Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1060 - President Mo Is So Strict

Chapter 1060: President Mo Is So Strict

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After the meeting ended, the couple headed into Mo Ting’s office. As soon as the office door closed, Tangning immediately hugged Mo Ting from behind.

“What is it?” Mo Ting wanted to turn around, but Tangning held him in place.

“Don’t move. Your expression earlier was too charming. It made my heart tickle so much that I wanted to do this a long time ago.”

Tangning didn’t say words like this often, but when she did, it was completely mesmerizing. Mo Ting had experienced this a long time ago. Although the couple were already parents to three children, but they were both busy with their own careers. So, apart from complementing each other during their daily lives, it had been a long time since they hugged so lovingly.


“I like it when you’re strict towards me. I like it when you give me orders. It makes me feel safe and gives me direction,” Tangning explained gently. “Ting, I’ve been living my life really happily these past few years.”

“Me too,” Mo Ting replied before he turned around, locked the office door and carried Tangning in his arms.

“Ting…what are you doing?” Tangning was surprised by Mo Ting’s actions as he placed her on the sofa.

“What do you think? The office doesn’t have any traces of you yet,” Mo Ting said before he lowered onto her lips with a kiss.

After teasing her man in such a way, wasn’t she hinting something?

Since Tangning was being so direct, how could President Mo let go of such a great opportunity?

“It seems, it’s true that men don’t let go of any opportunities.”

“It’s because I love you that I can transform into a wolf at anytime!”

Although the office door was already locked and they didn’t have to worry about anyone entering…Mo Ting’s office wasn’t completely sealed; there were still gaps. So, Tangning felt shy. She even buried her head into Mo Ting’s arms.

Because of this, Mo Ting couldn’t help but laugh, “Did you think that people wouldn’t know that you’re in my room if you hide your head?”

“Take me home. Yan Er should be waking up soon!” Tangning’s face flushed red.

Mo Ting stood up and helped Tangning tidy her clothes. After he was done, he escorted her down his private elevator. But, before she left, he reminded beside her ear, “Remember to go pick out a dress with Long Jie. You haven’t attended any official events for a long time. Most of the clothes you have at home are old; you should buy some new ones.”

“OK,” Tangning nodded.

No matter how many years had passed and what identity she now held, in front of Mo Ting, Tangning always acted the same as when they first got married and shared the bed for the first time. She always buried her head in his arms shyly; a habit that would never change…

After returning home, Tangning did as told and called Long Jie over to clean out all her old clothes.

While cleaning, Long Jie suddenly remembered something, “After investigating the fan club in detail, the club president told me she has some ideas about who’s out of the ordinary.”

“Since we already know that Han Xiuche is the culprit, there’s no rush in finding a rat amongst the fan club. Take it slowly.”

“But, it appears that Han Xiuche’s brother will be attending the Beijing Film Festival as well. If we see him, we should give him a word of warning!” Long Jie said. “This time, when you return, we need to give you a grand entrance.”

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche’s brother, Han Jie, was also preparing clothes for the event. But, seeing that his brother was still misbehaving, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Are you still trying to scheme against Tangning?”

“Bro, I want to go to the film festival as well.”

“You’re status is so awkward right now, why would you want to go? Are you planning to be caught by Tangning and forced to kneel in front of her?” Han Jie asked as he glared at his brother.

“I won’t show my face in public. I’ll simply take a stroll around the premises. As you know, I haven’t stepped outside for a long time.”

“Didn’t you ask for it?” Han Jie humphed. But, he couldn’t hold up against Han Xiuche’s nagging in the end, “You can be my driver on the day. But, you can’t let anyone see you. Otherwise, we will become a laughing stock again!”

“OK,” Han Xiuche nodded.

“By the way, have you seen Tangning’s trailer for her new film?”

“Yes, I’ve seen it,” Han Xiuche replied. “But, according to the skills we have in China, it’s impossible to achieve the standards in her trailer. She must have hired help from Hollywood. She can fool others, but she can’t fool me!”

After hearing this, Han Jie was a little shocked. So, he tried to confirm what he heard, “What you’re saying is, Tangning got help from Hollywood, but she keeps insisting that the effects were all produced by a Chinese team?”

“You don’t believe me?”

Han Jie put on his tie as he replied, “Perhaps you’re right!”

If that was the case, they could reveal this information to the other films that were about to be released and manipulate them.

“I will find a way to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, you need to guarantee that no one will recognize you at the film festival.”

“I swear!” Han Xiuche said as he raised his hand.

Han Jie couldn’t reject his brother, so he had no choice but to nod and agree.

However, what spectacular story would these hostile brothers create for Tangning at the film festival?

Meanwhile, Tangning’s post production team had no idea that their special effects were being doubted and that they were suspected of using the help of Hollywood. Were they being praised or offended?

Before the Film Festival was to start, Hai Rui sped up their work on ‘The Ant Queen’s’ second trailer.

Compared to the previous trailer, this one included a lot more thrilling scenes. This time, Mo Ting’s motive was to help Tangning broaden her reach by cooperating with a variety of advertisers. That way, people from all walks of life would see the trailer and not just film fans.

Because of ‘The Ant Queen’s’ appearance, Tangning was once again a hot topic of discussion. Even though she was never truly forgotten, during the time that Tangning kept out of the limelight, a lot of newcomers had appeared on the scene. The entertainment industry was ever-flourishing, but it was hard to come by a second person that could come and go like Tangning.

“I’ve helped you prepare an outfit for the Film Festival, do you like it?” Long Jie had put in a lot of effort to order a dress all the way from France. She thought Tangning would at least take one glance at it, but Tangning had never been interested in the red carpet.

“Leave it there. I’ll try it on later.”

“The Film Festival is tomorrow. Hurry and try it on so we can fix it if there are any problems with the measurements.”

“Your appearance will definitely be a huge scene…” Long Jie dragged Tangning into the walk-in wardrobe. However, she would have never imagined that the dress she ordered was not one of a kind.

Of course, what was the most awkward thing amongst celebrities? Clashing outfits…

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