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Chapter 1056 - My Ning's New Film Is Being Released?

Chapter 1056: My Ning’s New Film Is Being Released?

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Afterwards, Long Jie announced the good news on the main page of the fan club website.

As soon as the fans saw it, they erupted in excitement.

“My Ning’s new film is being released? Oh God, I’m not seeing things, am I? I need to reconfirm that I read correctly!”

“Oh! I’m going crazy!”

“Long Jie, you’re so cruel. How could you announce this at a time like this? I can’t even work now. Woot! My Ning finally has a new project, I’ve been waiting for so long!”

Long Jie happily remained active online, “You guys aren’t seeing things. Tangning’s sci-fi film is almost coming to the big screen. I hope everyone can help promote it. I’ll put the fan club president in charge. Apart from this, I would like to remind you all that this news has not been released to the public yet, so please keep it a secret for now. Tangning felt you were all worthy of knowing this secret.”

For a loyal fan, nothing was more important than protecting their idol.

The fan club was where the fans got most of their energy from. So, something as big as a film release made them excited, but they didn’t forget to co-operate.

In reality, Long Jie knew that announcing this news to the fan club meant that all secrecy had already been compromised. It was just a small treat for the fans. By giving them the news in advance, they were given the confidence to speak.

However, no one imagined that Han Xiuche had the fan club page open the entire time and he had already spotted Long Jie’s announcement.

Tangning’s new film was being released!

And it was a sci-fi film?

This news was worth the long and endless nights of waiting. His chance to slander Tangning had finally arrived.

With this thought, Han Xiuche hatched up a spectacular plan in his head. He studied sci-fi on a daily basis and made many sci-fi short films. Since Tangning loved sci-fi so much, he was going to do a bit of editing and cause some trouble!

This time, he wasn’t going to share his plan with anyone, so Tangning couldn’t possibly find out a thing!

So, just as Tangning did the final confirmation for her trailer, a piece of news suddenly appeared on the internet.

“Tangning’s newest project has been leaked!”

“Hurry and have a look at leaked footage from Tangning’s new film!”

After Long Jie heard about this, she immediately downloaded the videos to confirm.

“Has something really been leaked?”

Long Jie and Tangning were on their way to the post production studio. As the matter was urgent, they had to talk on the road, “I had a close look at it. Nothing was leaked on our side. Someone deliberately created a video by clipping together other films.”

“What’s the motive?”

“I had a look at the video and tried to guess the culprit’s motive. The special effects are obviously a joke, yet they were skilled enough to add in footage of Qiao Sen on set. So, the public may misunderstand that your new film is rubbish.”

“Although news that Boss was in the film had been circulated in the past, nothing has ever been confirmed. So, the culprit was smart enough to use footage from Qiao Sen’s previous films.”

“I think his motive is to make the public jump to conclusions and ridicule you.”

After hearing Long Jie’s analysis, Tangning gave a relieved sigh. As long as no real footage had been leaked, then their situation wasn’t so serious.

“Let me have a look at the videos,” Tangning said after reassuring the post production staff. After watching three so-called leaked videos, she turned and said to Long Jie, “The timing of this was too coincidental.”

“Are you suggesting it has something to do with your fan club? But, we never truly expected them to keep things a secret when we made our announcement to them. It seems, someone used this announcement for their own motive and has now turned the fans into his witnesses.”

The fans knew that Tangning’s new film was indeed being released soon! So, this leaked video…

Everyone doubted Tangning’s filmmaking abilities even more. Especially since she was Jones’ student.

“If Tangning produced something of such low quality even though she is Jones’ student, then I really think she should give up and return to acting!”

“Although the authenticity of these videos is yet to be verified, the leaked footage is horrible.”

“This can’t be my Ning’s film. I refuse to believe that!”

“Didn’t you see Qiao Sen in the footage?”

The three videos each lasted roughly 20 seconds. There was no major plot to the videos, it was just snippets of the filming process and special effects. But, it was a sight for sore eyes.

So, Tangning was ridiculed.

Worst of all, things that were originally praiseworthy for Tangning, were suddenly turned into points of criticism.

But, apart from Tangning, Mo Ting also placed huge importance on this project.

After watching the videos, the couple knew it was easy to subdue the rumors. But, before they found out who the culprit was, what were they to do if he kept attacking?

Moreover, the marketing plan had already been confirmed. Did this mean it was all going down the drain?

Both Mo Ting and Tangning didn’t like being passive.

But, of course, they couldn’t eliminate the possibility that someone created the videos as a joke. After all, it was common for fans to relieve their desires by clipping together footage and posting it online. This was not illegal.

But, the current situation was, a lot of film fans had been successfully manipulated. The most important factor being that Qiao Sen featured in the videos.

This made it more believable!

Han Xiuche probably thought Tangning was in a panic.

To be exact, he actually thought her film was at this level.

Either way, he was certain that Tangning was suffering. But, what was Tangning actually thinking?

“Why are you so calm when everyone is ridiculing you?” Long Jie asked anxiously as she looked at Tangning’s calm expression.

“Because, this might not necessarily be a bad thing,” Tangning smiled. “Think about it. Everyone might jump to conclusions, but it’s not real in the end. I was previously worried that everyone’s expectations for me would be too high because I’m Jones’ student. But, after the appearance of these videos…”

“Oh…so you’re saying that these videos have actually lowered everyone’s expectations. That means, when the film is actually released, everyone will be even more surprised,” Long Jie understood immediately. “You are indeed someone made for great things. You even realized this…”

“So, let them ridicule me all they want. When the time comes, I’ll lead them back onto the right path!”

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