Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1053 - You Definitely Need To Listen To What I Say

Chapter 1053: You Definitely Need To Listen To What I Say

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“Exactly, Lu Che. Since it’s your son, you can’t neglect him.”

“Besides, you are the one that’s​ wrong to begin with. How could you have a child with your ex-girlfriend when you’re already married. I think it’s best if you don’t act so heartless!”

The relatives began to give their ‘friendly’ advice.

However, Lu Che looked at everyone calmly and smiled, “Who told you that I got my ex-girlfriend to bear a child?”

All the relatives placed their gaze on Mother Lu.

“Your mother wouldn’t have lied, right?”

“I’m sorry, but she did,” Lu Che replied. “It seems, none of you know where this child actually came from. Fine…since that’s the case, let me clarify everything for you. From the moment that Xiao Man gave birth to our daughter, my almighty mother here, has been trying to force my wife into having another child.”

“But, at that time, Xiao Man was still recovering from her first birth. Yet, my mother expressed her dissatisfaction towards my daughter and pressured her to give her a grandson.”

“This is our life. It is Xiao Man’s decision whether she wants to give birth or not. If your were in her position and you were forced to have another child right after you gave birth to a daughter. How would you feel?”

“When Xiao Man and I turned down her suggestion, she turned up and started yelling at us. As a result, our relationship came to a deadlock!”

“Most frightening of all was when she said she’d stop hassling us if I was willing to have a test tube baby…”

“In the end, that’s where the child came from!”

“So, now you all know that there’s no ex-girlfriend? I only have Xiao Man! To be able to slander even her own son, Mrs. Lu has sure opened my eyes.”

Lu Che did not give Mother Lu any face as he exposed everything in front of everyone.

After the Lu Family heard Lu Che’s detailed explanation, they looked at each other and then turned to Mother Lu, “This…this…”

“Even if I told you to do this, even if I told you to kneel and bow, even if I told you to get a divorce with that woman, it’s my right to do so. After all, I’m your mother,” Mother Lu was furious with Lu Che’s words because, in her heart, she felt it was Lu Che’s responsibilty to hide her embarrassing secrets.

As the fire ignited between the mother and son, the rest of the Lu Family stood idly by. After all, they all knew who was wrong and who was right in this situation.

“Everything I’ve done is because you and that woman forced me.”

This was how a mother that interfered in her son’s private life mixed right from wrong.

“Either way, your son is already born. Even if you want to fight with me, it’s the undeniable truth…”

“We already signed an agreement that as soon as the child was born, you would stop interfering in my life. That’s why I won’t take care of this kid, nor will I acknowledge it. As for moving back home, that’s something you shouldn’t even consider,” Lu Che replied strongly. He didn’t originally plan to get to this point, but…

“Lu Che, I admit we signed an agreement, but, as your mother, you can’t do anything about me even if I go back on my word.”

“So, you definitely need to listen to what I say!”

All the guests were shocked by Mother Lu’s aggressiveness.

Because, she perfectly displayed what it meant to be a controlling mother.

As a result, no one dared to say a word…

“What if I don’t listen to you?” Lu Che asked.

“Then you’ll just have to wait for me to expose this to the public. Since you don’t want your son, I can also disown my son!”

Now that words like this had been exchanged and the atmosphere had become so tense, wasn’t it time that Lu Che gave up? After all, how could he go up against her?

However…Lu Che still smiled. In fact, his smile contained a sense of ridicule, “Are you threatening me? Do you think you can win against me, Mrs. Lu?”

“You already gave up on your son a long time ago. You’re not just starting now.”

“Fine then, why don’t we go down together. You can expose my matter to the public and I’ll expose my uncle’s private matters to the public as well. Let’s give the reporters a great front cover, what do you say?”

After hearing this, Mother Lu looked at Lu Che in shock, “What…what do you know?”

“I’ve warned you from the start. My network is big enough to even dig up information about your ancestors. If you insist on going up against me, I will welcome you at any time,” Lu Che replied. “We can disregard our relationship and ties, since that’s your plan anyway.”

Everyone knew how serious Lu Che was.

His powerful attitude made everyone automatically retreat a few steps. But, only his wife knew how badly he had been angered and pressured for him to say such words.

How disappointed in his own mother was he?

It was clear to see that there were plenty of mothers that would hurt their own child. This wasn’t something reserved for novels; it was very real.

As a result the mother and son continued to stare at each other; neither party willing to back down.

Both of them had already expressed their standpoints and they weren’t going to give way.

“You ungrateful wench! How could you abandon your own mother and son? You’re worse than an animal!”

Faced with Mother Lu’s insults, Lu Che did not admit defeat. What type of gratefulness still existed between them? Even Father Lu felt chills down his spine when he heard what the mother and son said. After all, he had never imagined that blood relatives could argue like this.

Perhaps it sensed the tense atmosphere, the little child in Mother Lu’s arms suddenly began to cry. At this moment, Mother Lu’s attention was quickly drawn away.

“Baby, don’t cry…grandma loves you.”

As she looked at the mother and son, Long Jie didn’t want to see them continue arguing. After all, she knew it would only make Lu Che suffer even more. So, she pinched the back of Lu Che’s hand and whispered, “Let’s go…let’s head home.”

“Go?” Mother Lu scoffed when she heard this word, “Someone indeed has to go. After causing a mother and son to turn on each other, you really should go.”

At this time…

…Lu Che could no longer hold back. Mother Lu could do whatever she wanted with him, but he couldn’t let her target Long Jie.

“The person that caused us to turn on each other has always been you!”

“As well as all the people that are standing around and watching!”

“Don’t force me into a corner!”

“Otherwise, I’ll see you in the news.”

At that moment, the atmosphere was so tense that everyone was holding their breath. That was when Mother Lu began to cry, “Are you trying to drive your mother to death?”

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