterest in the industry's constant pestering.

Afterwards, Tangning returned the microphone to the host. But just as she turned around, the right heel on her silver shoes suddenly snapped off.

Everyone below the stage gasped as the host hurried over to support her.

"Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," Tangning stood up straight and tried to find her balance. But, because of the snapped heel, it was impossible to do so.

It seemed, she had walked on too many cobblestones this morning on the way to Qiao Sen's grave, so the heels had become worn out.

But, so many people had their eyes on her and the media were snapping photos like crazy...

Everyone below the stage realized that Tangning had never been this humiliated before.

She had rumors going around and she had a wardrobe malfunction. Perhaps, the media would have an entire article about her by the time she left the stage.

But, the majority of people were more concerned about how she was going to leave the stage with her pride intact.

At this time, Long Jie stood up from her seat. Just as she was about to approach the stage to help Tangning, a dark figure suddenly started walking down the aisle from the back row and headed straight for the stage...

After Mo Ting received Long Jie's phone call earlier, he had rushed straight over to the event. However, he remained hidden in the back. But, when he saw his wife stuck in a tricky situation, he had no patience to wait for Long Jie to come to the rescue.

His heart was already breaking into pieces!

"Hurry, look!"

"Look, President Mo is here!"

"Why is President Mo here?"

As everyone was seated and Mo Ting was especially tall, he particularly stood out as he walked down the aisle.

Everyone watched as Mo Ting walked towards the stage like he had been sent from heaven and kneeled down in front of Tangning, "Take off the other shoe as well."

The host gasped in surprise...

No one expected that Mo Ting would be there. While everyone was still in shock, Tangning obediently took off her shoes and placed it in Mo Ting's hand.

Mo Ting then held onto Tangning's shoes with one hand and sweeped his wife into his arms...

"Why are you here?" even Tangning was surprised.

"I flew down from the skies!"

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