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Chapter 1062 - Clashing With Tangning?!

Chapter 1062: Clashing With Tangning?!

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“That big sister is wearing the same dress as Auntie Ning,” Coco Li said as she pointed to a young artist in the distance.

Now that Coco Li pointed it out, Long Jie focused her gaze and furrowed her brows, “Tangning, why don’t we swap clothes?”

“Swap?” Tangning laughed. “Our measurements aren’t the same. If we swap then it would be even more awkward. Besides, she looks quite good in the dress too…”

As he watched the scene unfold, An Zihao said to Tangning, “You are an award-winning actress, you should be wary of your identity.”

Tangning looked down at her dress. Originally, she wanted to make a few changes, but she had gotten too close to the other woman and people nearby began to notice that they were wearing the same dress.

What was Tangning’s identity? How could she be clashing with a nobody…

Who chose her outfit? Were the stylists at Hai Rui useless?

“I guess, even an award-winning actress has her awkward moments!”

“Who told her to act all minimalist. She’s in trouble now.”

“It’s always best to pick something unique. After all, limited is precious. I have plenty of dresses like the ones on their bodies. Tangning didn’t even consider her identity!”

Every year, at the film festival, the outfits of the female celebrities had always been a highlight. Yet, Tangning chose to act differently. She was praised for her minimalist approach at first, but in the end, look what happened.

What was she going to do now?

Meanwhile, the little artist that clashed with Tangning also noticed the awkward situation and fell into a panic. After all, the person she was clashing with was Tangning! So, she glanced left and right at the people beside her and at the director that had brought her along.

Tangning wouldn’t misunderstand and think that she was trying to leech off her fame, right?

With this thought, the little artist decided to step forward and explain herself or offer to change.

But, surprisingly, Tangning asked Long Jie to take off her black suit jacket and told her to cover her with it. She then waved the little artist to her side.

“Ning Jie…I didn’t do it on purpose…”

The young woman mustn’t have expected that Tangning would look at her and smile, “Don’t take it to heart. I’m simply here as a producer today. So, the spotlight should be left for those that belong on the stage.”

The little artist never thought she’d hear these words from Tangning; she was completely shocked. Moreover, she didn’t think that a two-time award-winning actress would put on a jacket to give her the spotlight.

Afterwards, Tangning walked past her after perfectly using her identity as a producer to dissolve the awkwardness.

Meanwhile, the director that came with the little artist couldn’t help but sigh, “Watch and learn. That’s what you call a true superstar!”

Soon thereafter, news of the way that Tangning resolved the awkward situation began spreading. On one end, other artists were praising her for her high EQ, and on the other, she set an example for future clothes-clashing incidences.

A little later, someone revealed a photo of Tangning visiting Qiao Sen’s grave in the morning.

After seeing this photo everyone finally understood why Tangning had appeared at the Film Festival in such a plain outfit. It was because she had mourned an old friend before going there.

When netizens realized this, they couldn’t help but sigh, “I don’t know why Tangning feels more dignified ever since she returned with her film.”

“Back when she retreated from the industry, she promised that she would hold onto Qiao Sen’s dream and keep moving forward. Now that ‘The Ant Queen’ is about to start screening, she must have visited Qiao Sen to tell him about this news.”

“It’s not hard for a woman to just be a pretty face, but it’s hard to be interesting and smart.”

“I don’t think Tangning cares about what’s on the outside.”

Indeed, she didn’t care. That’s why she was willing to cover herself for the sake of a little artist and hide her shining brilliance…

“The move you just made was amazing,” Long Jie reminisced after some time passed. Most of the solutions that an average person would think of in a situation like that, would usually make things more awkward.

But, Tangning handled it easily.

People indeed differed.

Tangning smiled. Just as she was about to respond, she came across a young man with a face that was 70% similar to Han Xiuche’s. This man was Han Xiuche’s older brother.

Sure enough, the man stopped in his tracks and smiled, “It’s an honor to finally meet you. Now that I see you, you definitely live up to your reputation.”

“President Han is being too polite. We’ve been implicated with each other in the past, so it’s nice to meet in person,” Tangning said as she shook the man’s hand.

“Regarding the matter with Xiuche, I hope you don’t take it to heart. He’s just a child…”

“Of course. But, President Han, could you please tell your brother that the next time he decides to fake a video, don’t forget to erase the logo at the bottom,” Tangning laughed, “Also, please let him know that I’m still waiting for him to kneel and apologize.”

“It seems, there’s a strong misunderstanding between Miss Tang and my brother.” Han Jie’s expression turned serious, “Since Miss Tang was willing to let go of a little artist today, why can’t you be generous and let go of my brother as well?”

Tangning looked at Han Jie without saying a word. At this moment, Han Jie took a step forward and said in a lowered voice, “Should I tell the public that Miss Tang’s post-production was done with the help of Hollywood?”

Tangning furrowed her brows…

“You may be able to fool others, but you can’t fool Xiuche!”

After speaking, Han Jie moved away from Tangning and revealed a meaningful smile. He then left.

“Your expression changed. What did he say to you?” Long Jie asked

“Both he and Han Xiuche believe that the post-production for my film was done by Hollywood. Don’t forget, Han Xiuche also experimented with sci-fi films in the past!”

“Is that jerk still clinging to you?” Long Jie humphed. “I can’t understand why he insists on opposing you.”

“Does he have any evidence?” An Zihao asked.

“My team did all the post-production; the Americans never even touched it. So, what evidence could he possibly have?”

“But, if he creates a story out of nothing and starts spreading it, it will still affect the film. After all, you’ve always been selling this film as a domestically produced project, but you are also Jones’ student. The audience is easily manipulated. What are you going to do?”

“What else can I do? I can only respond to each move as it comes!” Tangning replied. “Since the post-production team belongs to me, then I naturally have my way of proving their innocence. If Han Xiuche dares to do another thing to hurt me, I will definitely drag him out and make him kneel and apologize!”

“Both Han Xiuche and his brother are trash!”

“Long Jie, after the Film Festival is over, immediately investigate the background behind these two brothers. I think the mother that abandoned them is their only cure.”

If one wanted to drill into a person, they had to aim for their heart!

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