Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1063 - You Can't Fool Xiuche!

Chapter 1063: You Can’t Fool Xiuche!

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In the end, the opening ceremony for the Film Festival was completed with sighs all around. After all, everyone was fighting for the limelight, but none of them could outshine Tangning’s simple outfit. Yet, Tangning covered herself with a suit jacket and left the limelight for a little artist without fighting for it at all.

This was because, all she wanted was to promote ‘The Ant Queen’.

During the Film Festival, Tangning heard stories from Long Jie about the gossip going around in the industry. She heard about the female star that was caught cheating in bed and was pregnant with another man’s child; about the male star that had multiple girlfriends and was being followed by the media; and the couple that had been married for many years and was denying it.

The entertainment industry had always been a place focused on fame and fortune.

Who wasn’t trying hard to climb upwards? Perhaps, in these people’s hearts, the only reason that Tangning didn’t need to follow the rules was because she married a good man.

But, of course, Tangning had to agree with this. Mo Ting had indeed protected her from a lot of rules and regulations in the industry.

So, whenever she had time, Tangning looked for a quiet place to hide and rest. Unfortunately, there was still an awards ceremony at night that she had to stick around for.

When An Zihao noticed that her mind was elsewhere, he couldn’t help but laugh, “You used to enjoy this kind of atmosphere. When you first started as a model, you enjoyed the attention. But these days, it seems like you don’t want to attend events like this anymore.”

“I became like this after I started working on my film,” Tangning replied.

“I’ve decided to get engaged with Xingyan. I’m not young anymore and think it’s time to have a child. It’s best if we have one that’s as well-behaved as she is.”

After Tangning heard this, she nodded her head, “It is indeed time that you should have some stability in your life and settle down. Xingyan has suffered a lot and should be very tired. You’re getting old and Xingyan’s not young either. You should go easy on her.”

“That’s enough, let’s head back out. People already gossiped about us in the past, if someone decides to use this against us, then we would have to waste a lot of time trying to explain ourselves again.”

“You go back out first. I’m going to wait for Long Jie,” Tangning replied.

An Zihao nodded his head and returned to the event.

However, Han Xiuche, who had his eye on Tangning, noticed this and took a photo. The reason he had accompanied Han Jie to this event was because he wanted to follow Tangning and take photos of her. Since this woman made it impossible for him to appear openly in the public, shouldn’t he give a response?

Of course, those that knew Tangning, knew that she once had a scandal with An Zihao. If they saw a photo of them together, wouldn’t it be evidence that they were using this event to meet and cheat?

Mo Ting was putting too much trust in his woman…

While taking photos, Han Xiuche also tried to get up close and listen to the conversation between Tangning and An Zihao. That’s when he heard something about a child and stability.

This made Han Xiuche even more certain that their relationship wasn’t normal.

Of course, Han Xiuche knew that the whole cheating scandal was seriously old news. Even if someone tried to create hype with it, it wouldn’t stir up much of a response. But, a woman’s cheating habits couldn’t be changed.

So…Tangning could still be criticized.

As a result, Han Xiuche put on a disguise, deliberately tweaked the conversation between the two and began to discuss it with some of the cathedral staff. This way, rumors would definitely start.

From the moment that Tangning appeared at the Film Festival, her outfit, her film and her visit to Qiao Sen’s grave had become the hottest topics of discussion. And now, an even bigger news exploded onto the scene: someone overheard a conversation between Tangning and An Zihao. Apparently, things progressed to a point where her children and stability were involved.

“Hey, have you guys heard? Some staff overheard that Tangning and An Zihao are using this event to cheat.”

“No way! Tangning’s not that blind, is she? Any normal person would know who to choose between Mo Ting and An Zihao, let alone someone as smart as Tangning.”

“You still don’t understand? She has a man at home and another one on the outside. That’s the only way to highlight her attractiveness.”

“But, is there any solid evidence?”

“Apparently, there are photos and a voice recording!”

“Then that’s disgusting!”

On the surface, the other female celebrities simply smiled and laughed, but behind-the-scenes, they quickly began to spread what they had heard.

At that moment, Tangning had not discovered that Han Xiuche was creating rumors about her yet, but Long Jie soon heard from a few other managers about what was happening.

“Long Jie, be honest with me, is something going on between Tangning and An Zihao? I guarantee I won’t tell anyone about it!”

“What are you talking about?” Long Jie asked blankly.

“Haven’t you heard yet? Everyone at the event is talking about it…”

With a nosy attitude, the relatively familiar managers explained everything to Long Jie. As soon as Long Jie finished listening, she couldn’t understand where this baseless rumor suddenly came from.

“I admit that their relationship is quite good in private, but things definitely aren’t the way that you guys say it is.”

“We knew you’d give a boring answer like that. Let’s go!”

Everyone knew that Long Jie protected her boss. Even if Tangning actually had ‘this problem’, Long Jie would do all she could to keep it a secret for her.

Afterwards, Long Jie returned to Tangning’s side and told her what was happening.

“What did you and Zihao talk about anyway?”

“Zihao said he wanted to get engaged to Xingyan, so I told him it was time he settled down.”

Long Jie sighed and said, “Someone overheard your conversation and started spreading rumors that your were cheating on Mo Ting at the Film Festival.”

“Didn’t they rumor this before? Why is it suddenly being brought up again?”

Long Jie shook her head, “Rumors like this are the most difficult to deal with. If you remain quiet, they say you are feeling guilty; if you try to provide an explanation, they think you are making excuses. Then there’s also your friendship!”

After hearing Long Jie’s analysis, Tangning laughed, “Since it’s hard to explain, then don’t explain anything…”

“If no one responds to this matter, it will eventually pass.”

“The more you respond, the more people will cling to it!”

“It’s easy to say…”

Long Jie couldn’t accept what was happening. Tangning had to endure a stupid misunderstanding like this, yet she didn’t care. Why?

She was more outstanding than other people, she had a good family, her acting was impressive and her film was even a hot topic. So, those less fortunate than her, were bound to hold onto her weaknesses and attack her with them.

“So, are we just leaving it the way it is?”

“If not, are you planning to explain things to each and every person? Time will eventually reveal the truth!”

Long Jie looked around at everyone’s gazes and couldn’t understand why they had to be so cruel. Soon, An Zihao also heard about the rumors, but he simply laughed and did not provide a response.

However, he did give Xingyan a heads up.

“I attended an event with your Ning Jie today and rumors began spreading again.”

“Why did you go there and cause trouble for Ning Jie?” Chen Xingyan asked as she rolled her eyes. “You aren’t a serious director, but Ning Jie still needs to roam the entertainment world, OK?”

“You’re not angry?”

“Of course not! I know Ning Jie’s not as blind as me.”

An Zihao held onto his phone and burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Long Jie took advantage of an interlude in the event to give Mo Ting a phone call…

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