Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1059 - Take A Screenshot And Slap Him In The Face

Chapter 1059: Take A Screenshot And Slap Him In The Face

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To join Tangning’s fan club, one had to go through a strict selection process. However, there had been no new members recently. So, a detailed investigation had to be held to determine if information had actually been leaked via the fan club.

Long Jie contacted the president of the fan club to ask her a few questions in private.

From the club president, Long Jie gained a few answers.

“Long Jie, I’ve been the club president for a long time. Every time there’s been a request for confidentiality, the club has been able to maintain it. So, I don’t think it’s likely that anything was leaked by us. After all, the fan club is made up of loyal fans that have been around for many years. They should be able to differentiate right from wrong.”

“So, if something was actually leaked, then someone must have somehow sneaked in amongst us.”

“We can’t be too rash when investigating this matter, so take note of your member’s actions and see if there are any abnormalities. We can use that as the direction for our investigation,” Long Jie said to the club president.

“What kind of abnormalities?”

“For example, sudden changes in their lifestyle, or perhaps, if they appear online during times that they aren’t normally online, or they are oddly quiet when they normally talk a lot. If you discover a person like that, don’t make any reckless moves. We simply need to be aware,” Long Jie explained.

“I understand, Long Jie. If someone wants to hurt my Ning and use the fan club to do it, I won’t let them off easily! That’s much too evil!”

“Sorry for troubling you,” Long Jie went offline after talking to the club president. There was nothing else she could do other than wait for the culprit to reveal himself.

“Although Han Xiuche happened to help you this time, we still can’t avoid his secret attacks!”

After hearing this, Tangning let out a laugh, “Did you think we only have Han Xiuche to worry about? Why don’t you check what other international films are being released this year. There should be another good show when that time comes.”

Other sci-fi films depended on looks and fans. Who was as serious as Tangning was?

Films in the domestic market only ever cared about viewership. When it came to special effects and post production, they simply had to treat it casually and they’d make a decent profit. But, Tangning’s appearance meant that things were about to change for them. For producers that liked to take the easy path, this was a timely warning.

But, standing in the way of someone’s money-making path was as bad as killing their loved ones!

“OK, if we come across a situation like that, what can we do? We have no choice but to take evasive action! Either way, I trust in you,” Long Jie said as she shrugged her shoulders.

Because of the release of the first trailer, Tangning’s film once again jumped to the top of the anticipation list.

While everyone admired the post production and special effects, they were also interested by the fact that Mo Ting was the male lead of the film.

Of course, now that she announced the release of her new film, it was time for Tangning to end her low profile status. It was time she reappeared in the entertainment industry with her new identity. After all, she had promised that she’d return.

So, she was going to attend the latest film festival.

This was also Mo Ting’s decision. ‘The Ant Queen’ was following a standard marketing plan, so Tangning was going to cooperate and appear at whatever events that required her attendance.

[Tangning to attend Beijing Film Festival!]

[Tangning makes a high profile comeback with ‘The Ant Queen’]

[Tangning returns after one year. Have you undergone any changes in this time?]

Afterwards, Tangning reappeared in the lobby of Hai Rui after a year of absence. This was the first time she appeared in front of Hai Rui’s staff since she announced her retreat from the entertainment industry and withdrew from Hai Rui. But, the people at Hai Rui were still as respectful to her as before because, in their hearts, they admired her as much as they admired Mo Ting.

“Hello, Ning Jie!”

“Good morning, Ning Jie!”

“Are you here for a meeting, Ning Jie?”

They were right. Tangning had come to Hai Rui for a meeting regarding the test screening of ‘The Ant Queen’. Even though she was no longer an artist signed to Hai Rui, the marketing for ‘The Ant Queen’ was still managed by Hai Rui. So, she was there as a collaborator.

Fang Yu hadn’t seen Tangning for a long time too. So, just before the meeting started, he couldn’t help but laugh as he said to her, “This time, the board of directors were the ones that requested to work with you. Obviously, everyone can tell that ‘The Ant Queen’ is the real deal. I reckon, from now on, President Mo can do whatever he wants with you and they won’t have any opinion.”

“So, I think the phrase, ‘one who gains the hearts of the people, gains the world’, suits you very well.”

“How’s Jingjing?” Tangning responded with a laugh. “We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

“I will take her to the test screening for ‘The Ant Queen’,” Fang Yu promised with a nod. “As soon as she found out that your new film was being released, she’s been endlessly nagging beside my ear.”

Tangning wanted to chat for longer, but Mo Ting and Lu Che walked straight into the meeting room. In that moment, Mo Ting had transformed into Hai Rui’s decision maker, temporarily concealing his identity as Tangning’s husband.

“President Mo is so strict…look at his serious expression!”

“Does he usually look like this around you guys?” Tangning teased.

“Why else would we be so afraid of him?”

“But, I think he looks really charming like this! I really like it.”

From the sounds of it, Tangning’s obsession towards Mo Ting had not reduced even the slightest bit. In fact, it was rare for her to see the serious side of Mo Ting after becoming accustomed to his soft side at home, so she found her heart began to race…

How hopelessly in love!

“The results from ‘The Ant Queen’s’ trailer turned out as expected. That’s why we should release the second trailer soon. Of course, we won’t release it directly. We will find an advertiser to collaborate with and come to an agreement on what to do…”

“After the Beijing Film Festival, we will hold the test screening for ‘The Ant Queen’. Fang Yu will prepare everything and confirm the invitation list.”

“As for Tangning…your post production team needs to be standardized. Also, now that Qiao Sen is gone, you need to consider your next step. Have you prepared yourself for ‘The Ant Queen 2’?”

Tangning and Mo Ting’s eyes met. From the look in Mo Ting’s eyes, Tangning could tell that he was being serious.

He was making a serious request!

Because, this time, he wasn’t going to let her go through ups and downs nor retreat from the industry and comeback again. This time, he wanted Tangning to forever remain at the pinnacle.

“You are no longer entering into the industry as an actress. You will be facing a lot more problems from now on. If you want to be a good producer, you will need to have some foresight, OK?”


As soon as everyone heard this deep and gentle question, they were all shocked. Was the couple trying to show off their affection?

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